After force windows update, unable to login. HP all in one 22-b382-ds


I have the HP All in one 22-b382-ds.My computer did a forced update today. After the update, I was unable to log in.

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Check if your keyboard is working properly. Unplug and then reconnect the keyboard back.
Make sure you are connected to the internet
Using the Power button, Press and hold to force restart the computer.
Use the On-screen keyboard to enter the password. The option is located at the bottom right corner of the login screen.
If there is no option to enter the password to login, press Ctrl+Alt+Del and see if it brings up the login box to enter your password.
Restart the computer by holding down the shift key and in the Advanced Startup menu, select the System Restore
Restart the computer by holding down the shift key, Go to Troubleshoot> Advance Setting> Startup Settings and boot Windows 10 in Safe Mode and run ChkDsk. Restart after the test completes
In Safe Mode, Run services.msc and make sure Credentials Manager service is set on Automatic.
If everything fails then, either Reset This PC or Rollback to your earlier OS to reinstall the Operating System back

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