How To Reset, Change & Recover SBCGlobal Email Account Password

How To Reset, Change & Recover SBCGlobal Email Account Password

SBC Global is one of the prominent and significant email service providers. Its stupendous features help it stand out the rest over all these years. Have you or someone in your acquaintance come across a situation where your email accounts have been hacked and are becoming the source of unwanted spam to everyone in your online address book? If so, you immediately need to reset your email password. On an average, a person normally owns 20 to 30 online accounts on different websites. Chances are that most of them are same, which will only make the situation even worse. If your password has been hacked, the hacker can harm you beyond your imagination. Thus, it is advisable to reset your password as soon as you’ve forgotten it or it has been hacked.

You must be considering using the same password recovery and rest methods as you do while using other email service providers. Let us save you some time, and tell you that the same doesn’t go with the SBC Global email accounts. If you haven’t done this before, it could sound a bit tricky. Since the SBC Global email account has bounced from one owner to another over the past few years, changing the password for the same can be a little difficult. Worry not, we’ve got you covered by providing this step-by-step procedure to reset and recover SBC Global email account password.



STEP-1: By clicking on the link you will directly land up on the password recovery page.

STEP-2: Click on the checkbox saying Password and then enter your registered email address. After that, provide them with your name and click on Continue button.

STEP-3: Now select ‘I’ll answer my security question’ in the recovery options.

STEP-4: You can select your choice of secret question and set the answer for the same. After that, click Continue.

STEP-5: SBC Global will verify the data that you’ve just entered and if the data matches correctly, then you will get an access to create a new password to your account.

STEP-6: Provide a new strong password and tap on the Continue button to complete the process. You’ll soon receive a password reset confirmation.


STEP-1: Follow above-mentioned first two steps.

STEP-2: This time around, select ‘Send me a temporary password’ in the password recovery option.

STEP-3: Provide an alternate email address where you’d like to retrieve your password. Click on Continue button, thereafter.

STEP-4: Retrieve that temporary password and enter the same password in the password recovery page of SBC Global.

STEP-5: Now that you’ve logged in to the account, you can the password using the Account settings option. It’s essential, as the temporary password will be valid for a limited short period of time only.


STEP-1: The user needs to head straight to the Forgot password page of AT&T.

STEP-2: After that, choose the password and enter all of your AT&T details.

STEP-3: Then, either enter the email address and last name.

STEP-4: Next step would be to click on Continue button and then choose ‘I’ll choose my security question’ from the drop-down menu.

STEP-5: Answer the given security question and then tap on the Continue button.

STEP-6: To create SBC Global password, follow the prompts to reconfirm the password.

STEP-7: Once the confirmation of the new password has been reset, it will only a few minutes and your new password will take into effects.

STEP-8: To ensure the password recovery procedure, log in again. There you go.

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Rudolph Pappert/Rosemary Pappert
4 years ago

We got word from a friend that I had sent her a business document 27 pages long. Not only did I not send her the document, I never sent her an e-mail. My thought is my account has been comprimised and I need to change my password. Is this correct?