Troubleshooting QuickBooks Script Error with Multiple Fixes

Troubleshooting QuickBooks Script Error with Multiple Fixes

While using QuickBooks, if the script error keeps coming up, then you need to troubleshoot it for keeping your work unaffected. The main cause of this problem relates to Internet Explorer issues. However, there can be numerous other causes too which can lead to this error. The purpose of this blog is to excellently educate you about the QuickBooks script error and fix it. We will be giving you multiple fixes to get rid of this error while using the QB software on your system. These fixes include removing the SSL Certificates from the Explorer, resetting your browser, reinstalling the system plugins, and a lot more.

The following will be read in-depth in this blog:

What is the QuickBooks Script Error?

The script error on the QB software usually indicates that it is resulting because of Internet Explorer. Users will find it helpful to know that this software uses the settings of Internet Explorer for connecting with your internet connection. When you are trying to open a certain web page via QuickBooks, it may not load as a result of certain problems. In such an instance, you may find a message stating that there is a problem in that web page’s script. This message gets generated as a result of the QB script error. 

Why Do I See the Script Error When Opening QuickBooks?

A list of the causes of the QB script error while opening or using the software can be cited below. 

1. You may be trying to import a certain dealing with a non-existing account.

2. In an instance wherein you are trying to import an invoice or a bill with a specific account, you can find this error. This error will arise when the account is not matching with the due accounts or the assets which are available.

3. If an account name or number is already existing, the script error in QB can emerge.

4. The error may be coming up while accessing a particular website.

5. Your system may have been affected by malware. Thus, this error may be showing up.

6. Missing/damaged Active X components can be the next cause of the problem.

7. The processing functions of the script may have been blocked or turned off.

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How Do I Fix a Script Error in QuickBooks?

After understanding the QB script error and its causes, we should focus on troubleshooting it. Therefore, in the following parts of the blog, we will show you how to fix the script error in QuickBooks in 13 ways. These fixes have been defined based on the causes of the script error. So, as per the cause, you can pick the ideal fix for resolving the problem.

Fix 1: Remove the Script Error Notifications via the Tools Option

While you are importing a file, you may come across the script error in QB. By removing the notifications of this error, you can try getting rid of this error. To remove the notifications of this error, you can open Tools via Internet Explorer. Then from the Advanced tab, you can clear them. Along with the notifications, the script error will also get cleared.

1. Initiate this fix by opening the “Internet Explorer” on your system.

2. Tap on the option of “Tools”.

Note for Readers: In case you cannot find “Tools”, you can tap “Alt” on your keyboard. Doing so will present the options of the hidden menu. Then you can select Tools.

3. Click on “Internet Options”.

4. Then switch to the tab titled “Advanced”.

5. On your display, if you are able to see any notification with respect to the script error, you can clear it.

6. Then press “Ok”.

Followed by these steps, you can run the QuickBooks software. The script error on QuickBooks should not be appearing any longer.

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Fix 2: Use Compatibility View to Open Internet Explorer

“I am seeing the script error when opening QuickBooks. How should I troubleshoot this problem?”

When you see this problem right when you open the QB software, you can open the Explorer by using the Compatibility View. For accessing the settings of the Compatibility View, you can launch Internet Explorer and then head to its Settings. 

If you are not able to find the Compatibility View settings, you can go through the following 7 steps. Using these 7 steps, you will be able to find the settings for it. 

1. Click twice on the icon of the “Internet Explorer” for opening it.

2. When the Explorer opens, tap on the “Settings”.

3. Then pick “Tools”.

4. Click on the “Compatibility View Settings”.

5. The window of “Compatibility View” has to be opened now.

6. Tick the checkbox for “Display All Websites in Compatibility View” for selecting it.

7. Now, tap on “Close” for saving all the changes you have made.

As you complete the seventh step, you can use the Compatibility View to launch the Explorer. Then you can start using the QB software without getting bothered by the script error.

Fix 3: Remove Internet Explorer’s SSL Certificates 

It is time to find out how to fix the script error in QuickBooks by clearing the SSL certificates. The option to remove these certificates can be found in the Content tab. Via the Gear icon in the Explorer, you can rush to the Internet Options where you will find this tab. 

In case you require more clarity for clearing the SSL certificates, we will suggest that you read these 6 steps.

