How to Fix Canon Printer Error 5100

How to Fix Canon Printer Error 5100

Generally, the Canon printer error 5100 is recognized as a carriage error. The presence of this error code means that there is some problem with the cartridge carriage of the Canon printer. If you too are seeing the error 5100 on your Canon printer, then this guide will show how to fix it with trustworthy solutions. 

First, let us check out the causes of the error code 5100 on Canon printers. Then based on these causes, we will explore the fixes to troubleshoot the error. 

Why am I Seeing the Canon Printer Error 5100?

Let us go through the causes of the Canon printer error code 5100 before fixing it. A clear idea of this error’s causes will not only enable you to fix it but also help you in preventing the error in the future.

1. When you don’t keep your Canon printer’s outer parts clean, dirt and debris can generate this error code.

2. Not keeping the interiors of your Canon printer clean can be the second usual cause of the 5100 error.

3. You may see this error code when the ink cartridge of your Canon printer is not genuine.

4. Do you clean the print head of your machine regularly? If not, then your printer will get affected by this error code.

5. Ensure that the printing paper you are using is of the correct thickness and size. Otherwise, the possibility of the 5100 error increases.

6. This error code can be found when the ink cartridge of your machine has not been installed correctly.

7. Any pieces of paper stuck into your printer can be a good cause of the 5100 error code. 

8. Unwanted obstructions in the pathway of your machine can make way for many errors. The error 5100 is one such error. 

9. The ninth cause of this error code is a faulty FINE cartridge or a FINE cartridge that is not genuine.

10. The final cause of this error can be due to a problem with the ink absorber of your printer.

How Do I Fix Error 5100 on My Canon Printer

To continue using your Canon printer and for keeping it in the best state, fixing the 5100 error code will be suggested. Some of the quickest fixes for this error code include resetting your Canon printer as well as its ink cartridge. 

Other great fixes for the 5100 error code include cleaning the various parts of your Canon printer from outside and inside, removing jammed paper, resetting the ink absorber, replacing the FINE ink cartridge with a new one, etc. 

Fix 1: Reset Ink Cartridge of Canon Printer

The ink cartridge of your Canon printer can make way for certain problems, such as the Canon printer error code 5100. This is largely due to the improper seating of the cartridge. Resetting the ink cartridge of your device is the best workaround when this is the cause of the error code 5100. For resetting, consider executing the 5 steps given below. 

1. Unplug your Canon printer.

2. Remove all the USB cables connected to your machine.

3. Access the cartridge door of your Canon printer.

4. Press the “Power” button of your machine.

5. Now, attach the power cable of your printer as well as the USB cables.

Fix 2: Reset Your Canon Printer

Resetting your Canon printer is another path you can follow for removing the 5100 error code. Know how to clear error 5100 Canon printer by resetting it in 6 very short steps. 

1. Turn off your Canon printer.

2. Remove the power cable of your Canon printer.

3. Wait for a few seconds.

4. Now, attach the power cable back to your Canon printer.

5. Turn on your device and hold its “Resume” button at the same time.

6. Let go of the “Resume” button when the light of your device starts.

Now, your Canon printer will have been successfully restarted. When you give a print command now, the error code 5100 will not create problems. 

Fix 3: Remove Jammed Bits of Paper from Canon Printer

When you know that the Canon C 5100 printer error has occurred, checking for jammed paper in the machine should be one of the first things you should do. A paper jam in your Canon printer can result in various errors. And the error 5100 is no exception to it. 

1. The first step is to check that your Canon printer is not on. If yes, then turn it off.

2. Take out the paper output cover of the machine.

3. Then see to it that there is no sheet of paper in the cassette. 

4. In the “FINE Cartridge Holder”, look for jammed bits of paper. 

5. Carefully move the “FINE Cartridge Holder” to remove any bits of paper. 

6. In case the jammed paper is rolled, hold it with both hands. Then pull it out with care.

7. Once all the jammed bits of paper have been removed, close the paper output cover of your Canon printer.

8. The eighth step is to reload fresh paper.

9. Then use your printer as usual. The error 5100 will not be a problem now. 

Fix 4: Clean Canon Printer’s Printing Strip

If you have ever accessed the interiors of your Canon printer, then you would remember a white plastic strip within. This is called the printing strip. You can find it above the drive belt. When this strip does not stay clean, you can experience the 5100 error code on your Canon printer. Cleaning this printing strip is the simplest Canon printer error 5100 fix for you. 

Simply, open your Canon printer. Ensure whether or not the strip is clean. If it is not clean, then wipe it with care with a soft and dry cloth. When these steps are over, close the cover of your Canon printer and then use it as usual. 

Fix 5: Remove Dust from the Insides of your Canon Printer

You can fix Canon printer error 5100 by cleaning the insides of your machine. A clean and soft cloth along with some rubbing alcohol are just what you require for this fix. 

Warning : Before you perform this fix, remember to be very gentle in your approach. Or else, you may damage any part of yourCanon C printer while cleaning it. 

