How to Fix Error 61 on QuickBooks in Simple Ways?

How to Fix Error 61 on QuickBooks in Simple Ways?

Sometimes the company file of QuickBooks can become damaged on your system. At other times, this file can also become corrupted. In such an instance, you can find the error 61 on QuickBooks. In addition to a damaged or corrupted QuickBooks company file, there can be numerous reasons which can cause this QuickBooks Desktop error code 61 on your system. 

Several users have reported that this QB error code prevents them from using the software. As a result of this, their work gets affected. Do you fear that the same can happen to you as well? Reading this blog can save your work. Let us find out more causes of this Intuit QuickBooks rebuild error 61 and in how many ways you can fix it.

In this blog, we will present to you the causes and fixes of the error code 61 on the QuickBooks software. In addition, you can explore a lot more in this blog. Here is a glimpse of everything we will be reading.

What are the Possible Causes of the Error 61 in QuickBooks?

Let’s get familiar with the causes of the error code 61 on Intuit QuickBooks. Here, we have listed as many as five causes of this problem. By knowing these causes, you can not only understand why this error is occurring but also get a chance to prevent it.

1. If you have been provided with a new account number or credit card by your bank, then you may get bothered by this Intuit QuickBooks error.

2. As has been observed in several cases, a corrupted/damaged company file of QuickBooks is the number one cause of this error code.

3. Any problems with the “.ND” file or “.TLG” file can result in the error 61 in QuickBooks.

4. The presence of a virus or malware can also make way for this error.

5. If a certain registry page or crucial framework goes missing, then this error code may affect your system.

How to Troubleshoot the QuickBooks Error 61?

Often when you find the message “QuickBooks Error 61 Verify Account Balance Failed”, you may have no clue as to how you can resolve it. You can explore with us 7 measures to resolve the error 61 on the QB Software. These measures include the use of certain tools as well. The instructions for using these tools to mend the errors and other fixes have been mentioned in this blog.

Fix 1: Utilize the Re-image Repair Tool on Your Computer

On the off chance that you are seeing the message “QuickBooks Error 61 Verify Account Balance Failed” on your PC, you should get the Re-image Repair Tool. Multiple users of QuickBooks have used this tool for getting rid of this problem. We are hopeful that this tool will work like a charm on your computer as well.

The Re-image Repair Tool of QuickBooks can be downloaded from Intuit’s website. After installing and running it, you can clean your computer using the tool. In addition, you can mend the damaged files via it. 

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1. Visit the official website of “Intuit” in the first step.

2. From the website, the “QuickBooks Re-image Repair Tool” has to be downloaded.

3. Attempt the installation of the tool and then start running it.

4. The “QuickBooks Re-image Repair Tool” will take a moment to clean your computer. You can wait till the cleaning process is running.

5. Now, on your system, you will see the files which are damaged.

6. Tap the “Start Repair” option for repairing these damages.

7. Wait till the damaged files get repaired.

8. Then start your computer again

9. The closing step of this fix is to check for the presence of the error 61 in QB on your system.

Fix 2: Update Your Company File

An updated company file is an amazing way to prevent the error 61 on the QB software. To update it, you can select Open or Restore Company via the File menu. Then click on Open Company File and tap Next. Browse your data file and press Open for accessing it. Now, you will see Update Now. Click on this option to update it.

Would you like to know this method to update the company file of QuickBooks step by step? If so, then please read these 8 steps.

1. Tap the option of “Open or Restore Company”. This option is located in the menu of “File”.

2. Click on “Open Company File”.

3. To continue, press “Next”.

4. The data file has to be searched for in this step.

5. After the data file has been found, press “Open”.

6. Now, the option of “Update Now” will be visible. Select it.

7. A set of instructions will be shown on your computer. You have to execute every instruction one by one.

8. Prepare a copy of the backup. See to it that the copy is kept in the company file’s folder.

As you follow these instructions in the correct order, you will be able to update the company file. Any bugs due to the lack of updates will not be able to affect your system with the QuickBooks error 61.

Fix 3: Install the Updates for QuickBooks Desktop on Your Computer

Based on our research to fix the QB error code 61, we can tell you that updating the QuickBooks Desktop is among the top solutions for it. Therefore, we have outlined the procedure to install the updates for this software. 

You would have often seen the Help menu of the QuickBooks Desktop. You can open this menu and then select the Update QuickBooks option. You can tap on Update Now and then select the updates you want. You can tap on Get Updates and then continue with the installation. 

1. Open “QuickBooks Desktop” on your computer.

2. Click on the “Help” menu.

3. Thirdly, locate the option of “Update QuickBooks”. Then click on it.

4. Now, select “Update Now”.

5. Select the updates you want to download and then press the “Get Updates” button.

6. Next, you can exit “QuickBooks Desktop”.

7. Open “QuickBooks Desktop” once again.

8. As you reopen “QuickBooks Desktop”, you will receive a prompt for installing the updates for the software.

9. Press the “Install” button.  Alternatively, you can click on “Yes”.

10. The “Update Wizard” will be visible on your system. Follow the prompts given by the wizard to continue with the installation.

