want to set up my scanner. it says no computer setup


Good morning, I have an hp office jet 4500, and I want to set the scanner to my hp computer. How can I do that.. It states no computer set up. Thank you

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Hi Diane,
To set-up the scanner and use the scanner on your hp computer, you can try some of these basic steps
Install the software and drivers of the scanner to your hp laptop, if you have not done so, you can visit support.hp.com, enter your printer model number and download the drivers from the under “Software and Drivers Download”. A restart is recommended after you have downloaded and installed the scanner drivers.
If you are still facing with the same issues, you can start by checking the network and scanner connection status and try to scan.
Run the HP Print and Scan Doctor, a free tool provided by HP to diagnose and resolve all printing and scanner issues.
Lastly, you can temporarily disable firewall software on the computer. You can use HP Print and Scan Doctor to identify and temporarily disable firewall software on your computer.
All the Best!!!

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