change language on mx410


bought a mx410 and LCD screen in not in english

Tammy Herring Answered question November 15, 2019
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When I bought my Canon Pixma mx410 I was not able to use it because of the language displayed on the screen was not English. It was a bit difficult since the language in front of me was not understandable. But then I tried looking for a solution online and found that the fix was quite easy. The solution for Canon Pixma mx410 language setup is given below:

  • Make a selection on the Language you want to use (It can be other than English too)
  • Now just press the copy button for a while
  • Now hit the Menu button thrice
  • Now press the Right arrow button two times
  • Keep pressing the Right arrow button until you are able to witness the last menu available
  • Hit the left arrow button twice and then click on Ok
  • Now press the left arrow or right arrow button accordingly to make a selection on the desired language.
  • Once you have chosen the language, press Ok
  • End up by hitting the “Stop” button

This solution was great for me, I hope you find it helpful too, If you want to get more solution there is link below:

How Tos For Canon Issues

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