Solved HP Laserjet p3015 Error 51.10

Solved HP Laserjet p3015 Error 51.10

There are numerous errors that you can come across while you set up a printer for household use or for a business establishment. And errors for HP printers are commonly found. One of the major problem that you can face is error 51.10.  Understanding such problems and solving them is our prime concern.

There can be multiple ways to fix hp laserjet p3015 error 51.10. Some of the steps are given below.

Solution 1: For HP laserjet p3015 error 51.10

  1. Run the scanner or Laserjet test. You can find the same in the Diagnostic menu.   
  2. If the motor is a running state, your initial process is perfect. If in case it doesn’t run, check weather J1702 and J1505, are well connected in DC controller (ECU).
  3. Once they are connected, make sure J100 is connected to the laserjet.
  4. Your printer will automatically troubleshoot the error and your printer is good to go.

If still the error persists, you will have to replace the part completely.

Solution 2: HP laserjet p3015 51.10 error

This is another easy way through which you can fix the error manually.

To fix hp laserjet p3015 error 51.10, remove the DIMM cover. To open the cover just slide it in the backward direction.

Slipping inside, remove the Formatter Cover and later remove the anti-static sponge.

Disconnect any connector and FFC. The error will persist if any connector is not connected properly. Re-install the FFC and the error will be solved manually.

Assemble the printer to the original form and your printer error is successfully fixed.

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4 years ago

Good Morning, Everyone how are you all doing today? Unfortunately my Hp p3015 Printer continues to display 51.10 error message from 2 different printers. Do you have a clue of what is the problem?