1. Head to the “Internet Explorer”.

2. Press the icon of “Gear”.

3. Tap on the “Internet Options”.

4. Click on “Content”. You can find this tab at the top.

5. Then press the button for “Clear SSL State”.

6. Now, you are required to save all these changes. Press “Ok” to do so.

After the SSL certificates have been cleared, you can try using QuickBooks and open a web page through it. Hopefully, no error should be experienced while you open the web page. 

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Fix 4: Disable the Script Error Notification

Sometimes it is possible that the script error may have been cleared but the notification for the same may be appearing or affecting your work. You can turn off the notification for the script error and the problem should get resolved. You can attempt to clear the notification by opening Tools from the Explorer. After selecting the Internet Options and Advanced, you will have the option to turn off the script error notification. 

1. Ensure that the “Internet Explorer” has been opened.

2. Tap on “Tools”.

3. Pick “Internet Options”.

4. Click on “Advanced”.

5. Deselect the option “Display a Notification About Every Script Error”.

6. Tap on “Ok” and the settings will get saved.

The QuickBooks Internet Explorer script error will stop appearing on your system when the notification for the same has been turned off. 

Fix 5: Try Resetting Internet Explorer

This QuickBooks script error removal fix will show you the steps for resetting Internet Explorer. You will have to enter the menu of Tools for this purpose. After you reset the browser to its default state, the script error will get prevented on your system. You can smoothly use the QuickBooks software now.

1. Enter the “Tools” menu of the “Internet Explorer”.

2. Then choose the “Internet Options”.

3. Visit the tab named “Advanced”.

4. Select “Reset to Default”.

how to fix script error in quickbooks

That will be all. In a short while, Internet Explorer will get reset to its default state. 

Fix 6: Install the Plugins Again on Your Computer

The script error can be seen on your system if there is any problem with the plugins. A smart thing to do will be to remove this cause by reinstalling the plugins on your PC. These plugins are situated in the Control Panel. Below, you can go through the instructions for uninstalling and reinstalling the plugins.

1. On your keyboard, press the “Windows” key.

2. In the “Start Menu”, look for “Control Panel” and open it.

3. Find every plugin in the “Control Panel” and uninstall it.

4. Then reinstall each of the plugins you had removed in the third step.

After the plugins get completely reinstalled, you can open the QB software. Surely, the QuickBooks script error on startup should not surface now.

Fix 7: Remove Cache and Cookies of Internet Explorer

The QB script error can emerge when you are trying to export certain files. You can prefer to do away with the cache and cookies of Internet Explorer. For removing them, the Tools option will come in handy. You can select it and then tap on Safety. Then you can clear your browsing history. 

To know more steps which you need to execute, you can read further.

1. Begin with checking that “Internet Explorer” in your system is of the “32-bit version”.

2. After checking the version, press the “Tools” button. You will find this button in the right corner of “Internet Explorer”.

3. Click on “Safety”.

4. Then select the option to delete your browsing history.

5. Choose the checkbox for the cookies as well as the website data.

6. Now, press “Delete”.

7. In the seventh step, you can exit the “Internet Explorer”.

8. Then open the “Internet Explorer” again.

9. Return to the “QuickBooks Online” software.

10. Now, start exporting your files. Hopefully, the script error will not affect the exporting procedure this time.

Fix 8: Add * in Internet Explorer as a Trusted Site

Certain users have shared that they have been seeing the QuickBooks script error on startup. This may be happening if * has not been included as a trusted site. You can include it as a trusted site from the Settings of the Explorer. You can go to the Security tab to find the section of the Trusted Sites. You can include the site of Intuit here. 

Let us now go through the 11 steps of this fix to perform it in the right manner.

1. Turn on your system and then click on “Internet Explorer” to open it.

2. Click on the “Settings” of “Internet Explorer”.

3. Then rush to the “Security” tab.

4. Visit the section of the “Trusted Sites”.

5. Now, “*” has to be added in the section of the “Trusted Sites”.

6. Next, you can return to the window of the “Trusted Sites”.

7. Ensure that the option of “Require server verification (https:)” has not been checked. In case it has been checked, then make the necessary changes to the option.

