How to Find QuickBooks License Number and Product Number?

How to Find QuickBooks License Number and Product Number?

The License Number in QB can be important for installation. After this, when you have to activate the service, you will require the Product Number. Even when you are not installing or activating the software for the first time, you may require these codes when you reinstall it. In some instances, you may not remember the information or may have lost it. 

How to find the QuickBooks License Number and Product Key can be a concern in these instances. You can use tools such as CAMPS for quickly locating them. In QuickBooks Desktop, both keys can be found using buttons like F2 and features such as the Registry.

What are QuickBooks License and Product Numbers?

For certain versions of the software like QuickBooks Desktop, you can see a License Number. This is the software’s unique code or key. It indicates that the program is original. Usually, the code is given to you on purchasing it from a reliable source. You are required to enter it during the installation procedure. In addition, even when you reinstall QB, the key has to be provided. 

A Product Number/key can be as important as the License one. On receiving it, you are given the license to use the Intuit product. Also, for the successful activation of QuickBooks/QBDT, entering this number is significant

Where to Find My License Number in QuickBooks?

Users may utilize the installation CD for finding the License and Product Keys. Some of them may get this information through the Customer Account Management Portal by logging in to it. Intuit has also established a tool called QuickBooks License Lookup. You can enter the email ID for QuickBooks, to find the License Number as well as the other key through it.

Method 1: Using CAMPS 

CAMPS is a portal that comes with a dashboard. For the maintenance of your account, it helps you find product details including the keys. Additionally Called Customer Account Management Portal, you can run its official website. Please view Products & Services on the dashboard. Here, you can choose the accounting software. Then you can find the QuickBooks License and Product keys in the area.

  • Please find the site for “Customer Account Management Portal”.
  • Sign in when you are asked to.
  • Find the list for “Products & Services”.
  • Choose “QuickBooks” from this list.
  • Then click on “Details”.

In these details, you can see the codes. Securely save them for use later.

Method 2: Through Installation Disc

QuickBooks can be installed on a system when it has been stored on a CD. Such a disc can be obtained from an authentic store or be received via Intuit’s online service. To explain how to find the License and Product Number for QuickBooks via it, you can reinstall the software. When you insert the installation disc, the option of doing so should be found. In the process of reinstallation, these numbers will be revealed to you.

  • Insert the QuickBooks installation disc on your system.
  • Choose the “Reinstall QuickBooks” option.
  • When the following window emerges, please get the codes:
    • “License and Product Number”

The software should begin to auto-reinstall on the computer/laptop when you continue using the CD. Enter the numbers to activate the software later.

Method 3: In License Lookup Tool

The License Lookup Tool is mainly to locate the License code. It works from its main web page. Basic information such as your associated electronic mail address has to be included in the Intuit QB tool. Within a short while, you will have finished finding the code. 

Note: You may save it somewhere on the hard drive. In the future, when you need the information again, you can find the QuickBooks License Number on your hard drive as well.

  • Use the internet for finding “QuickBooks License Lookup Tool”.
  • Add your email ID to the tool. Confirm that this is the same address you used for purchasing the accounting software.
  • Based on the information, QB will find the License Key.

To get the Product code afterward, you may contact the support team of the software. You may either call or connect on chat. Request it for the code as per the information you provide. Documents including the purchase proof can be asked for when you connect.

How to Find QuickBooks Desktop License Number and Product Code?

Both Product and License codes are software-related details. Therefore, you can find them in Product Information by pressing F2 in QuickBooks Desktop. This information can also be found online with the packaging/envelope of the software’s purchase. You can attempt to find the QuickBooks Desktop license number via the Registry as well. Along with this, when you are using its version like QBDT for Mac as well as Basic and Payroll Enhance, you can find the keys within the software.

Method 1: With the F2 Key

A user can instantly learn how to find the QuickBooks License Number using Product Information. This window is reachable when you press F2. This key can also show the Product Number. For saving both of them, you may use a program on the computer itself.

  • When the software starts running, you can tap on “F2”.
  • A screen should load. It should display “Product Information”. This will include:
    • “Product Number”
    • “License Number”

Tip: In certain instances, the keys “Ctrl” and “1”, when pushed together, can land you on this window.

