How to Factory Reset Dell Laptop on Windows With or Without Password

How to Factory Reset Dell Laptop on Windows With or Without Password

First and foremost why do you have to go for a Factory reset Dell Laptop on Windows? This is considered to be the last resort to save your laptop from viruses.

Do you know what a Factory Reset means? Well, to begin with, it is to erase and bring the laptop in the original state, the state when you started using it at the time of purchase. Your hard drive contents will be wiped off completely. Hence, it’s safe to take a backup of all that you consider is of importance.

Before digging deeper into “how to factory reset Dell laptop?” problem, we must understand why do we have to go for a factory reset–the last arrow in the quiver to save your laptop from viruses–in the first place. 

The factory reset is a way of restoring an electronic device such as computers to its original state by erasing all of the stored information. After this process, your hard drive contents will be wiped off completely. Hence, it is safe to take a backup of all the important files and information.

Read below to find in detail about how to factory reset Dell laptop as per the different Windows versions. You will find the below-mentioned Dell laptop factory reset procedure divided into multiple steps, which are easy to follow and execute–no technical expertise required whatsoever.

Now, to Dell laptop factory reset Windows 10 – if you have forgotten the password and cannot gain access to your operating system then the following aspects will help you in a considerable manner.

How to Factory Reset Dell Laptop on Windows 10 without Password

See below all the steps and find out the right way to tackle the “how to factory reset Dell laptop windows 10 without password?” question.

Step 1 – On the blue login screen, click on the ‘Power’ icon located on the lower right corner. Then click ‘Shift key + Restart.’

Choose an option to factory reset dell laptop in windows 10

Step 2 – This will restart your computer. The ‘Troubleshooting Option’ on the blue screen will appear. Click on ‘Troubleshoot.

Troubleshoot windows 10 and reset PC

Step 3 – The ‘Reset your PC’ option will appear on the screen.

Reset the laptop

Step 4 – Click on ‘Next.’ Now the system will reboot and prepare to reset the PC.

Ready-to-reset-the-PC-factory reset dell laptop windows 10 from boot

Step 5 – On the ‘Restart your PC’ screen, click on ‘Just remove my Files’ option.
Step 6 – The last step in this method. Another blue screen of ‘Reset your PC’ will appear and show ‘all ready to go.’ Click on the ‘Reset’ option to confirm.

How to Factory Reset Dell Laptop with Dell Backup and Recovery Application

You can use Dell Backup and Recovery software to backup and restore data. You just need to follow all the steps carefully and your Dell laptop will be factory reset within a few minutes.

Step 1 – Download Dell Backup and Recovery Application from the Dell official site and then install and launch it on your computer.

Dell Backup and Recovery Application

Step 2 – Click on the ‘Backup’ option and enter ‘System Backup Creation.’ Then tap on ‘Backup Now.’ This will back up all your data.

System Backup Creation

Step 3 – From the main interface click ‘Recovery.’ Reboot. Press ‘Ctrl + F8′ key to go in ‘Advanced’ settings. When you choose ‘Troubleshoot,’ the option ‘Dell Backup and Recovery’ will be seen. After this, follow the reset guideline to continue with the Dell laptop factory reset process.

Dell laptop factory reset process

Factory Reset Dell Laptop Windows 7 Without Administrator Password?

Just like above, firstly, you should take a backup of your essential data on your laptop in the following way and then move ahead with the answer.

Step 1 – Just keep the keyboard, monitor and mouse connected. Remove printer, mobile phone, tablet, USB flash, scanner, modem, and network cables.
Step 2 – Dell logo appears on the screen. Press F8 immediately 5 times. This will access the ‘Advanced Boot Options’ menu. In case, it does not wait for the Windows login interface. Power off the laptop. Boot again. Repeat


Step 3 – By using down arrow key come to ‘Repair Your Computer’ menu. Then press ‘Enter.’ The ‘Systems Recovery Options’ screen will show.
Step 4 – Now select a language and keyboard input method. Click ‘Next.

Click-‘Next-how to do a factory reset on a dell laptop

Step 5 – Then, Administrator Login appears. Type the password If you remember it. If you do not, type in the Windows Password Key to remove or reset it. Click ‘Ok’ and continue.


Step 6 – Option ‘Dell Factory Image Restore’ and tap on ‘Next’ and then ‘OK.’ The ‘Dell Factory Image Restore’ will show. Note that for some motherboards, ‘Dell Data Safe Restore and Emergency Backup’ will appear, then tap on ‘Restart’ located on the bottom right.

System Recovery Option

Step 7 – The ‘Confirm Data Deletion’ will appear. Tap on the checkbox which is just before ‘Yes, Reformat Hard Drive and Restore System Software to Factory Condition’ and then ‘Next.’
Step 8 – When restoring is done, ‘Success’ will appear. Click on ‘Finish.’ Your Dell laptop will reboot on its own.

It is usually understood that restoring a laptop requires some professional skills. But on following the above step by step guide, you must have been confident in doing it yourself. dell laptop factory reset without Password in this way is very simple.

How to Factory Reset Dell Laptop Windows 8 without Password?

Still struggling with the question of “how to factory reset Dell laptop windows 8 without password?”. No worries, read and find below the correct answer with the detailed steps for the same.

Step 1- Firstly, make a click on the start button.
Step 2- Now, go to the settings and then select the “Update & security” option.
Step 3- Click on the “Get started” button under the “Reset this PC” option. 
Step 4- If you do not remember the password, you need to press the power button and then press the shift key repeatedly and then select “troubleshoots” and then click on “reset this pc”.
Step 5- In the end, you will be provided with an option to erase all your data and reinstall Windows.   

Restoring a laptop requires expertise. But the aforementioned step by step guide will let you do it on your own confidently. Executing the process as per the guide above is both quick and simple. You can also find here a stepwise guide to fix more Dell laptop related issues such as Dell laptop won’t turn on error and Dell laptop black screen error

Despite following all the aforementioned steps to get rid of the “factory reset Dell laptop?” problem, if you are still not satisfied then get in touch with our technical team through live chat support. Our team is ready to entertain all your queries and doubts 24*7 with expert assistance and guidance. 

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Hp telefoonnummer
4 years ago

How to Factory Reset Dell Laptop without Password Dell laptop is a foremost choice for most laptop users because of its convenience and some of the best features. However, sometimes you want to delete the whole record from your laptop like if you want to sell the laptop to someone and want to factory reset it.

4 years ago

My laptop is faltering, due to slowness, I was thinking to reset my dell laptop factory settings. For this, I searched “How To Factory Reset Dell Laptop” on the search tab. While surfing I came to know about the ErrorsDoc page. The steps mentioned on the page are very easy to perform. I am happy with the content present on the ErrorsDoc page.

4 years ago

I failed to reset my dell laptop. I had tried all the steps mentioned but failed to execute the factory reset process. The solution does not work for me. Please provide any other solutions????

Diesel Dean
4 years ago

The first step mentioned to reset Dell laptop to factory settings did not work for me. So, I tried the second solution and it really helped me..thnx

4 years ago

I am a Windows 10 user and I own a Dell laptop. For some reason, my laptop was lagging like anything which slowed my work with obvious reasons. I asked my friend what should I do about it and he suggested me to go for Factory Reset Dell Laptop Windows 10. I wanted to go for the normal procedure for factory reset until I realized even that was not happening on my laptop. I googled a lot and came to this site where they have provided multiple solutions for this single issue. The second solution helped get rid of the error within a snap.