Trying to hook up my epson wf printer to my chromebook


I had a quick question,im trying to hook up my epson wf printer to my chromebook,but no luck says i have to get windows.I have there a way for the WF-2520 can connect to wifi?

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Connect Epson wf printer to Chromebook has been a bit challenging for me as well. But then I got the solution to which suggested the following steps:

  • Make sure that your Epson printer is turned ON
  • Now turn ON your Chromebook as well
  • Once both of them are ON you have to connect them to the internet
  • Grab the manual of the Chromebook if you are unaware of the process
  • Make a selection on the cloud print (appears on the corner of the screen)
  • Now select the option of “Add Device”
  • Make a selection on the option of “Register”
  • The confirmation message will be displayed on the screen after this

Congratulations, you have completed the entire process successfully now.

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