Instantly Fix Mac Error Code 36 while Transferring Files

Instantly Fix Mac Error Code 36 while Transferring Files

Mac operating system is embedded with numerous productive features and offer benefits to the users. These features are the technical configuration of codes and there are times there happens problem and error occurs. Mac error code -36 is one of the common errors that is reported by the users. This is a rarely happening error that indicates that the system encounters problem while transferring the files.

Mac Error Code -36

Among all the errors that Mac users face this is the rarely happening. This error occurs while the user attempts to copy the file from Mac OS, no matter you are using a desktop or a laptop. The user encounters this error while trying to copy files or folders to a new location, or copying them to an email or any other reasons as well. Whatever may be the case when this error occurs it stops the process. The error also restricts to move ahead with the task you want to execute. Error code -36 is an uncommon error as users do not copy the file in a regular basis. But it becomes annoying while in urgent case you need to copy some crucial files and the error does not allow you to do so.

Mac error code -36 is accompanied with an error message: “The Finder can’t complete the operation because some data in “FileName” can’t be read or written. (Error code -36)”

When error code -36 occurs there is a possibility that it might affect any file especially with the invisible .DS_Store files. The “dot-underscore” are the associate files that Mac OS X’s HFS+ file system creates for files when they get moved to FAT16 or FAT32 volumes, known as thumb drives. These hidden files comprise of extra information such as metadata (like icon images and files). The problem can arise when moving files from a Windows-compatible volume to a Mac and then back again, resulting in the nagging “Error Code -36″.

Major Causes for Mac Error 36

Identifying the exact cause of the error helps in fixing it quick and easy. It is recommended that to know the causes of the error before jumping to the solutions. Mac error code -36 occurs due to some problem in the location as well as in the directory of the files. The below mentioned solutions will help to resolve the error. You can get touch with an Mac tech expert to fix the error.

How to Fix Mac Copy Error Code 36?

These are three feasible solutions suggested to fix the error. The methods are explained step wise so that it will assist I’m presenting you the 3 best methods compiled by the pros coupled with the stepwise guide that will surely fix Mac Error code 36 in most of the cases. You can try these methods one after another, in case if one doesn’t help you out enough.

Solution 1. Execute the dot_clean: “dot_clean” is a command line tool that is very simple and efficient in fixing the Mac Error code 36 and take you out from that annoyance. It is a simple process that includes certain steps. The steps are mentioned below:

  • Start your computer -> Go to Terminal by following this path: Application-> Utilities -> Terminal.
  • Enter dot_clean followed by a single space in the first line of the Terminal.
  • You then drag the flash drive, memory card or file icon to the terminal window.
  • This will generate the path/folder -> Press Enter.
  • Now all the hidden files will be merged with their host files. This helps to fix the error.
  • Attempt copying the files to verify the error is fixed or not.

After following the above steps the error will be fixed. In case you still face the Mac error -36 move to the next solution.

Solution 2. Verify the Limitations: At times there are some limitations such as – lack of permissions, file sharing options or some other issue in the external media that may be causing the Error code-36 in the Mac OS. In case if you are facing the error follow the steps below mentioned.

  • Verify the allowance for copying the files going to the Finder. Move to the Permission and sharing options and allow it to “Everyone.” Prior doing so ensure that your account has read access to the selected files.


The files that are chosen for copy can be authorized by you. Once you are done with the suggested task verify that you are able to copy the selected files or not. If not you need to move to next step.

  • Now verify if the error is in the external media. Verify if the links are stable or not.
  • Disable your system and restart it in Safe Mode. Attempt copying your required files. In case you can copy reboot your system normally. If you are unable to restart your system, it will surely help.

In case this solution fails to fix the Mac error you can move to the next solution mentioned below.

Solution 3. Implement a Third-party Program

Using a third party software helps to to fix the error caused by viruses, malware’s, junk files or corrupt files. This will help to resolve the error and allow you in copying the files.

If you have further any doubts or queries in the resolution steps you can contact the reliable support company, The qualified and experienced Mac professionals employed here assure quick feasible support in all possible ways. They handle your queries over phone, email and live chat option. Reach to the tech support team by calling the toll free phone number +1-844-414-5222 and acquire instant support.

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