How to Format Damaged Micro SD Card for Android in Fat32 or NTFS

damaged sd card

Answer: there is an easy way to know how to format damaged sd card in android and that is the following steps in this answer. We will learn how to format sd card android fat32 and to format sd card android Ntfs here. We would require a care reader to format sd card android and then by performing the rest written in the answer.

sd card

  • Insert the sd card in computer using a card reader

sd card show in computer

  • Go to start menu below and search for “cmd” in the list
  • Click on cmd.exe from the available options

cmd comment

  • Right click on that option which will show you the other options to format the damaged sd card

chkdsksd card letter

  • Then type “chkdsk /X /f sd card letter:” or “chkdsksd card letter: /f ” and the work will be done

We can perform the same action by using third party too. The steps would be as here:

  • Insert the sd card in computer using a card reader
  • Use easeUS tool for formatting
  • Select the card to be formatted and click on format partition
  • Another small window pops out which allows editing of partition label
  • Choose a system file as FAT/FAT32, NTFS, EXT2/EXT3.
  • Final is to click on apply and the card will be formatted.
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