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Yesterday I bought New NOTEBOOK HP 255 G6 15.6″. I don’t know how to take a screenshot on it. Should i install any software to do that. Or there is any short key. I want DIY Solution for that. Please????????????

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You do not have to download a third party software to take a screenshot on your HP computer. Windows offer an inbuilt tool to take custom screenshot on your HP computer and a shortcut option on the keyboard to take a screenshot of the whole screen and saved the file using Paint. The two methods to take a screenshot on a HP laptop is
1st method. To take a full screenshot of the whole computer display screen in a HP computer.
First, search on your keyboard for Printer Screen or PrtScn. That key being found, now search for the function key on the keyboard Fn. Press and hold the function key Fn and the Printer Screen key. Open Paint. To open paint, go to the windows search bar and type Paint. On the blank white sheet, press and hold the “Ctrl” and “v” keys together to paste the screenshot. Click on the file which is at the top left and click on Save to save the screenshot to your computer.
2nd method. Take a custom screenshot using a windows inbuilt tool
Click on the windows search bar and type in Snipping Tool, open the snipping tool. On the snipping tool click on New, now click and drag the mouse to a certain region on your screen where you want to take the screenshot.once you have selected the region that you want to save, release the mouse and click on Save Snip on the snipping tool to save the screenshot on your HP computer.

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