How To Fix Dell Error Code 2000 0142

How To Fix Dell Error Code 2000 0142

At the point when our computers are working legitimately, they’re completely a shelter to our efficiency, yet when they fall flat, they will in general make us feel more idiotic. When you hard drive is kicking the bucket, you will get clear indications like consistent data corruption, solidifying when copying data, long start-up times, and steady repair screens amid boot.

If you experience an DELL error code 2000 0142, it means that there is a major issue with your computer’s hard drive. Indeed, this could be because of CPU disappointment, working framework crash, hard drive inability to finish an individual test, and numerous others.

Different Methods To Fix Dell Error code 2000 0142

Sol 1: Run S.M.A.R.T Test on your system

To remove the Dell laptop error code 2000 0142, you can run S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) test on the HDD to do some essential checking examination and to distinguish the conceivable purpose behind the hard drive failure, error code 2000 0151 is also associated with the hard drive . Follow the SMART test by following the below mentioned steps.

Step 1: Restart your PC/laptop and enter the BIOS Setup utility. If you are using Windows Vista or later version, continually press the F12 key while your framework is booting. For Windows XP, press the F1 key on a continuous basis to enter the BIOS Setup Utility.

Step 2: Choose the influenced hard drive and press Enter. Select SMART Support and again press Enter.

Step 3: Follow the given device test on your device.

  • SMART Status Check: check the status of the HDD SMART status
  • SMART Short Self – Test: It runs a short individual test on the HDD
  • SMART Extended Self-Test: Run and expanded individual test on the HDD

Step 4: Once the test is finished, press Esc key.

If the above solution doesn’t work effectively, try out the second solution.

Sol 2 : Fixing the PSA or PSA error codes

Companies like Dell often face the hard drive error code 2000 0142. Dell is the company that uses a unique and proprietary hardware in the systems. In case system is unable to read your hard drive it occur due to error code 0146

By fixing the PSA or PSA v4236 error code 2000 0142, you can fix the issues with your Dell hard drive. Follow the below mentioned steps to begin with.

Step 1: Restart your Dell and over and again press F12 to enter One-time Boot Menu and pick Diagnostics. Adhere to the on-screen guidelines to finish the procedure. On the off chance that the test falls flat, note down the approval and error code.

Step 2: Browse to the Dell Support webpage, enter your Service Tag, click Submit and Diagnostic.

Sol 3 : Run Support Assist and check for any hardware or programming issue

  • Run Dell Support Assist application, select Hardware Checkup
  • From the given indicative tests, run Default, Stress or Scan a Specific Device demonstrative test

On the off chance that your PC/laptop is secured under hardware guarantee, you can contact the Dell service department for necessary assistance. Besides, before fixing the error 0142, make sure to back up the entirety of your vital data as there is a likelihood that the procedure may wipe it out. In any case, without reinforcement, you can select a data recuperation programming to recover your data from the HDD.

If nothing works, essentially supplant the influenced HDD with the upgraded one and restore every one of your data.

To resolve the issues on how to resolve Dell laptop Error Code 2000 0142, you can use any of the above mentioned solutions. In case of further assistance, you can contact tech experts for help. Contact the experts via helpline number and ask for the support.

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