How To Open RAR Files On Mac & Windows

How To Open RAR Files On Mac & Windows

We often deal with RAR files, while transferring huge amounts of data over the internet. These files are compressed archive files which are easier to transfer because of their small size. These files can be opened in any software including Android, iOS and Windows. However, paid applications like Winzip and Winrar are needed to be used to open such files. Thankfully there are other ways through which you can extract and unpack these compressed files, without using these paid applications. Here, we are going to discuss the step which tell us how to open RAR files on Mac and Windows without Winrar & Winzip.

How to Open RAR Files On Mac

If you are open RAR files on a Mac, iOS will suggest you to pay for services like Dropbox which allow online cloud storage. However, you can find many free applications for RAR files extractions on the internet which you can easily download and use free of cost! Let’s see how to open RAR files through these free applications.

  • Go to the location where your .rar file is stored, whether as an email attachment or at any other location.
  • Double click on the file to open it.
  • Now you’ll see a menu which appears, showing you all the applications that you can use to open the file.
  • Sometimes, the error message saying ‘File Cannot Be Opened’ appears. When that happens, click on the Share option, which will open the same menu showing all the available applications.
  • From this list of options, you can simply select the free RAR extractor application that you have downloaded and press enter.
  • Now select the Extract option to open the compressed file and see all the files that were compressed in the .rar file.

How to Open RAR Files On Windows

Opening .rar files in Windows is comparatively easy as compared to opening them in an iOS device. You can easily open a compressed file in Windows 7 without the use of any third party software. However, there is a free software tool available which is very beneficial for opening compressed file on a Windows system. This software is called 7-ZIP. Follow the steps below to open RAR files on Windows 10.

  • Go to the location where Go to the location where your .rar file is stored, whether as an email attachment or at any other location.
  • To open the file, right click on it.
  • From the list of options, go to the ‘7-ZIP’ option and select the Extract Files option.
  • A window will appear where you have to enter the location where your extracted files will be stored and click on OK.
  • If you simply wish the extracted files to be stored in the location where the .rar compressed file is stored, click on the Extract Here option.
  • Your files will now be extracted from the archive!
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