How To Recover Deleted AOL Email?

How To Recover Deleted AOL Email?

Is it possible to recover deleted AOL emails? You may have accidentally deleted your AOL emails. Or you may have deleted them long ago but maybe requiring them now for some purpose. In several situations, it can be possible to recover these emails. To learn what these situations are and how you can recover the deleted emails in AOL, you will have to read the complete post.

This post will walk you through 4 important sections. In these sections, you can read about the following:

How to Recover Deleted AOL Emails from the Trash?

“Can you recover deleted AOL emails?” This question may be occurring in your mind in case you deleted the emails 7 days ago. The Trash folder of AOL contains the emails which were deleted by you within a period of 7 days. By accessing this folder, you will be able to restore them without any hassle. 

1. Start with opening “”.

2. On the top-left, press the icon of “Envelope”.

3. In the “AOL Mail”, log in to your account.

4. In the panel on the left, press the icon of “Trash”.

Trash - recover deleted aol emails

5. The “Trash” folder will open. Any emails recently deleted by you will be shown here. 

6. Choose the emails that have to be recovered.

7. Press the “Action” button.

8. Select “Inbox” below “Move to:” from the pull-down menu.

MOve - aol recover permanently deleted email

9. Ensure that the recently deleted emails have been recovered.

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Emails in AOL Server?

“Can the users of AOL recover permanently deleted emails?” To respond to your question, we will say that the AOL server can be of help in this case. 

While using AOL Mail over the web, your data of the mails will get stored in the AOL server instead of your computer. For restoring the emails deleted more than 7 days ago, you can get in touch with the administrator of the email server. 

Please Note: Choosing to recover the AOL mails from the mail server may require you to make a payment. Once you have connected with the administrator of this email server, you can get the details.

How to Recover Deleted Emails from AOL Mail via Email Recovery Software?

Is there a way to recover deleted emails from AOL? An email recovery software is the best solution for this problem.

If you have been using AOL mail in Outlook on your system, then in the local database the data of the mails will get stored. A reliable email recovery software will help you in this situation to recover your emails. 

You can download suitable software for this from the web. Then you can install and run the software. The instructions for using it will be provided to you on your screen. Follow them and in some time, the emails deleted by you long ago will now get recovered.

Tips to Prevent Permanent Loss of AOL Emails

Users can recover deleted AOL mails through some methods. However, this cannot be said with certainty in all the cases. To prevent such a problem, you can read the following 3 tips to stop losing your AOL mails forever.

1. Make a habit of checking the “Trash” folder. Any recently deleted emails can be found here and easily restored.

2. Always read your emails. Deleting them without checking at all may put you at a loss in case the emails were important.

3. Make some alternative folders and label them as per your preference. You may not be sure whether an email is important right now or maybe needed later. You can create an alternative folder named “Required Later”. You can name the folder anything as per your preference. Instead of deleting the mails, you can move them to this alternative folder. 

Coming to the Final Thoughts

“Can you recover deleted emails from AOL?” For the users of AOL, this is one of the most frequently asked questions. In this blog, we made an attempt to answer this question. Additionally, we provided you with several methods to recover the deleted AOL emails. Lastly, we introduced certain tips that can be an alternative to deleting the emails forever.
Do you need help with how to delete a folder in AOL mail as well? Do you also need assistance for how to delete an AOL email account? Get the help you need in a click. Read here to know.

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Lorie Stroh
8 months ago

How do I start an email with

1 year ago

I had 30,o00 AOL (via Verizon) emails on my computer and am going backwards in time to delete 99% of them.
Since there were so many being deleted, I permanently deleted the trash not realizing that among the 1st emails to go, were those also from the last 10 days and I need them.
HELP! Verizon switched to AOL so my user ID for is as below

Spmehow I deleted the last 10 days of im;portant emails and then permamnent,ly deleted them. At the same time the sent folder was deleted

Roger David
1 year ago

What if i’ve deleted the emails more than 7 days ago.

Roger David
1 year ago

Thanks for sharing this valuable content with us this work is appreciable and I have bookmarked your website Visit to fix recover deleted emails in aol