Trouble with HP laserjet 600 m602 with an error code 41.03.02


There is a problem with my HP laserjet 600 m602 that gives an error code 41.03.02. the error description is load Tray 2: 41.03.02 Unexpected size in Tray 2

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You have a media error. Either the tray settings are wrongly configured causing Load Tray 2: 41.03.02 Unexpected SIze In Tray 2, or it is due to a bad paper PCA.
41.03.02 is a paper size error. What paper size does your configuration page tell you that you have? The paper size detection could be the cause of the problem. Pull out the tray from the hp laserjet 600 m602, and look for debris in the right side of the tray, and tray slot. Follow the video guidance for HP printer on how to floss and remove paper debris

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There can be various errors that may come up to your Laserjet printer and could be resolved easily. But error code 41.03.02 is one tricky error that is little problematic. It could be due to many possible reasons but the one prominent issue is due to paper path blockage in the printer which later results in your Laserjet 600 M602 With An Error Code 41.03.02.

The only problem that occurs is in the paper path blockage and we’ll resolve the occurring floss in the PS102 and PS103 sensors. Thus, flossing will remove small pieces of paper or debris blocking the paper path and causing jams.

Before we begin you will need index cards or heavy cards stock papers and a blunt non metallic tool. This procedure is best performed using a heavier stock paper to insert into the portion of the paper path to push out debris blocking the paper path. When troubleshooting 13.A2 , 13.B2 and 13.FF error paper jams floss the paper paths leading around the PS102 and PS103 sensors.

Follow the steps mentioned below to fix the error 41.03.02 :

1. Open the top cover of your HP Laserjet 600 M602 printer.

2. Now open the Paper Tray 1 door on the front of the printer.

3. With slight efforts remove the toner cartridge steadily.

4. Now remove the envelope accessory cover gently.

5. Grasp the green handle on the paper access plate inside and lift it up.

6. Slowly pull out the jammed paper straight out of the paper path to avoid tearing the paper from printing.

7. Locate the PS103 sensor near the white paper path rollers.

8. Make sure that the Sensor should be positioned against the white paper feed roller.

9. Do not use sharp metallic tools to dislodge or remove debris from the paper path guide plates. In result, these can scratch or damage the paper path guides and increase paper jams further.

10. Now insert the flossing paper gently in the roller and slightly push the floss paper to remove any paper or debris that the flossing paper has pushed out. Small pieces of paper might be found anywhere in the paper path, most often against the sides. The paper might be lodged tightly in place and require additional effort to remove.

11. Floss the entire width of the paper path guides from the roller.

Now we will look forward to floss around the PS102 sensor. Follow the steps mentioned below :

1. The PS102 sensor is difficult to see, lower the cover gently to access the sensor.

2. Remove Paper Tray 2 from the printer.

3. Now slide an index card behind the guide plate.

4. Press lightly against the guide plate while pushing the paper upward.

5. Grasp the green tab on the cover and lift it.

6. Pull the card straight out of the opening,

7. Then lower the cover. Floss the entire width of the paper path, including the left and right side areas. There are two different paper paths for each of the paper trays 2 through 6. One path is located behind the white plate as previously shown, and the other is in front.  

8. Slide the flossing paper into the paper path in front of the guide plate and repeat across the width of the paper path. Your printer may have additional paper trays installed.

9. Now repeat the steps for tray 2 to floss the paper paths for each of the remaining trays.

10. Remember to floss both paper paths in each tray area as previously shown.

11. Reinstall the paper trays you removed.

12. Make sure you reinstall the envelope accessory cover.

13. Reinstall the toner cartridge too.

14. Reassemble the printer by closing the front cover and lowering the top cover.

You have successfully fixed your hp laserjet error 41.03.02 manually. You can also refer to HP manual guidelines for any internal specifications. 

Having trouble in Resolving hp laserjet error 41.03.02 Reach ErrorsDoc professionals @ USA/Canada +1-866-496-0452 & UK +44 2896 002856

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