hp 8620 printer receives fax with horizontal lines


i have an hp 8620 printer fax when i send a fax it is recived with horizontal line acros the sheet i have run the repaire tool and alignment tool. printing and scaning from the printer comes out okay but the problem is only with the fax

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Is the issue same when you send fax?if so, I suggest you start by cleaning the scanner components. Do a Printer reset. To do so , with the printer switch on, remove the power cable from the back of the printer. Wait for a minute or two, now connect the power cable back to the rear of the printer and connect the printer directly to a wall outlet. Change the Fax Speed. To lower the fax speed, find the fax settings on your printer control panel, select Basic Fax Settings, Advanced Fax Settings, or Preferences, select Speed, then select Slow. if you still have lines, update the Firmware of the printer. Update it directly from the printer or download the printer firmware from the hp support website

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