1. If your Canon printer is on, kindly turn it off.

2. Get a soft and clean cloth. Ensure that the cloth is just a little damp. 

3. Rub the cloth on the outside of the printer to clean it.

4. Now, get a lint-free clean cloth along with rubbing alcohol.

5. Clean the insides of the printer with the lint-free cloth and rubbing alcohol. Ensure that no hardware is forcefully moved by you.

Pro Tip: Keeping your Canon printer clean will also help in ensuring that it keeps working fine at all times. So, make a habit of cleaning your Canon printer periodically. 

Fix 6: Check the Pathway of Your Canon Printer

Some users of Canon printers informed that there was a certain obstruction in the pathway. Due to a non-smooth movement of the cartridge, the pathway of the Canon printer also got obstructed. 

So, another way for how to fix Canon printer error 5100 is to ensure that the pathway of your machine is absolutely clear. Inspect the cartridge of your machine to see that there is no obstruction present. 

Fix 7: Try Resetting Ink Absorber of Your Canon Printer

The ink absorber is a part of your Canon printer that is responsible for absorbing the waste ink. This part may cause the error 5100 at times. Resetting the ink absorber is one great way for how to fix Canon printer error code 5100. For resetting it, the following 7 steps need to be read by you.

1. Turning off your Canon printer is the initial step.

2. Remove the power cord of the machine.

3. Now, turn on your Canon printer and press its “Power” button. 

4. Holding the “Power” button, attach the power cord again.

5. Release the “Power” button.

6. Then wait for at least 5 seconds.

7. Press the power button once again to complete the ink absorber resetting procedure.

Fix 8: Replace FINE Cartridge from Your Canon Printer

In the eighth fix, we will teach you how to clear error 5100 Canon printers by replacing the old FINE cartridge with a new one. While you are replacing it, please see to it that the new cartridge is genuine. Otherwise, the 5100 error code will not get removed. Now, read the 9 steps given below. 

1. Power off your Canon printer.

2. Open your printer’s front cover.

3. Access the paper output tray.

4. The FINE cartridge will shift to the replacement position. The headcover will open automatically. Then take out the FINE cartridge. For this, press the ink cartridge lever downwards until you hear a click sound.

5. Remove the packing and protective material of the new cartridge.

6. Place in the new FINE cartridge by keeping it straight. 

7. Pull up the ink cartridge lever.

8. Then shut the paper output cover.

9. The final step is to check whether the 5100 error code has been cleared. 

Fix 9: Adjust Ink Cartridge Properly

When the Canon 5100 printer error has occurred due to the improper adjustment of your printer’s ink cartridge panel, the best thing to do will be to adjust it properly. For adjusting the ink cartridge panel properly, you can consider the 5 steps mentioned here.

1. Open the ink cartridge panel of your Canon printer.

2. Take out the colour packages.

3. Now, you have to install the colour packages one at a time.

4. After the colour packages have been installed, see to it that they are tightly placed.

5. Now, perform a test print. If the page gets printed without any error code in the display, then the error code 5100 will have been fixed.

How to Fix Canon Printer MX432 Error 5100?

On your Canon MX432 Printer, any protective material or tape left attached on the insides of the printer can generate the 5100 error code. Removing this protective material or tape is the best way to remove the Canon Printer MX432 error 5100. Follow the 4 steps given below for removing or checking this tape or material.

1. Access the paper output cover of your Canon MX432 Printer and open it.

2. Ensure that the paper output cover area has no protective material or tape.

3. Then also check the “FINE Cartridge Holder” area and remove any unwanted material found.

4. Now, close the paper output cover and turn on your printer. The error code 5100 will not be found anymore.

Error Code 5100 Fixes and Compatible Canon Printer Models

The fixes given in this blog are useful for the following models of the Canon MX Printer series. 

Canon MX310 Printer Canon MX320 Printer Canon MX340 Printer Canon MX430 Printer 
Canon MX452 Printer Canon MX472 PrinterCanon MX492 PrinterCanon MX860 Printer

These fixes for the 5100 error code will also be effective on the following models of the Canon MP Printer series. You can also use them for any other model as mentioned in the table below. 

Canon MP280 PrinterCanon MP460 Printer Canon MP470 PrinterCanon MP560 PrinterCanon IP2770Printer
Bottom Line

The error 5100 on your Canon printer can be faced due to various reasons. In this post, you understood what these reasons are. You also got to know the fixes that are effective in resolving as well as preventing this error code on your Canon printer. 

We also have a very fine understanding of why the Canon printer offline error occurs. Allow us to help you know the causes of this error and then fix it quickly. If you are also trying to know the procedures for how to scan a document on a Canon printer, then help is right here. 

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4 years ago

hi. my printer mx494
is having an issue
it says error 5100
help me with how i can fix it

Neil Thompson
5 years ago

Canon printer error occurred and the message code was 5100. I reseated my ink cartridges and that resolved my issue. Two weeks and running of no error code 5100 on my canon printer