Printer M102w not printing on Windows 7 but working on Windows 10


I am trying to install a Laserjet Pro M102w printer I just purchased. I have set it up on my Wi-Fi network and I can print from any computer using windows 10. However, I have an older computer that I need it to print from that is running windows 7. In the devices menu in the control panel it shows me the printer with a yellow troubleshooting icon, when I run the troubleshoot it cannot find the issue. All properties boxes say the printer is working properly. When I select something to print the printer is not listed in the print dialog box. I have tried uninstalling the drivers, reinstalling the software, nothing will work. Again, it works totally fine from three other computers running windows 10. I have tried connecting the printer directly using a USB, it still does not work.

venmartin Changed status to publish August 13, 2018
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