Epson Scanner Error 100016 on Epson 4750 Printer


I bought an Epson 4750 printer a few months ago and have had nothing but problems with it. Ever since day one it has been incredibly slow. It’s now gives me a scanner error 100016 and displays a message asking me to contact support. I also have an Epson ET 2550 and was comparing speeds. The 2550 spit out 49 pages in the time the 4750 spit out 7.

Margaret Answered question March 8, 2021

I got the same thing on my 4740. I turned it off, opened the main compartment, took out an ink cartridge just for the heck of it, closed it, and turned it back on. Powered on fine ?‍♂️

Thank you Margaret! It worked for me too! changed a cartridge and it powered up!

How can I fix Epson ET-4750 with system error 202201?

Have the same problem with WF 4740-under 2 years old Scanner ERROR 100016- It seems to happen right after I print- Print cartridges are not moving- Turned ON the OFF- a few times- did not work until I heard the cartridges moving- then I knew the Scanner Error 10016 would not be there- Until the next Time!- Took out a the black ink cartridge and replaced it- worked after 2 tries and shut OFF/ON- There obviuosly is an issue which I don’t know the answer to- Wish someone from Epson tech support would help in this regard

I have the exact same problem as Margaret-Try everything- mine is 2 1/2 years old- removed paper trays-removed black cartridge and reinserted, must turn ON then OFF about 10-20 times- when I hear ink cartridge moving then I know it is OK- ANY other suggestions- Going to call Epson tomorrow- Will probably have no luck unless they can walk me through driver re-install- ANY SUGGESTIONS?

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Marianne (anonymous) 1 Comment

This started happening to me this weekend  (11-3-2019) with my 2 year old Epson WF-4740. Never an issue in past, all firmware up to date, etc., and actually I rarely use the scan feature.  90% of time I am just printing. Tried all kinds of power offs than on, disconnect from wall, tried restarting with no cables attached but power, etc.  “Scanner error” was immediately re appearing with instructions to restart and contact epson support and the code 100016 at bottom.

I have no idea if this solved the problem, but then I pulled out both paper cartridges and tried restarting and thus far (going on 15 min….) after restart, the scanner error did not re appear.  I put paper cartridges back in after the successful restart with no scanner error.

Will check in later today to let you know if this continued to work.

venmartin Posted new comment December 6, 2019

Per Marianne’s note, we had the same experience. Scanner error 100016, after several trouble free years.

The initial recommendation (remove and update drivers) smelled fishy, not surprised that didn’t work. Didn’t even bother trying that. But, after several reboots of the printer, problem wouldn’t go away.

Tried Marianne’s trick (removed paper trays, rebooted printer), and viola! It works fine.

Thanks 🙂

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