  • Please note the information and save it in a file.

Note: For locating the codes in QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Enterprise, and Premier as well, this method can be available for use.

Method 2: Via Confirmation Mail/Packaging

To purchase this software, you can either go to the official website or a store. When the former option has been selected, the user can find the QuickBooks License and Product Numbers for the Desktop version in the email that confirms the purchase. On visiting a store and buying it, you need to check the packaging. It should mention this essential information. For easily locating it, please check the UPC Code. Besides that, these numbers should be placed.

Some of you may receive a CD with the purchase. A bright sticker on the disc’s envelope should show information including the keys that you are looking for. 

Method 3: From the Manage Your Account Option

In QBDT, a tab called Company is present. On opening it, you can come to Manage Your Account. Essential codes for using the software can be located on its screen. This option can be available on several versions of QuickBooks Desktop. You may try opening it on them as well to obtain the Product/License code.

  • In the Desktop version of QuickBooks, to find the License Number/Product Code, please visit the tab that says “Company”.
  • A dropdown can be seen. Tap on it for choosing “My Company”.
  • Hit “Manage Your Account”.
  • From the next screen, the codes relating to both Product and License can be noted.

Method 4: Use Registry

To store some types of information, QBDT uses Registry. This information can include important codes or keys for the software’s activation or proper functioning. You can find the QuickBooks License Number in Registry on the Desktop version by first pressing F2 and then F3. Via Tech Help, you can run its QBRegistration.dat file. 

  • Hit “F2” on opening “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Tap the key “F3” when “Product Registration” opens.
  • Navigate to “Tech Help”.
  • You need to choose “Open File”.
  • Press “QBRegistration.dat” from all the files.
  • Let the file auto-open. Or, you may opt for “Notepad” to run it. You can find it in “List of Programs”, followed by pressing “Ok”.
  • You need to hit these keys in a go:
    • “Ctrl” and “F”
  • In “Search”, please insert “License Number”.
  • Push “Find” and wait for highlights.
  • The highlighted portion should show the number or code in the registry.

After this, you can receive the QuickBooks Desktop Product Number. You may use the Contact Us option in the software. It will connect you with the support service. On your request, it can assist you in finding this number.

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Method 5: For Desktop’s Basic and Enhanced Payroll Versions

Basic, as well as Enhanced Payroll, are QuickBooks Desktop versions used by certain professionals. On both, you can enter the Payroll Center. This is possible through their Employees menu. The details of the subscription are given in it. How to find your QuickBooks License Number, along with the Product key, on Desktop can be initiated via these details.

  • See “Employees” on running “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Go to “Payroll Center”.
  • Tap on the “Payroll” option.
  • Then view “Subscription Statuses”. The Product and License Numbers should be given here. 

Method 6: On QBDT for Mac

When you are a user of the QuickBooks Desktop for Mac, it is suggested to check Product Information. On this menu, this information, including several other details, is available. You may not have to separately store it. On losing or needing it again, you can check the menu again to find the numbers.

  • Click on “Help”.
  • From the menu, you need to choose “Product Information”.
  • You can find the “License Number” for QuickBooks Desktop for Mac on this screen. The “Product” key can also be located on the same.

In Short

For several reasons, you may need the Product and License codes. Whether you have forgotten, lost, or are accessing them for the first time, the software features several ways to find the codes. As per the information or material you have, you can quickly find the information and put it to use.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is the purpose of having a QuickBooks Product and License number?

The product and license number in QB tell about the details of this software. These details can include when you purchased QuickBooks, the version of this software, billing details, and more. The number is essentially required when you are activating, installing, or reinstalling the accounting software as you need to enter it during the process.

Where can I Find the QuickBooks Product and License key?

As you go through the settings of this software, you will find a section that says “Account and Settings”. Here, you have to see “Billing & Subscription”. This is the section where the product and license number key of QuickBooks are available.

How to find QuickBooks license number on Mac?

On Mac, QuickBooks Desktop is commonly used. To see the license number or even the product number in QBDT for Mac, you can tap on the “F2” tab after you run the software. This tab will display “Product Information”. The number can be checked from here.

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