11. After the installation finishes, you can reboot your computer.

This fix taught you to install the updates for the QuickBooks Desktop software. Once the updates have been installed for it and your computer has been rebooted, you can check whether the error code 61 is persisting.

Fix 4: Repair and Troubleshoot Windows Microsoft .NET Framework

Let us go through the procedure for fixing the error 61 on QuickBooks by repairing the Windows Microsoft .NET Framework. As a part of this procedure, you can quit all the applications you are using on your computer. Then open the Control Panel. Located under the section Uninstall a Program, select the option to Turn Windows Features on or off. Next, select .NET Framework 3.5 and reboot your Windows computer. 

1. Check if any applications are running on your computer. If they are running, then exit them one by one.

2. Press the “Windows” key on your keyboard.

3. From the “Start Menu”, open the “Control Panel”.

4. Visit the section named “Uninstall a Program”.

5. Tap on “Turn Windows Features on or off”.

6. You will find a checkbox next to “.NET Framework 3.5”. Select it.

Note for Readers: While executing the sixth step, if you find that the checkbox for “.NET Framework 3.5” has already been chosen, then you can remove the check from it. Then select it again.

7. Your PC will be rebooted now. Prior to rebooting it, you will be asked to provide the confirmation. Press “Yes” to confirm.

8. When the rebooting process is over, you can open the QB software again. 

9. Now, verify whether the QuickBooks rebuild error 61 has been fixed.

Pro Tip: As an alternative to the steps given above, you can choose to download the “Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool”. As you install and run this tool, the issues with the Microsoft .NET Framework will get fixed. 

Fix 5: Utilize the Rebuild Data of QuickBooks

In the first fix for troubleshooting the QuickBooks Rebuild error 61, we will be using the Rebuild Data option. To check out this option, you can locate the File menu and then click on it. Then pick the Utilities option to continue. Now, you will be able to see the Rebuild Data option. Then you can make a backup of the company file and hit Ok. In case QuickBooks isn’t giving a response, you can wait. Then after a while, you can press Ok when Rebuild gets over. 

1. Click on the “File” menu.

2. Now, tap on the “Utilities” option.

3. Then select “Rebuild Data”.

4. You may receive a notification for making a backup of the QuickBooks company file. Press “Ok” when you receive it.

5. Now, wait for a moment. On your screen, you will receive a message saying that “QuickBooks is Not Responding”.

6. Then tap on “Ok” when you receive a message on your screen stating that “Rebuild has Completed”.

Each one of you, who had been coming across the error 61 on the QB software while managing the data of the company, should not experience the same problem now. 

Fix 6: Make a New Account and Merge it with the Old Damaged Account

An easy fix for the error 61 in QuickBooks requires you to make a new account. Then you can merge it with the old account which has become damaged. To make a new account, you can select the Chart of Accounts from Lists in the Menu Bar. Then select View and Re-sort List. After this, you can do the company file’s verification. Afterwards, you can check that the error code 61 has been removed from your computer. 

1. Turn on your system and open the “QuickBooks Desktop”.

2. On its “Menu Bar”, look for “Lists”. Then tap on this option.

3. Under “Lists”, select the “Chart of Accounts”.

4. Tap on “View”.

5. In the fifth step, click on the “Re-sort List” option.

6. Now, you need to do the verification of the company file. 

7. Then check for the QuickBooks error 61 on your PC. If the error is emerging even now, then move to the next step.

8. Prepare your new account. Then merge the damaged account with the new one.

9. Then restart your computer. 

10. Launch the company file for verifying it one more time. 

Fix 7: Manually Repair QuickBooks on Your PC

At times, you may be bothered by the message “QuickBooks is Not Responding” or “QuickBooks Error 61 Verify Account Balance Failed”. To stop getting bothered by this message, you can opt for manually repairing QuickBooks. For initiating the manual approach, you select File by opening this software. Via Utility, you can pick the option Rebuild Data. Then verify the data by selecting the option for it from Utility. Now, if the error message appears, you can tap on Ok and start your PC once again. 

1. Open “QuickBooks” and click on “File”.

2. Tap on the “Utility” option.

3. Under “Utility”, select “Rebuild Data”.

4. The fourth step requires you to select “Verify Data”. This option will be present under “Utility”.

5. You may receive a message stating that “QuickBooks is Not Responding”. Press “Ok” when this message is received. 

6. Restarting your computer is the last step of this solution. 

Afterwards, you can launch the software again to check for the error message.

Summing up the Above

The error code 61 on QB can be seen when your company file has been affected by some damages. Problems with the Windows Microsoft .NET Framework can also result in this error code. Using tools like the Re-image Repair Tool and by installing the updates, you can expect this problem to stop appearing while you use the QuickBooks software. 

The users of QuickBooks usually find the error 61 on their systems. In addition to this, they can also find their systems affected by the QuickBooks error 6176 and QuickBooks error H202. Would you like to know the possible fixes for removing these error codes? If so, tap here to go through these readings. 

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