HP Envy 5250 printer, can only print from phone not with computer


We just bought an HP Envy 5250 printer. we set it up and it was working great. then I unplugged it and now when I try to print it says it is not connected. We can however print from our phones. can you help?

venmartin Changed status to publish August 13, 2018
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Did you install the basic driver or the full featured software?  If not, download the full featured software and drivers here https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-photosmart-c5200-all-in-one-printer-series/3204462/model/3339728
If the issue still persist, Open and run the HP Print and Scan Doctor (PSDR) which will diagnose and resolve the issue automatically

venmartin Changed status to publish July 5, 2018
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