How Do You Change Where QuickBooks Saves Company Files by Default?

How Do You Change Where QuickBooks Saves Company Files by Default?

There is a default location used by QuickBooks for storing its company files. Such files are made by most of the users for doing their work and safely keeping their company’s information. When there is a need to change where QuickBooks saves company files, the user is required to first visit the location by default. This location can either be the QuickBooks folder in the Windows Control Panel or the C: Drive. After visiting it, you can identify the QuickBooks company files with the “.qbw” extension. You can select them and change their directory path. 

While this is an overview of the complete method to change where the QB files are located, we have elaborated more on it in the following sections.

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How to Change Where QuickBooks Saves Company File?

For changing the location of the QuickBooks company files, you need to know where they are located. By default, these files may be located in the QuickBooks folder or C: Drive. The default location of QB company files may also depend on the accounting software’s version. Once the location has been known, its directory path can be found. Then changes can be made to this path. You can also visit the folder where the company files of QB are present. Then you can copy the file and paste it into the desired location.

These methods have been elaborated in the following sections. By going through them, you can change where QuickBooks saves its company files.

Method 1: Copy and Paste Company File to New Location

When company files are created in QuickBooks, they are usually stored in a particular location. For some reason, not every user of the software may agree to the location. Depending on certain purposes, the user may want to change the location of these company files. Here, we have shown a method to change where QuickBooks saves company files.

You can start by finding out where the company files of QB are located on your PC. Then you can copy the files from this location. A new location can be decided for pasting the copied company file. After this, the new location will have to be opened via QuickBooks. Then from that location, the company files can be opened. In doing so, the Open or Restore an Existing Company option will prove to be very useful.

  • On your system, find the location of your “QuickBooks Company Files”.
  • In this location, pick one file. Right-click on it. Then press “Copy”.

Tip: To be sure that the company file selected is of QuickBooks, look for a green icon. The icon will be present before this file’s name. Also, check that “.qbw” has been used as this file’s extension.

  • Visit a new location. This location may be “Desktop” or a folder.
  • The company file needs to be pasted in this location.
  • Now, launch the “QB” program.
  • Select “Open or Restore an Existing Company”.
  • Choose “Open a Company File”.
  • Press “Next”.
  • In the emerging window, find your file.
  • Ensure that the file you have found carries a green icon.
  • Also, check that the file’s extension is the same as “.qbw”.
  • Highlight the file after finding it.
  • Press “Open”.

The file will get opened. Also, the location of this file will have been changed. In this method, we explained how you can change a QuickBooks company file’s location. When you have multiple files, you can execute the steps given above again for changing their location as well. 

Method 2: Change Company File’s location from C: Drive

Certain versions of QuickBooks may store the company files in the C: Drive. The selection of the location may also depend on the version of your system’s operating system. So, when the company files get stored in the C: Drive, their location can be changed by running the Control Panel. Pick the option of Appearance and Personalization and head to Folder Options. Select view and ensure that the hidden files, drives, and folders get enabled for seeing. Following certain instructions, you can move to the folder of Company Files in the QB folder. After this, the location of the QB company files can be changed as per your preference.

The following steps to change where QuickBooks saves company files can also be read:

  • Press “Start” on Windows.
  • Write “Control Panel”.
  • Choose “Control Panel” from the results to open it.
  • Select “Appearance and Personalization”.
  • Pick “Folder Options”.
  • Tap on “View”.
  • Click on the option that says “Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives”.
  • Press “Ok” for seeing the hidden files.
  • Again go to “Start Menu”.
  • Open “Computer”.
  • Select the icon of “C:”.
  • Visit the folder of “Users”.
  • Click on the “Public” option.
  • Now, opt for “Documents”.
  • Click on the folder of “Intuit”.
  • Go to the “QuickBooks” folder.
  • You will see the folder with the name “Company Files”.
  • Look for the files that have “.qbw” as their extension.
  • Click on one of the files with the “.qbw” extension.
  • Enter “Directory Path” for the file in case it is needed in the future.
  • Now, open “Control Panel” as described above.
  • Opt for “Appearance and Personalization”.
  • Select “Folder Options” and click on the “View” option.
  • Below “Advanced”, choose “Do Not Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives”.
  • Press “Ok” and then check the changes.

Method 3: Change Location of Company Files within QB

QuickBooks can store the company files within its folder. By accessing this folder, you can find your files. Then the files can be moved to any suitable location. To launch the QuickBooks folder, you can rush to All Programs. In the folder, you have to select your files and then visit Product Information. The window for it can be opened by pressing the Ctrl and 1 keys in a combination. The information of the file will show a directory path. You can enter another directory path for changing the company file’s location.

  • From “Start”, you have to visit “All Programs”.
  • Click on the “QuickBooks” folder.
  • Select your company file when the “Start-up” screen of the software appears.
  • Press the keys mentioned below:
    • “Ctrl” key + “1” key
    • This will help you in visiting “Product Information”.
  • You have to check “File Information”.
  • The directory path for your company file with the “.qbw” extension will be given. Change it.
  • Now, exit the accounting software.

As you enter the directory path, you will be able to change your QuickBooks company file’s location. After doing so, it may not be present in the folder of QuickBooks.

Method 4: Changing QB Company File’s Default Location on Windows

To change QuickBooks default company file location on your Windows computer, you can first head to the Control Panel. Here, you will see an option that says Appearance and Personalization. Select this option and then you have to tap on the Folder Options. Following this, you have to press View. See to it that the Show Hidden Files, Drives, and Folders option is selected. You can find it below the Advanced settings. After this, you can find the .qbw company files of QuickBooks and make changes to their default location.

Let us now look at the step-by-step approach to this method and change the QB company file’s default location:

  • First, you have to visit “Start Menu”.
  • Open “Control Panel” from the menu.
  • Click on “Appearance and Personalization”.
  • Tap on “Folder Options”.
  • Opt for “View”.
  • Visit “Advanced” settings.
  • Select the option mentioned as follows:
    • “Show Hidden Files, Drives, and Folders”
  • Hit the “Ok” tab. Now, the hidden files can be viewed by you on Windows.
  • Press “Start”.
  • Write “.qbw” in “Search”.
  • From the results, click on the file having the “.qbw” extension.
  • An option will be given for writing the directory path for the selected file. Use this option and initiate the changes.
  • Head to “Control Panel”.
  • From “Appearance and Personalization”, go to “Folder Options”.
  • Using “View”, the “Advanced” settings can be opened.
  • Deselect “Show Hidden Files, Drives, and Folders”.
  • Now, tap on “Ok” for confirming the changes.

Considering the Above,

A location by default is generally used by QuickBooks for keeping the company files. This location may not be convenient for every user of the accounting software. There can also be other reasons due to which the default location may not be preferred by them. Considering various such reasons, we outlined 4 methods in this reading. These methods aimed at changing the default location where the software saves the company files. After reading them, you will find no difficulties in changing the location of any of your company files. Should you need more help regarding this, connect with us through the following comment section.

Apart from reading how the location of the company files can be changed, you should also know how to update them. Here is another reading on the methods to update QuickBooks company files. Click here to read.

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