Fix HP Printer Service 49.4c02 Error?

Fix HP Printer Service 49.4c02 Error?

49.4c02 error is a very common HP printer error. You must have seen it when your HP printer screen displays ‘error 49.4c02 on HP’. If not resolved on time, this error can create big problems and affect an organization’s productivity badly. 

You could witness HP printer error 49.4c02 on one of these HP models. 

49.4c02 error on HP 425049.4c02 error on HP Laserjet P401549.4c02 error on HP Laserjet 470049.4c02 error on HP Laserjet 4250service error 49.4c02 on HP Laserjet 5550
49.4c02 error  on HP printer P301549.4c02 error on HP CM353049.4c02 error on HP Laserjet 410049.4c02 error on HP Laserjet 520049.4c02 error on HP P3005

Reasons Behind 49.4c02 Error on HP Printers

HP printer error 49.4c02 is mainly attributed to the technical misconfiguration between the printer and your PC. In addition, it is generally due to an outdated firmware version installed in the target printer. 

Some other reasons for the 49.4c02 error on your HP printer are:

  • Multiple printing tasks assigned on HP printer
  • And unstable WiFi connection

Since you now know the common factors that cause 49.4c02 error on HP printers, it is time to get familiar with its resolutions.  Here we go:

Method 1

Update Printer’s Firmware to Avoid HP Printer Error 49.4c02

Firmware is like an operating system for the printer. It sends updates at frequent intervals to fix bugs and errors for the smooth functioning of the printer. If your printer is not receiving regular updates, it means the firmware is outdated. It is due to this reason that printer screen displays, ‘HP  printer error 49.4 c02’ every time you command it to start working. In such cases, you have to identify the last firmware version updated on your system. Do the following :

  • Go to the Control Panel and print a configuration page.
  • You will get the printed page of the current version of the firmware.
  • Check the date of the firmware version.

If the firmware version is an outdated one, follow these steps to configure the latest one to resolve HP error 49.4c02:

  • Visit the HP printer’s support website and choose ‘’support and drivers’’.
  • Share the model number details of the HP printer you got and follow the on-screen instruction to proceed.
  • Choose ‘’Cross OS from the table that is showing in the screen.’’
  • To verify if you are going to use the latest firmware version, always check the date of the current version.
  • Choose ‘’easy firmware update utility’’ and then click on the download link to initiate the configuration.
  • Once downloaded, run the latest firmware update. On-Screen instructions will appear which will ask you to select your Printer to update from the given list.
  • Click on the option ‘Send Firmware’ to continue the installation. 

This process will take a few minutes to complete the installation. 

Note: Do not miss any update on your HP Printer firmware. It will wipe out all possible bugs in your system. 

This method is considered one of the best ways to get rid of the HP 49.4c02 service error and allow the smooth functioning of your printer.  

Method 2

Update Drivers to PCL6 Driver

Using PCL6 drivers for HP printers is known to resolve HP Printer Error Code 49.4 c02. However, to install PCL6 drivers, you first have to download it. For this,

  • Go to HP’s drivers support website.
  • Enter your printer model name.
printer model name
  • The support page will open up.
  • Select your Windows version under the Operating system.
 Windows version under Operating system
  • Now click on the Driver – Universal Print Driver to expand it.
  • Search for HP Universal Print Driver for Windows PCL6 and click the Download button to download it.
  • Run the downloaded file to the location of your choice.
  • Click Unzip to start the installation process.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions now.
  • Restart your computer and check if the issue has been resolved.

Method 3

Print PDF as Image

If you are trying to print a PDF file that has complex fonts, then it can mess up your printer’s memory and lead to Error 49.4C02. To counter this issue, you need to print your PDF file as an image. For this,

  • First clear the print queue.
  • Now restart the printer.
  • Open the PDF that you were trying to print.
Open the PDF
  • Press Windows key + P to open the Print Window.
  • Now click on the Advanced button.
  • Put a Check next to the ‘Print As Image’ box.
  • Click OK and Print the document.
  • Check if the issue has been resolved.

