Officejet 8710 keeps saying low on ink even after replacement


my ink cartridges are out and I just replaced the black one only because I don’t need to print anything in color. the officejet pro 8710 printer is not printing anything and it keeps saying I am low on ink the color ink is low. I just replaced the black ink because that is all I need. the message states, depleted cartridges must be replaced to resume printing. the error message is for the color ink cartridges

venmartin Changed status to publish August 13, 2018
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You must have the color ink cartridge to be able to print as the ink is used for periodic service task such as for cleaning printhead clogs or if you are facing a poor printing quality. However there is an option to print only in Black for all printing jobs if that is all you need. To change the settings to print only in black. Open Device and Printers > right click on your printer and select Printer Preferences > Select your printer and click on Paper Quality/ Features. Click on Advanced > Print in Grayscale and select Black Ink Only > click the Black and White button.Click on OK (Make sure you do not select High Quality Grayscale after selecting Print in Grayscale as the printer uses both black ink and color ink to produce a high quality black printout)

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