How to Format Corrupted Micro Sd Card On Mac In Fat32 File System

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Answer: Need help to format corrupted Sd card mac? Many of us always find it a little tricky to understand how the systems work for different files and devices. We read on certain steps to format unreadable sd card mac yet there are doubts that keep us away from fulfilling our requirements. Blogs on how to format micro sd card on mac are available online yet are not that clear and easy to apply practically. We will now understand the steps through which we can know how to format Sd card to FAT32 on mac.

  • Firstly, we require an external card reader
  • Secondly, as we’d be using micro Sd card a Sd card adapter can be used to connect the card to the system
  • Connect the Sd card to the system you are using
  • Do not delete or format the card as hat would erase all the recoverable data available in it
Format Damaged Micro SD Card
data recovery mode by Corrupted Micro Sd
  • Save the files that you can into your system
  • Go to the top right corner of the mac system and click on the magnifying glass tool for search
  • Type for “disk utility” and search by pressing enter
Disk Utility
  • Select disk utility from the drop down list
  • Now go to the left side of the system and find the Sd card
  • It will be mostly untitled or be “no name” application
disk utility
  • There will be an erase tab on the centre of the window, click on that
  • Select “format” from the dropdown menu of the tab
  • Select FAT or MS-DOS if the card is 32GB or smaller
format sd card
  • Click on Erase after the dialog appears as “are you sure you want to erase the partition [SD card name]”
data erase partition
  • The card will be successfully formatted

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