How To Update HP Pavilion & Spectre Laptop Bios

How To Update HP Pavilion & Spectre Laptop Bios

HP Bios Update to the latest version is a great resolution/method step to take for if you have encountered an undesirable computer breakdown on HP Laptop due to BIOS out-of-date issue or simply want to enjoy the benefits of features for entirely cost-free.

So, why the HP Laptop BIOS update is necessary? Normally, an outdated BIOS on any HP laptop brings issues, such as:

  • Computer unable to identify hardware properly. For example, a quad-core CPU may be identified only as single-core CPU.
  • The system tends to perform poorly and may severely ruin Windows performance.
  • May fail to address the latest Graphic card.
  • Fans swiftness may deviate badly from the particular presets.
  • The PC gets stuck with a black monitor screen.
  • Errors such as Windows OS errors arise.

If you have been encountering with any of the above issues in your HP Pavilion or HP Spectre Laptop then you better update your HP BIOS to latest version available.

Since, the BIOS cores are mostly made by Award Software, AMI or Phoenix Technologies. So it can get difficult and confuse to make sure which BIOS update utility is required to flash the BIOS for any HP Laptops. You may choose from UEFI BIOS or AMI Aptio AFU Updater based on the BIOS motherboard producers. Also, you can find a few noncommercial tools, like Flashrom and UniFlash that are applied to BIOS brands.

With this point in mind let’s get your HP BIOS updated. Below, we have shared the step-to-step instruction both for HP Pavilion Bios Update as well as HP Spectre X360 Bios Update in Windows 10 and 7.

For HP Spectre X360 Bios Update

  • Click on the Windows start button.
  • Click on the cog icon to go to the Settings.
Click On cog icon
  • Now, click on Update and Security than on the advanced tab.
  • Check-mark on the box.
check marks on the box
  • Go back to the Update and Security screen and then click on Check for Updates.
  • Allow the Windows to find, download & install updates available.
allow download and update available
  • Find the HP Spectre X360 support link.
  • Select the accurate HP BIOS and download it
  • Run the downloaded HP Spectre X360 Bios Update then click on BIOS update.
  • The HP Bios Update Windows 7 or 10 processes may need a reboot if necessary.

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For HP Pavilion Bios Update

  • Log in to HP website and click on Support & Drivers  
  • Next, select the Drivers & support link.

Here, you get two options. You can click on Start Now tab and automatically find out your product and solution as well. Or, manually perform HP Pavilion Bios Update.

  • Type in your product name/number in the search box (e.g.: dv8t Pavilion) to manually update your BIOS.
  • Click on Search and select your product from the given result.
  • Select your operating system, then click on Next.
  • Download the HP Bios Update available.
  • Open to your HP Bios Update Windows 10 or 7, once the download is completed.
  • Click on Yes > Next > Start.
  • Now, allow the HP to process the update for you. Once, it is completed you are good to go.

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Important notes:

  1. The utilities and procedures tend to differ according to different motherboards, but the HP Laptop Bios Update procedures are usually similar. You may try the same procedure for the other as well.
  2. Always back up the BIOS before taking any step. The BIOS updater also has the built-in “Backup” or “Save” functions.
  3. Ensure the battery is completely charged or plugin before performing HP BIOS update.
Update HP Pavilion
Update HP Pavilion bios utility
Update HP Pavilion bios utility image
Update HP Pavilion bios finishjpg


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