8. Leave the window of the “Trusted Sites”.

9. Deselect “Enable Protected Mode”.

10. Also, leave the “Internet Explorer”.

11. Launch “QuickBooks Desktop”.

After launching the QuickBooks Desktop software again, you should not find the script error. On the off chance that you are still able to find this error, you can try performing the fix given below. 

Fix 9: Disable Internet Explorer’s Add-ons

In this fix, you can learn to turn off or stop the add-ons of Internet Explorer. This is one of the best workarounds for resolving the script error on QB. These add-ons can be turned off from the Tools option of the Explorer. In the Internet Options, you can click on Programs and then select the Manage Add-ons option. You can easily turn them off now. 

1. Tap on the icon of the “Internet Explorer” to launch it.

2. Choose “Tools”.

3. Then opt for the “Internet Options”.

4. Visit the tab titled “Programs”. 

5. Then tap on the “Manage Add-ons” option.

6. Tap on the add-on and then press “Disable” for turning it off. You can find this button at the bottom of your screen.

7. Now, hit “Ok”.

8. As the final step of this fix, quit the “Internet Explorer”.

As per certain users, disabling the add-ons helped them in skipping the QuickBooks help script error. We believe that after turning off the add-ons on your system as well, you will be able to skip this error.

Fix 10: Make Internet Explorer Your Default Browser

Internet Explorer may not have been set as your browser by default. So, when you try accessing a web page through QuickBooks, it may not open. To remove this cause from the root, you can make it your default browser. This can be done right from the Settings of this browser. From the tab of Programs, you can make the necessary changes. 

Below, you can check out the complete steps for how to fix the script error when accessing QuickBooks.

1. Click on the “Internet Explorer” for launching it.

2. Open the Explorer’s “Settings”.

3. Via the “Settings”, visit the tab named “Programs”.

4. Then tap on “Make Default”.

quickbooks help script error

5. Select the option “Tell Me if Internet Explorer is Not the Default Web Browser”.

Now, Internet Explorer will get set as your internet browser by default. We will advise that you check whether this fix has been successful for you. For checking the same, you can use the QB software for a while. If the script error does not get displayed, then this fix has surely settled it.

Fix 11: Include URL in Error Message to QB Restricted Websites List

Some of you may be getting the error message “QuickBooks Script Error CDN Optimizely”. In the QB software, you can go to the list of the restricted websites and then add the URL to it. You will be required to open the Help tab and then opt for the Internet Connection Setup option. In Security in the Advanced Connection Settings, you will find the list where you can add the URL to the restricted sites.

1. See to it that the QB software is open on your system.

2. Go to the “Help” tab.

3. Select “Internet Connection Setup”.

4. Then hit the “Next” button.

5. Select “Advanced Connection Settings”.

6. Head to the tab of “Security”.

7. Then choose the option of “Restricted Sites”.

8. Tap on “Sites”.

9. You need to copy the “URL” which is getting displayed in the message. Then paste it.

10. Press the “Add” button.

11. Then click on “Close”.

12. The twelfth step is to press “Ok”.

13. Finally, you can click on “Done”.

Fix 12: Turn off Internet Explorer’s Script Debugging

In case you are ending up with the script error on QB too often, you should consider turning off the script debugging options of Internet Explorer. The options to turn them off will be located in the Internet Options of this browser. 

Now, you can go through the set of 7 steps given here for executing this fix.

1. Enter “Internet Explorer”.

2. Visit “Tools” in the second step.

3. Pick the option of “Internet Options”.

4. Access the tab named “Advanced”.

5. Tick the option “Disable Script Debugging Internet Explorer”.

6. Also, tick “Script Debugging Others”.

7. The last step is to click on “Ok”.

Fix 13: Implement the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

The last fix for the script error when opening QuickBooks includes the implementation of the File Doctor tool. You can download and install the QuickBooks File Doctor tool on your PC. Follow the guide if your QB File Doctor Crashes. Then you can start running it to troubleshoot the problem.


The script error on QB can occur when something is not right with the Internet Explorer. Additionally, problems like bugs in your system, blocked processing functions of the script, and issues while running the import or export processes can result in the error. Considering the different causes of the problem, we defined multiples fixes in this blog. We hope that by now this problem has been cleared and you are able to smoothly use the QuickBooks software. 

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