Printer is not working display error 59.F0 Error HP laser color jet m452nw


Hi this is Qinrong from UC Berkeley. We purchased a printer last year. Recently it does not work, displays turn off and turn on, we have tried but still not working HP laser color jet m452nw it displays 59.F0 Error

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HP laser colour jet printer is showing 59 F0 Error, and not printing papers properly? Are you too facing the same issue? So the solution to this scenario is provided in a detailed manner and step to step solution to the HP 59 F0 Error.

There are many errors faced by the HP printer like 59.30- motor startup error, 59.40-motor rotation error, 59.90- ITB motor error, 59.F0, etc.

Methods to Solve Error 59.F0 on HP m452nw

The answer to this will be, it is a primarily caused by transfer alienation failure in which ITB is stuck and unable to rotate and the roller disarrangement sensor has gone bad or failed. Usually, for 59.F0, it is recommended to try resetting the toner and the fuser assembly. It is basically the solution to improve HP M452Nw 59 F0 Error:

Solution 1:

  1. Reset the printer using the power switch, turn off the printer for a few minutes.
  2. Turn on the printer and wait for the HP colour jet printer to revitalise.
  3. If there’s any surge protector remove it.
  4. If the problem continues then replaces the motor.

Solution 2:

  • Verify the ITB installed adequately or not.
  • Reconnect the primary transfer disengagement sensor.
  • Run the sensor test in the sensor monitor mode to verify that the primary transfer disengagement is functioning correctly, if not replace it.
  • Perform the alienation drive.

Examine the fuser motor, if not working properly, replace it

Solution 3:

  • Reset the printer; turn off the power by using power switch and wait for some time.
  • Remove the surge protector (if the user is using).
  • If the problem is still there, then the PCA Assembly needs to be replaced.
  • If still it’s troubling after replacing the PCA Assembly, then you might have to replace the product.

Steps To Perform ITB Alienation Test:

  • Remove the transfer belt assembly.

Remove the transfer belt assembly

  • Open the toner access door and remove the cyan cartridge.
  • Insert a flat blade screwdriver in the slot; let it stay there until the test is performed. The inserted screwdriver stimulates the toner access.

flat blade screwdriver in the slot

  • Once done take it out, assemble it and switch it on.
  • During the test, the gear needs to spin if it doesn’t spin or it tends to miss the spin then the fuser assembly is damaged. The only solution will be to repair it or replace it.

Steps to Solve 59.F0 Error on HP Printer:

  • Check the ITB alienation sensor by doing manual sensor test in the troubleshooting menu.

Steps To Solve 59 F0 Error Hp Printer

  • Reconnect the connectors of ITB.
  • Perform ITB alienation test in the troubleshooting menu.
  • Reconnect the connectors of primary roller disengagement motor. If it works then its recovered if not then it must be replaced.

Reconnect the connectors of ITB in HP Printer

  • Hence this will hopefully solve the issue of 59.F0 Error M452Nw.

Thus, these are the few ways to check on the issues faced by the HP colour jet printer m452nw. Hopefully, these will fetch a solution to the users facing such issues.

venmartin Changed status to publish July 16, 2020
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