Method 4

Resolve Error 49.4cc02 On HP Printer By Clearing The Printing Queue

One of the reasons behind error 49.4c02 is the printer queue that has got stuck due to multiple assigned tasks.

You tried to print something. However, the printer was turned off. You assign the task to another printer and forget about the previous one. Then you come back and try to print something else from the very first one and you encounter HP printer error 49.4c02. It is because the previous print command was already there in the queue. In such cases, we have to manually remove the pending task. We will show you the steps to clear the print queue.

  • Click the start button and select the ‘’Printer and Faxes’’ to start the print queue.
  • Tap the Printer icon and try to print it again.
  • A new window will appear that says Print Queue list and click on each job to delete it. 

This will clear the pending printing task in the queue. Try to print again.

Method 5

Fix the Network issue to Troubleshoot Printer Error 49.4 c02

There is a possibility that your printer has encountered HP error 49.4c02 due to a WiFi network. One of the possible reasons is that your internet service provider has blocked its access to your HP printer. If you are facing this issue, always contact your service provider or check if you are accessing your WiFi network through the public mode rather than the private one. 

To get rid of HP error 49.4c02, check your network connection. There are chances that you might not be getting stable speed from your network service provider. Restart your router again and follow these steps :

  • Unplug your WiFi router and your printing device. Wait for at least 2 minutes to resume again. 
  • Wait till your printer status turns to ‘Ready Mode’.
  • Try to sync your WiFi network with an HP printer to complete the process.

At times, we face HP 49.4c02 service error due to unstable WiFi connection, in such cases always consult with the network service provider before going through the above steps.

Method 6

Try to Print a Test Page

To fix HP error 49.4c02, try to print a test page on your own using the following steps:

  • Turn off your printer and unplug all the cables attached to your printer.
  • Wait for at least two minutes and re-plug the printing device.
  • When your printer is in ‘Ready Mode’, try to print a test page.

If it works well, the error is most likely due to multiple printing jobs assigned to your printer. If it is unable to resolve your issue, then go through the next method below.

Method 7

Disable Advanced Printer Feature

If you try to print something but nothing happens, it is always recommended to disable the advanced printer feature settings. Advanced Printer Feature setting can be disabled manually on a Windows print queue with the help of following steps :

  • Go to Control Panel and select ‘View Devices and Printers’
  • Right-click on the printer you want to manage and click on ‘Printer Properties’.
  • Click on the ‘Advanced’ tab
  • Uncheck the box next to ‘Enable advanced printing features’ option to disable the settings

If all the above steps are not working in your favor and you’re still struggling with the functionality of your HP printer, give us a callback on our 24*7 ErrorsDoc support desk. Consult our technical enthusiasts regarding HP error 49.4c02 and they will help you fix this in no time. Our service experts are trained in all sorts of technical issues related to your printer’s hardware and software. You can also email or chat with us by visiting our portal. Feel free to reach us any time and we provide all printer related timely assistance. 

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5 years ago

None of the steps worked for hp error 49.4 c02. I think the problem will not be resolved by updating and changing the settings on the printer.

5 years ago

Wow!!! that worked. I updated the drivers and 49.4 c02 error is no more. Great help.

5 years ago

I downloaded and installed all the software on the hp support website, updated it with everything and the 49.4c02 error is gone. Thanks for the useful help.

Teja Motta
5 years ago

Finally a fix for 49.4 c02 error. Other sites just talks about the same issue that they are facing but no one offers the solution. Thank you for providing one

5 years ago

Thanks for the help. I was confused as to why my printer was unable to print a PDF file but it was able to print word document or a browser document. It use to print PDF file before with no problems and today while i was trying to print it showed me a 49.4c02 error. I tried everything and it would just not print this particular document. I thought the PDF file send to me was a corrupted one but turns out, printing as an image worked. Thanks , you saved me a lot of headache.

George Hilton
5 years ago

Step one, upgrading the print firmware resolved my hp error 49.4 c02. Thanks for the help