My computer is running slow

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My computer is running very slow and it takes so much time to load anything

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do not forget to check if the cpu fan is getting obstructed by dust or other things. my desktop was heating up a lot and i never noticed it. changed the slow running fan and cleared all paths that was obstructing the air flow and now it is all better.

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My advice would be
1: Uninstall unused programs (open control panel >> Install/uninstall programs). Delete all the unwanted programs or games that you don’t use anymore. Perform a restart when you are done.
2: Defragment your hard disk.
3: Download and install a well known anti-virus program online and run a full scan to make sure there are not any viruses on your computer. I would recommend uninstalling the program after the complete scan, because they tend to take a fair amount of resources themselves.
4.Perform a hard disk scan to check if the issue is caused due to the hardware problem of the disk
If these don’t work, you may try a full re-install of your OS. There are many other potential suggestions but hopefully this is a good start!

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