epson es-400 scanner showing E1460-B305 error code when i try to scan a document


i have an epson es-400 scanner and i am getting an E1460-B305 error code when i try to scan a document it was working great yesterday

james giglia Posted new comment March 30, 2022
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Based on recent instances Epson es-400 scanner is causing trouble while printing documents,  neither the scanner is scanning nor is it recognised by the system. Are you stuck in the same scenario of Epson E1460-B305 Error? If yes, here’s a detailed step to step solution to resolve the issue/trouble caused by the scanner.

Find All Possible Solution For Epson E1460-B305 Error Below:- 

Solution 1: 

  • One of the ways to fix the E1460-B305 error is explained below:
  • Select Epson scan icon present on the desktop, click properties.

Possible Solution For Epson E1460-B305 Error

  • Select the compatibility tab.

Possible Solution For Epson E1460-B305 Error1

  • Check the check box adjacent to it, select run this program in compatibility mode for.
  • Select OK button
  • Select apply and saves changes and exit.
  • Switch off the Epson scanner, remove the USB or disconnect it from the network.

 remove the USB or disconnect it from the network


  • After a few minutes, connect the scanner again along with USB and desired network connection.
  • The user must check if it is running successfully or not.

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Solution: 2

  • Check whether the scanner is connected to the same wired or wireless network which the computer/laptop is connected to.

scanner is connected to the same wired or wireless network

  • To connect the Epson es-400 scanner optional network interface is needed.
  • The scanner should be adequately connected to the computers USB. If possible try to attach it to the nearest one as it has its own AC adapter.
  • Epson scan should be set up appropriately according to the user’s computer/laptop
  • Click start, select all programs. Select Epson scan, go to Epson scan setting.
  • If the message E1460 B305 Epson Scanner Error pops up, click yes.
  • If the scanner is set up on a network, the connection setting should be set to network and scanner must appear under network scanner address with the correct IP address.  
  • Fetch the required IP address and enter the correct IP address.

(If the user doesn’t know the IP address following must be done)

  • Select windows icon, then type cmd in the dialogue box and open the desired application.

 type cmd in the dialogue box

  • Type in the command ipconfig in the command section and then press enter.  A default field will appear.

command ipconfig in the command section

  • Copy the field, then access the router, once logged into heck the devices attached to the network.

access the router

  • After completion head back to the scanner settings

Enter the IP address and press apply

  • Enter the IP address and press apply.

If it is successful, it will be added, and all the issues regarding scanner will be resolved. The user can also press the test button to verify the changes made and also check whether the problem is solved or not.

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Solution 3:

Shell hardware detection:

  1. Select windows +R key in the dialogue and click enter.
  2. Search for service shell hardware detection. Right click on it and select properties.
  3. Startup type should be set on automatic, then click service and select restart.
  4. Unplug the scanner with computer/laptop, wait for a few minutes, before plugging it back.
  5. Once it’s done plugin and check whether Epson scanner is working or not.

Thus these are the few stepwise solutions that aim at resolving the issues and troubles regarding E1460 B305 Epson Scanner Error.

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Asad-ullah Khan (anonymous) 0 Comments

Just had this issue with setting these scanners up (I set up 20+ of these). The fix is very simple: unplug the scanner from USB and power, and make sure you haven’t started the installation app yet. Plug the scanner back in BUT MAKE SURE IT IS OFF. Start the installation process, and keep the scanner off until it says “searching for scanner”. Then, just turn the scanner on and press next, and it should work fine

Asad-ullah Khan Answered question December 12, 2020
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I’m trying to install my Epson ES-400 but after going through the steps successfully, on the second last step where it’s Checks Functions I get the error Epson E1460-B305

Anonymous Answered question February 12, 2021
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Riku Harjula (anonymous) 0 Comments

Often when I return to my desk and plug the scanner back with usb, it’s impossible to connect (e1460-b305) without rebooting my laptop. Rebooting is often not what I can do, so is there a solution to reconnect other way?

Riku Harjula Answered question March 8, 2021
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TClark (anonymous) 0 Comments

Same as Riku:

The scanner will begin to scan again but only after rebooting the computer.

Tried solution posted here but the software doesn’t have the Scanner Settings button

TClark Answered question November 17, 2021
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