How to Turn Autocorrect Off on iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, S8 and Android


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As you all are familiar with using smartphones today, you also must be aware of Auto-correct. For those who do not know, auto-correct is a system that is inbuilt to make a right suggestion for words that you have either miss spell or wrongly addressed. However, not all the times, auto-correct is right, it inserts words and phrases that you probably didn’t mean to write or make corrections that you do not want to. People using other languages on a phone’s keyboard finds auto-correct very disturbing.  Here is a brief guide on how you can disable Auto-correct on iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, S8 and other Android phones.

How to Turn Off Auto correct on iPhone

  • Open ‘Settings’. Tap the option ‘General’ and select Keyboard.
  • Locate the Auto Correction Toggle, turn it off.

There might be cases where your keyboard may stop correcting your words and allow you to type incorrectly. This happens when the keyboard comprises of incorrect words. In addition, you can remove the words in the keyboard dictionary to get rid of this issue.

How to Turn Off Auto correct on iPhone

How to turn off Auto-correct on Samsung Galaxy S6

If you are having issues with the auto-correct feature, the best thing is to disable the system.

  • Switch on your Galaxy S6
  • Randomly open to a screen that is displaying – Create message or Compose mail etc.
  • Open the keyboard and on the left of the Space-bar, there is the Dictation key.
  • Tap on the Dictation key and select the Settings gear option.
  • Locate Smart typing and Predictive text beneath the former option.
  • Disable it.

How to turn off Auto-correct on Samsung Galaxy S7

The difficulties linked to Auto-correct typing make for a cogent reason why people want to cut themselves from Auto-correct entirely. The absence of Auto-correct or Predictive Text, as they say, in Samsung can help you look for actual typos rather than the manufactured ones. Let us see how you can disable it on Galaxy S7.

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ option.
  • Tap on the Language and Input under the option ‘Personal’.
  • Locate the Keyboards option and select virtual Keyboard.
  • Tap on the Predictive Text under the section ‘Smart Typing’.
  • Disable the option for ‘Auto-replace’ as the name suggested by Samsung.

After you are done with this step, you will notice, your words and phrases are automatically never capitalized or corrected.

How to turn off Auto-correct on Samsung Galaxy S8

When you are using a Galaxy keyboard, your words, phrases and sentences, at times are learnt by the keyboard. Over time, auto-correct uses them when you use the same words and phrases again making your writing accurate. However, you do not need it all the time, as all the words that you type might not fall under correct grammar. Hence, you can disable it whenever you wish for. Follow the instructions.

  • Open your phone and go to the Settings option.
  • Search for the option- General management.
  • Tap on the ‘Language and Input’ and select on-screen keyboard.
  • Locate and select the Samsung Keyboard.
  • Tap on the ‘smart typing’.
  • Turn Off ‘Predictive Text’.

How to turn off Auto-correct on Android

People get annoyed with Auto-correct as they act very smart, even if they are not required. Turning it off seems to be the best option.

How to turn off Auto-correct on Android

  • Go to the Settings Menu, then locate the Language and Input
  • Google Keyboard setting will be right there, click on that and select Text Correction option.
  • That will open another box which will comprise of the Auto correction option.
  • Click on the option and remove the tick mark, indicating the option is now off.
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