HP Deskjet & Officejet Driver Update Utility Tool For Windows 10 And 7

HP Deskjet & Officejet Driver Update Utility Tool For Windows 10 And 7

An HP driver update is the first thing which comes to the mind of an HP computer or laptop user when a peripheral device connected to it starts acting up. Besides peripherals, an issue linked to a driver update can also appear in the form of issues with connecting to the internet, to Bluetooth or even in the form of problems related to audio or video.

When these issues start making an appearance, the only way forward for the users of HP devices is to look for the faulty drivers and repair them. You can do this without any hassle by means of the HP driver update tool.

Windows Update is an HP driver update utility which apprises HP devices of the updates that apply; thereafter, it installs those updates accordingly. In order to download updates on a Windows-based HP device such as a desktop or a laptop, you need an access to the internet.

How to Update HP Drivers in Windows 10

If you have installed Windows 10 operating system on your personal computer or laptop, you can install the updates on it by trying out a few simple steps. These steps are discussed below.

  • Look for Windows Update Settings in Windows. After locating it, click on it to open it.

Update Settings in Windows

  • Next, hover the cursor of the mouse on the option which says “Check for updates” and click on it. If the software on your device detects a pending update, it will start installing the update automatically.
  • Wait until the update is complete. Post completion, restart your computer and check if it is performing smoothly.

It is recommended that you should update the drivers on your HP device on a daily basis to avoid driver-related conflicts and ameliorate the performance of your device. Here is how you can download HP drivers from the official website of Hewlett Packard:

  1. Go to the official website of Hewlett Packard by typing https://support.hp.com/us-en in the address bar of a browser.
  2. Input the information pertaining to the serial number and the product details of the HP product which you own.
  3. Click on the option “find” to search for the latest drivers of HP. For example, you can also use this option to run a search for HP mouse driver update for Windows 7.
  4. Next, you will see the option of downloading the relevant driver software based on the terms entered by you in the previous step.
  5. Now click on the downloaded file two times to install the updates.

You can also make use of the aforementioned method to get HP printer updates such as HP Deskjet driver update or HP Officejet driver update.

There are ways to ensure that your HP device receives updates on a regular basis on its own (Hp Laptop Auto Update Drivers), think about downloading and installing DriverDownloader. It is a useful tool which not only looks for driver updates for an improved performance but actually updates them to accomplish the task. You can download and install all drivers on your HP device using this tool.

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