What is Batch Actions in QuickBooks & Why is it Not Working?

What is Batch Actions in QuickBooks & Why is it Not Working?

There can be occasions when you have to share sales forms or invoices in large numbers. Individually sending each type of document to a client can be a tedious task. Moreover, it may take long hours to get the job done. In such scenarios, you may think of a smart tool that can turn this manual process into quick work for saving your time. That is when you can use Batch Actions in QuickBooks.

This feature enables the software users to share data in bulk right through a button. This can include invoices, sales forms, and transactions. On top of that, you can print the details all at once for your customers or clients. In a few instances, however, when the Batch Actions feature stops working, you should quickly fix it. Mainly, when you use the software from your browser, you can troubleshoot it by clearing the internet problems.

What is Batch Actions in QuickBooks?

Batch Actions is a helpful feature that lets you perform certain actions all at once. For instance, you can print multiple invoices and send bulk emails to your clients. In addition, with it, you can enter batch estimates, sales receipts, and transactions in QuickBooks. Sharing the company data in bulk reduces your time and energy. As a result, you can have more time for your business or company’s other work.

Where to Find Batch Actions in QuickBooks Online?

The feature of Batch Actions can be located in the QBO account through sales transactions. You can find them in the Sales tab and then find this feature. You may also employ another method that includes expense transactions for finding Batch Actions in QuickBooks Online. You may directly move to the Expenses tab and then access it.

Method 1: Via Sales Transactions

In QuickBooks Online, sales transactions navigation can be used to bring out the Batch button. This lets you access the Batch Actions feature. You have to log in to the QBO account and open the Sales tab. Then go to the Invoices section. Now, mark multiple transactions. After this, the Batch Actions QuickBooks Online button for the feature will appear.

  • Go to the “Sales” tab on the left.
  • Switch to the “Invoices” menu of QBO.
  • You need to select those transactions that you want to send at once.
  • Once done marking the transactions, click the “Batch” drop-down option. 

Method 2: With Expense Transactions

Batch Actions in QuickBooks Online is available in the tab called Expenses. Mainly, the tab is useful for finding expense transactions. In addition, when you want to use this feature, you can find that as well through a direct button. Then you can press it and decide what you would like to do.

  • Open the “Expenses” tab given on the left.
  • Then mark all the transactions from the tab.
  • Select the “Batch Action” drop-down and choose the relevant option to use its functioning.

Why is QuickBooks Batch Actions Not Working?

When you find the QuickBooks Batch Actions not working, you may suspect your web browser. This is true when the accounting software is running via the internet. The online version requires a correctly-working internet browser. Assuming that your browser is loaded with cache and cookies, it may hinder your actions in QuickBooks Online. Hence, the feature or button for Batch Actions may not work.

How to Fix QuickBooks Batch Actions When Not Working?

When logging into the QBO account in incognito mode, should you be able to click on the Batch Action feature, then this is a direct indication that your regular browser is piled up with cache. In order to get rid of such bugs, you are required to clear the browser cache. This includes cookies, browsing history, and other site data files.

Fix 1: Run QBO in Incognito Mode

To use QB Batch Actions in the incognito mode, you can either use the browser’s main menu or key combinations. The manual navigation requires you to click on the Ellipses icon (three vertical dots) on the top right. From there, select the New Incognito Mode.

Apart from this, you can take advantage of shortcut keys. This should be noted the key combination to open the mode may vary depending on the browser you are using.

Fix 2: Clear Cache in Browser

The Batch Actions QuickBooks Online button may not function when you have cache interfering with the browser. You may delete it to remove the problem. You need to open the browser’s settings menu. From there, you can go to the Clear Browser Data section and mark the accumulated cache from the Advanced tab. This also has the option to select a specific time period. With this function, you can decide if you want to remove the browser’s cache for the last hour, 24 hours, 7 days, 4 weeks, or all time.

Note: These instructions are specifically for Google Chrome users. Hence, the steps may vary for other web browsers.

  • Open “Google Chrome” and click the “Ellipses” icon on the top right.
  • Select the “Settings” menu.
  • On the left, you will see some options. Choose “Security & Privacy” from here.
  • Select “Clear Browser Data”.
  • Then, mark the options from the “Basic” and “Advanced” tabs such as browsing history, cookies, downloaded history, cached images & files, and others.
  • Right from the same section, select the “All Time” drop-down. Pick the time period too. This will clear the data for the selected time range.
  • Now, hit the “Clear Data” button.

As you clear the cache in your internet browser, you can close all the windows. Restart the system if possible. After that, launch the browser and log in to QBO again. This time its Batch Action button/feature should function properly.

Final Verdict

The Intuit accounting platform has smart features to make your task easier than ever. Batch Action is one of them. This particular function is helpful in batch document sharing. With this post, you will know where to find it. Thus, you can start using it. In case you find any trouble using this option, make sure you troubleshoot the browser to avoid conflicts.