How to Import Contacts to and from AOL?

How to Import Contacts to and from AOL?

Contact storage can be enabled on several devices and through several platforms. When you operate your AOL account, you can add contacts to it and simply manage them on the device you use. Manually adding the contacts can be an option but does require much time. To do so in a shorter duration, you may import contacts to AOL. The functioning of this email account is such that you can also import your contacts from it to other accounts and devices like Outlook, Gmail, iPhone, etc. Using CSV files and direct import options, the processes can be initiated for transferring data of this type.

How Do You Import Contacts into AOL?

A CSV or comma-separated value file can be useful for exchanging data. To import contacts into AOL, the file can be supportive of the method. In your email account, you should look for the Contacts tab. Then use Tools to find the Import option. To utilize it you will need the file now for bringing your contacts into the account.

  • The “AOL” mail is to be logged in on the system.
  • Click on the “Contacts” tab on the left menu.
  • Then tap on the “Tools” option present above the list of the contacts.
  • Opt for “Import”.
import contacts into AOL
  • On the dialog box that appears on the screen, tap on “Browse for File”.
  • Now, look for the “CSV” file on the computer and click on it.
  • Move to “Import”.

Wait for a few minutes until the import is over. After the process is completed, the chosen contacts will be imported to your AOL email account.

How can I Import AOL Contacts?

Your contacts can be imported to Outlook with the help of the Import and Export option present in the AOL mail. The method can also be carried out on Gmail through its Settings. Additionally, if you want to import AOL contacts on your iPhone or iPad, it can be done by utilizing the Mail, Contacts, Calendar option in the Settings app.

Method 1: To Outlook

Outlook can be useful for a number of work-related tasks that may include communication with connections. For enhancing this, storing contacts in the account can be beneficial. Users can import contacts from AOL to Outlook via the Import and Export button. In the Microsoft software, the File button is required to be chosen. After that, you will have to use this button and opt for the AOL Webmail CSV file.

  • Open “Outlook”. 
  • Go to the “File” menu.
  • Next, pick “Import and Export”.
  • Click on the “Next” button after choosing “Import from Another Application or File”.
  • After that, push “Comma Separated Values (Windows)”.
  • Opt for the “Next” button.
  • The “AOL Webmail CSV File” that you had downloaded earlier is to be chosen. 
  • After that, tap on “Do Not Import Duplicate Items”.
  • Look for the folder to which the Outlook data is to be imported. 
  • Press the “Next” tab.
  • Hit “Finish” now.

Note: This method can be best for the 2007 version of Microsoft Outlook.

Method 2: Into Gmail

Gmail’s account can be used on various devices for one of the reasons that syncing its information like contacts can be convenient. When your contacts exist on AOL, you can transfer them to this account by importing. 

You can import AOL contacts to Gmail through its See All Settings option. The Accounts and Import button is to be chosen. Later, you can mention the details of the Microsoft account in Gmail and the data shall be moved.

  • Sign in to “Gmail” and opt for the “Gear” icon at the top-right of the window.
  • Tap on the “See All Settings” option.
  • Choose “Accounts and Import”.
  • Then find and click on the “Import Mail and Contacts” button.
  • A dialog box will pop up on the screen.
  • Here, the “AOL Email Address” is to be entered.
  • Hit the “Continue” tab.
  • Now, fill in the “AOL Mail Password”.
  • Pick “Continue”
  • Put a tick beside the following items:
    • “Import Contacts”
    • “Import Mail”
  • Go to “Start Import” and press it.
Start Import
  • Once you see that the importing process is over, push the “Ok” button.

Note: You can still find your contacts in AOL mail despite being imported to Gmail.

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Method 3: On iOS Devices

On your iPhone or iPad, you can access your AOL contacts by importing them through Settings. After reaching this option, you will have to administer varying steps depending on the iOS device. To give you an overview of how to import AOL contacts to iPhone/iPad through the steps, your account will be added and then the data will be downloaded.

Option 1: On iPhone

The Mail, Contacts, Calendars option on iPhone enables you to add your AOL account. It carries the Add Account button that can be used for this. When it has been added, you can enable the transfer of contacts on this device, thereby, initiating the imports.

  • Run the “Settings” app on the iPhone by clicking on its icon.
  • Look for the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” option and select it.
  • You can view the list of the accounts that have been set up on your device. Press the “Add Account” button.
  • Next, pick “Other”.
  • Opt for “Add CardDAV Account” below “Contacts”.
  • Fill up “” in the “Server” field.
  • In the box of “Username”, type your “AOL Email ID”.

Note: Provide the complete email address that includes “”.

  • Then enter the “Password”.
  • In the “Description” section, assign the account an identifying title. You may keep it as “AOL Contacts”.
  • Push “Next” for saving the information.
  • A test will be conducted by iPhone for sending and receiving data from AOL with the details that you have given.
  • If prompts come up stating “What do You Want to do with Existing Contacts on Your iPhone”, then press “Keep on My iPhone”.
  • Hit the “Save” button. The “AOL Contacts” will now be sent to your iPhone. 

Option 2: In iPad

To import AOL contacts to iPad, use the Add Account option in the Settings. Enter the details of this account. Later, you will notice the data of this account getting moved to your iPad. When the transfer is over, you can check whether all the contacts have been moved on the device.

  • In the “Settings” of the iPad, go to “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”.
  • Choose “Add Account” for adding an “AOL” account.
  • Pick “AOL”.
  • Next, the required information is to be typed in their respective fields.
  • Select the “Next” button.
  • Hit “Save”.
On the Whole

Understanding your various reasons to move contacts to and from AOL, Microsoft has equipped the account with easy features to import them. Hoping that your information may have been moved by now, you can start utilizing those contacts.

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