How To Fix Canon MX328 Printer Error 6000 Manual?

How To Fix Canon MX328 Printer Error 6000 Manual?

The Canon MX328 printer is newly designed all in one printer. This printer is smartly designed to assist and handle advanced functionality that comprises all new flat-top design 30-sheet auto document feeder, an operational panel on the top cover, and new caller ID rejection and junk fax reject function. This manages the habitual operation of each user and makes printing simple and easy. The Canon MX328 printer escalates the efficiency by covering intricate details that provide excellent quality or printing for both domestic and commercial purposes.

Key Features of Canon MX328 Printer

  • The printer involves print, scan document, copy and facsimile facility to quench the variety of requirements for the domestic as well as commercial users.
  • This printer is specifically developed to create innovations in its design.
  • It focuses to cater maximum user-friendly operations of greater potential that authorizes users to smartly and intelligently.

But there are some unfriendly scenarios when the user faces problems with this printer. The issues might be technical or functional that if not resolved at the right time might end up affecting the workflow. So the user needs to look for the solutions to fix the canon printer error 6000 immediately. The user faces an error with the Canon MX328 printer that is followed with an error message stating: “6000 Printer error has occurred. Turn off the printer then back on again. If the problem persists, see the manual.”

When this error message is displayed it indicates that there is some blockage that is restricting the paper feed tray from opening.

In case the printer is encircled with documents or when you need to copy large documents like books, ensure the security of the clear space in front of the tray prior to performing printing or copying functionality. If you see the above error message and you identify that there is something present in front of the tray, remove it. Once removed you need to disable the printer and turn on once again. Performing this makes the printer ready for printing.

In case the problem is not sorted out and it persists you should contact the printer customer service number for printer repair.

What causes Canon Printer Error 6000?

The error might occur due to possible reasons such as:

  • There is some kind of blocking to the paper tray that hinders it from opening.
  • While the user tries to copy large-sized documents.

How To Solve Canon Printer Error Code 6000?

Scenario I:

For if the printer has encountered a problem due to any kind of blockage and the paper feed tray from opening. Here when the user gives the printing command and the tray fails to open the error 6000 occurs unexpectedly.

In such a scenario, clear all the blockage objects that restrict the tray from opening and disable the printer. After that start the printer and give the printing command once again.

Scenario II:

When the printer error happens while copying the large documents, if the user gives the printing command while the tray is covered, the 6000 error happens. The user needs to remove all the objects that are covering the tray and then disable the printer. One done to start the printer and give the command for printing. Please ensure while copying large documents you hold it firmly with your hands during the printing process.

Solution I:

  • Disable your printer
  • Go to the stop and reset button
  • Then go to the Power on button
  • While using the power on button discharge the stop or reset button
  • Press the stop and reset button while you are at power on button
  • Discharge the power on button
  • You need to wait till the idle message is viewed that takes very little time.
  • Once the idle message is displayed you need to open the top cover to expose the cartridges.
  • Take out both the black and color cartridges after lifting the cover of the cartridge holder.
  • Go back to the cartridge cover holder and disable the printer
  • Move to the top cover and enable the printer again
  • When the printer is initialized -> go back to the cartridges.

Solution – 2

  • Go to stop and reset and press the button and wait and see till it starts automatically.
  • Discharge the stop and reset button and see that the printer restarts.
  • Look for sometime.


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5 years ago

I am using the same canon printer and i got the exact message, canon mx328 printer error 6000. I have done all the mentioned solutions but it did not work for me. I checked using a flashlight to see if there is any paper jam or paper bits but there is none. Is there anything else to do?