how do i print labels with HP LaserJet Pro MFPM426FD


i wanted to see if someone could help us print labels from an HP LASERJET PRO MFPM426FD. I have tried printing a few different ways and its not working it sounds like it is printing and the label comes out but its not printed on

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You can manually feed to print the labels. When using manual feed option, the printer waits to print the job until it detects the tray has been opened and closed. Start with by opening the Print option, select your printer from the list and tap the properties to open the printer driver. Tap on Paper Quality tab, in the drop down list of Paper Size, select the exact size for the sheets of labels, open the drop drown list of Paper Type, select on Labels. Again, open the drop down list of Paper Source, select on Manual Feed. Tap on OK and close the Properties box. On the printer Print box, tap on OK button to print the labels.

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