Asus Laptop Boot Menu Key Windows 8 & 10


What are the menu key for Asus laptop window 8 & 10

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On the off chance that you have to boot your Asus PC from USB drive, you need to get into BIOS to make the configuration to have access to Asus laptop boot menu key.

How to approach ASUS Laptop Boot menu key in Windows?

  • To get into the BIOS, open ‘Settings’ and then go to ‘General’. Under the head ‘Advanced Startup’, tap on ‘Restart Now’. This will restart your PC into the boot menu.
  • To open the BIOS, tap on the ‘Troubleshoot’ symbol. A screen called Advanced Settings will get open, where you can choose ‘UEFI Firmware Settings’, which will open the BIOS. Now, you can have access to Asus X552E boot menu key.

How to Boot Menu Key from USB utilizing BIOS?

Use the following steps to have access to Asus ROG boot menu key.

  • When you go into the BIOS configuration, ensure you pick ‘BOOT’.
  • Next, you’ll empower ‘Launch CSM’, i.e. the compatibility support module.
  • Enter ‘Security’ – > and after that you’ll impair the ‘Secure Boot Control’.
  • Save the configuration changes, by pressing F10.
  • You can boot the PC from USB drive either by Entering BIOS – > Choose ‘Save and Exit’ – > Choose USB drive/CD-ROM from ‘Boot Override’ or by holding and pressing ‘ESC’ and after that push the power button to initiate the system. You can pick the boot gadget from the rundown.

How to Enter BIOS?

As indicated by Asus, in light of the Fast Startup include, you can’t simply press F2 to get in BIOS configuration while booting the PC.

Look at the means underneath to enter BIOS configuration and have access to Asus laptop boot menu key Windows 8.

  • Hold and press ‘Shift’ after that turn off the PC.


Enter Bios

  • Push and hold the F2 button after that tap on the power button. Keep on pressing the F2 button, unless and until the BIOS screen displayed in front of you.


BIOS Configuration

  • You’ll at that point have the capacity to get to Asus Mainboard boot menu key.

How to have access to Asus motherboard boot menu key?

On ASUS the boot menu button is F8

To trigger the BIOS or say to have access to Asus Motherboard boot menu key, you can press Del or F2 key.  

How to have access to Notebook boot menu key?

To have access to Asus Notebook boot menu key, you have to press and hold the F2 button, and then tap the power button. Try not to RELEASE the F2 button until the point when the BIOS screen gets displayed.

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Hi there, I have been trying to enter the Asus motherboard BIOS key but have been failing continuously at it. I do not understand where am I going wrong. Once I hit the F2 key nothing happens and I am not able to proceed further. If anyone has any knowledge about this then kindly help with the same.

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