Installation of Brother Wireless Printer Driver on MAC OS without CD

Installation of Brother Wireless Printer Driver on MAC OS without CD

Brother Printer is one of the best printers for commercial use in small as well as big organizations. The users can print professional-quality CAD and GIS applications up to 44 inches on this printer. The printer is also capable of printing prints rather fast with an expedient and trouble-free work flow. Take help of Brother printer support in case of any doubts related to printing quality, media, application options etc. It also makes printing high-quality CAD drawings, sharing of files, collaborating with colleagues in a connected and mobile work environment possible in an efficient manner. It can produce outstanding results in the fastest time possible.

The wireless printer makes printing simple. here, in this article, you can know about installing the brother wireless printer driver on your MAC operating system without the CD. You just have to look for your Printer & Fax, Printers & Scanners or Print & Scan options and add the Brother machine as printer. To accomplish task, you will have to follow the explanations below:

Solution For Installation of Brother Wireless Printer Driver on MAC OS without CD

Important:The screen size may vary as that depends on the operating system and the type of brother machine.

  • Turn OFF your Brother’s machine and remove the plug of your machine from the power socket.
  • Unplug the interface cable from the power socket.
  • For all USB users:
    • ​Plug in the cable of your Brother machine and turn ON the machine.
    • ​Link your Brother machine to your PC via USB cable.
  • For the Wired Network users:
    • ​Link the network cable with Brother machine and server.
    • ​Turn ON the Brother machine after plugging it to the power socket.
  • For all the Wireless Network users:
    • After​ plugging the Brother machine to the power socket, turn ON the power.
    • Configure​ your Brother machine on the server.
    • For​ more details on how to configure your Brother machine, go through your ​Setup Guide​ or ​Network’s User Guide, which is available in your manual.
  • Go to the ​Apple Menu​ section and click on ​System Preferences
System Preferences
  • Select from the following option:
  • Print​ and Fax
Open System Preferences
  • Printers​ and Scanners
Printers and Scanners
  • Print​ and Scan
  • Press the ​+ key​ from your keyboard.
  • Go to the​ Default​ option and select your Brother machine that you have attached to your system from the ​Printer’s Name list.
  • Confirm your printer from the list by selecting from the option ​Print Using or ​Use.
  • Press the​ Add option from the menu.
Default choose Your Brother Machine
  • For the users who are using the CUPS Driver:
    • Ensure​ that you have selected the option XXXXXXX along with CUPS from the list for the option Print Using or Use. The XXXXXXX represents the printer model name.
  • Users using the PostScript Driver (for selective models)
    • Ensure​ that ​XXXXXXX PS​ or ​XXXXXXXX BR-Script​is present for the Print Using or use section. The XXXXXXX represents the printer model name.

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  • Now, the brother machine is added in the ​Print and Fax, ​Print and Scanor Printers and Scanners
  • Close the option of ​System Preferences.
Close System Preferences

With the steps suggested, you can easily install the Brother machine wireless Printer Driver on your Apple system that has MAC operating system without installation CD.

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Jonny Kumar
3 years ago

This is really a great article!!

V Rayner
5 years ago

I cannot find the CD rom which came with the machine, I have loaded the printer driver and can use the printer with a cable can I connect to my iMac wirelessly without the CD