How to Fix Netflix Error 30103?

Switch off your mobile - netflix 30103

What a big disappointment it must be when you are all set to stream Netflix but the Netflix 30103 error slams your Apple device. Do you want to get back to watching the series you love and the TV shows you miss? This guide has been crafted specially to help you settle the Netflix error 30103. In this guide, you can explore what the 30103 Netflix error means and what are the common causes of it. You can also find here 7 amazing solutions to fix the error 30103 Netflix on various Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod along with step-by-step instructions. 

What does Netflix Error 30103 Mean?

Let us begin the blog with an understanding of what is a 30103 error on Netflix. This error is typically found on Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc., when the Netflix application is being used. The Netflix error 30103 can occur due to several reasons. One of the most common reasons among these is a poor network connection. 

The Netflix 30103 iPhone error can also result when the restrictions have been enabled in the device that prevents the application from streaming. More reasons for the 30103 Netflix error include a change in ISP settings, enabling the Airplay feature, and an incompatible version of HDMI adaptor.

7 Solutions to Fix Netflix Error 30103 

In the previous section, we discussed with you what is code 30103 on Netflix and the common causes of this error. Now we will be telling you 7 solutions that have been tried and tested and are definitely the best to resolve the error 30103 Netflix. Every solution has been accompanied by a set of instructions so that you can perform the methods flawlessly on your Apple device. 

Netflix Error 30103 Fix 1

Restart Your Device

Restarting your Apple device is one of the best solutions to remove the 30103 Netflix error. Look at the 4 steps given below to know how to restart your Apple device. 

Restart Your Device - netflix error 30103

1. The first step is to press the “Sleep” button or the “Wake” button which you can find on the top of your device. Keep holding it till the red slider shows up on display.

2. The next step is to drag the red slider and your Apple device will get turned off.

3. After it has been turned off, wait for some time and then press the “Sleep” button or the “Wake” button again. 

4. Once your device gets on, launch the Netflix application. The error 30103 Netflix will have been fixed by now. 

Netflix Error 30103 Fix 2

Download The Title Again

Due to certain causes when the Netflix 30103 error pops up, it has been observed that downloading the title again has been helpful in eliminating this error. To download the title again, you can follow the 5 steps shown right here.

1. In your Apple device, you will have to open “My Downloads”.

2. The second step is to press the option of “Edit” in the top right corner of your device’s screen.

3. Next, press the “X” sign.

4. After that, download the title again.

5. Now launch the Netflix app to make sure that the error 30103 Netflix has been fixed.

Netflix Error 30103 Fix 3

Reset ISP Settings

Faulty ISP settings can be one of the causes of the error code 30103 Netflix on your Apple iPhone, iPod or iPad. So, in the third fix for the Netflix error code 30103, we will teach you how to reset the ISP settings of your Apple device to enjoy streaming movies on this application once again. This solution is only 5 steps long. Let us take a look at it.

1. In your Apple device, first disable the “VPN” or the “Virtual Private Network”.

disable the “VPN - netflix error 30103

2. The next step is to connect your device with your home network.

 connect your device with your home network. - 30103 netflix error

3. Then you have to select the option for customizing DNS settings for the Apple device you want to stream on. Make sure to set it to “DNS Automatically”.

4. The fourth step is to restore the default settings of your internet service provider.

5. After the settings have been restored to default, play the application. The Netflix 30103 code error will no longer persist. 

Netflix Error 30103 Fix 4

Ensure Correct Version of HDMI Adaptor

When you use an HDMI adaptor to stream the Netflix application, the 30103 error Netflix is likely to pop up on your device. This can happen when the version of the adaptor is not correct. So, by making sure that the version you are using is the right one you can sort out the 30103 error on Netflix

Usually, the correct version of the HDMI adaptor is 11.2.6 or above it. In case you do not know how to confirm whether the version of the adaptor is correct or not, you can do the 3 steps given below. 

1. Unlock your Apple iPhone, iPod or any other device that you are using and then open the “Settings”.

2. Then select “General” and press the “About” option.

General” and press the “About” option - error 30103 netflix

3. Under the “Version” option, you will find all the details you are looking for.

Netflix Error 30103 Fix 5

Turn Off Airplay

You may be thinking how the error Netflix 30103 can be fixed by turning off the Airplay. It will be helpful for you to know that Airplay doesn’t support downloaded titles. So if this option has been enabled, you will get the message “Netflix cannot play title 30103”. 

Consider the 4 steps we have given in this section to turn off the Airplay.

1. Open your Apple device, unlock it, and then play the Netflix application.

2. Next, you have to search “Airplay”.

Airplay - netflix 30103 error

3. Now choose your Apple device from a list that will be displayed.

4. After this, open Netflix again. The message “Netflix cannot play title error 30103” will not be bothering you anymore. 

Netflix Error 30103 Fix 6

Start Home Network Again

Another solution to eradicate the Netflix download error 30103 is by restarting your home network. Follow the 5 steps mentioned below to perform this procedure.

1. Switch off your mobile. 

Switch off your mobile - netflix 30103

2. Unplug your router or modem for a while.

3. Next, switch off all the home network devices.

4. Now plug in and turn on all the devices that you had turned off.

5. Stream the Netflix application. The message “Netflix error 30103 cannot play title” will have been eradicated by now. 

Netflix Error 30103 Fix 7

Change Internet Connection

The Netflix error message 30103 can also be troubleshot by changing your internet connection. While you may believe that the streaming application may be bugged, poor internet services may not let the application stream, thus causing the Netflix error 30103. So, we will suggest you to switch to a new internet connection with a good speed.

To Summarise the Above

It was fun to learn so much about the Netflix error 30103. We are sure the causes of this error will definitely help you in preventing it from occurring now. And even when the 30103 Netflix error does occur, you can always count on the solutions we have given you to fix the error in a jiffy. 

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