How to Setup Email in QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks 2012, 2013 and 2015?

When emails are directly sent through QuickBooks, a lot of your time gets saved. As soon as you setup your email account on QuickBooks, you can enjoy several benefits. These include the benefit of directly sending the invoices via emails. Additionally, from estimates to payment reminders, you can send everything via emails once you setup email in QuickBooks.

If setting up your and add an account on the QuickBooks software is something you have no knowledge of, then we’ll be pleased to guide you. The purpose of this blog is to teach you how to setup email in QuickBooks by following several methods. These methods can also be used for setting up the email service on QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks 2012, 2013, and 2015. Here, you can also explore the methods to setup QuickBooks email service for Gmail and Yahoo.

This post will present you with 7 methods for setting up your email account on the QuickBooks software. Let’s check out what every method is about. 


Before you begin with the methods to do the email setup in QuickBooks, as well as the different versions of this software, see to it that you have the following:

1. One email address from a service provider

2. The username as well as the password of the email

3. Outgoing and incoming email settings

Important: The outgoing and incoming email settings can be different depending upon your email service provider.

4. Information about the type of the server

Without these prerequisites, it will be difficult for you to perform the methods in a smooth manner. 

Methods to Perform Email Setup in QuickBooks

You are now about to discover 7 different methods for setting up your email account in QuickBooks on your system. Using these methods, you can setup your email account in different versions of the software like QuickBooks 2012, 2013, as well as 2015. In addition, you can learn to setup your Gmail and Yahoo accounts on QuickBooks. We will also show you the method for establishing the email service on QuickBooks Desktop.

Method 1: How to Setup Email in QuickBooks Using Outlook?

Setting up the QuickBooks email service can be done in a short while by using Outlook. You can configure Outlook using the email you have chosen for QuickBooks. Then by opening QuickBooks, you can head to the Edit menu. You can select Preferences as well as Send Forms. Then with the help of My Preferences, you can setup the email service.

Now, you can go through the 9 steps for learning how to setup an email account in QuickBooks.

1. Using your email address, you are required to configure Outlook.

Important: The email address which you will be using for the configuration of Outlook should be the one you will be using for QuickBooks. 

2. Launch “QuickBooks”.

3. Click on “Edit”. This option will be located at the top in the “Menu Bar”.

4. Now, you have to choose “Preferences”.

5. Then click on “Send Forms”.

6. In the sixth step, click on “My Preferences”.

how to setup email in quickbooks

7. Next, you will find three options. Among these, the option of “Outlook Radio” has to be selected.

8. The window of “Preferences” can be closed now.

9. To test that the QuickBooks email setup has been correctly done, you can send an email to yourself.

While testing the setup, if the mail gets successfully sent, then you can be sure that the setup has been successful. In case the mail doesn’t get sent, you can test the setup again. If you are still facing issues while sending the email, then you can try the next method to setup email in this software.

Method 2: How to Administer Email Setup in QuickBooks via Webmail?

In this section, we will share with you the usage of the Webmail option for setting up your QuickBooks email. To access this option, you can tap the Edit menu. After clicking on Send Forms, you can tap on My Preferences. Here, you will find the Webmail Radio option. You can fill in your QuickBooks email address. 

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Know what you need to do next by reading these 10 directions.

1. Go to the “Edit” menu.

2. On the left, you will find the “Send Forms” option. Click on it.

3. To continue, click on the tab of “My Preferences”.

4. Choose the “Webmail Radio” option.

5. Provide your email address which you will be using for QuickBooks.

6. Click on the checkbox for “SSL Security”. 

7. Enter the right “SMTP Server”.

8. Then provide the correct “Port Configuration”.

9. Press “Ok”.

10. Now, you need to test the QuickBooks email setup. For this purpose, you can send an email to your own ID. 

After the testing is complete and successful, your account is ready for further usage.

Method 3: How to Setup Email in QuickBooks Desktop with the Help of Outlook?

The users of QuickBooks Desktop can utilize Outlook for setting up the email service. This is also a time-saving method that involves a small number of steps. You can simply visit the Edit menu and from there you can go to Preferences. You can click on Send Forms. Then the option of Outlook will be available. You can select it to finish setting up the QuickBooks email service. 

1. Open “QuickBooks Desktop” and then open the “Edit” menu.

2. The second step requires you to pick “Preferences”.

3. Next, click on “Send Forms” for selecting this option.

4. Click on “Outlook”.

5. Lastly, press “Ok”.

We will advise you to correctly administer the 5 steps given above. After they have been administered, make sure that you test the setup. Checking the setup is an extremely important step. It will let you know that the steps have been correctly executed by you.

Method 4: How to Setup Email in QuickBooks 2012?

Here is a quick-to-administer method for setting up email in QuickBooks 2012. For starting this method, you can access the Edit Menu. To continue, you can visit the Preferences. You will find the tab of My Preferences now. Choose the Send Forms option. 

As you read ahead, you will get to know the remaining steps of this method. 

1. Ensure that your email profile in either Windows Mail, Outlook, or Outlook Express has already been setup.

2. Next, start “QuickBooks”.

3. Pick the “Edit” option.

4. Select the option of “Preferences”.

5. Open the tab titled “My Preferences”.

6. Here, you need to tap on “Send Forms”.

7. You may find that the email client has not been chosen. You can click on the option that you prefer and then press “Ok”. This is an optional step.

Important: In case your email profile is in Outlook 2010, it will be helpful to know that QuickBooks 2012 may not be supportive of this version.

Method 5: How to Setup Email in QuickBooks 2013?

If you have QuickBooks 2013 and you would like to see how to setup email on it, then this section is a must-read for you. You will need an email profile prior to beginning with this method. Once you have created it, you can hop on to the Preferences from the Edit menu and start setting up Email on QuickBooks 2013.

If you would like to know the instructions for performing this method, then you can keep reading. 

1. Begin with creating your email profile. You can make it in Outlook Express, Outlook, or Windows Mail.

2. Setup your email profile after creating it.

3. Launch “QuickBooks” in the third step.

4. Tap on “Edit”.

5. Then tap on “Preferences”.

6. Opening “My Preferences” is the sixth step.

7. Next, opt for “Send Forms”.

8. As an optional step, you can pick the email client you prefer, in case it has not been selected. 

9. Tap on “Ok” to finish this method.

We believe that these 9 steps helped you easily learn how to set up email in QuickBooks 2013. In case these steps did not work for you, we will advise that you check the version of Outlook. If you have created the email profile in Outlook 2010, then it may not be supported by this QB software.

Method 6: How to Setup Email in QuickBooks 2015 for Gmail ID?

Some of you may be willing to setup your Gmail account in QuickBooks 2015 on your system. If you do not know the method to set it up on this version of QuickBooks, then you can go through the 10 steps given as follows. All the steps of this method are crucial. So, make sure that you administer them in a proper manner.

1. On your system, ensure that “QuickBooks” has been opened.

2. Tap on “Edit”.

3. Clicking on “Preferences” is the third step.

4. Now, the “Send Forms” option needs to be selected.

5. You will see a window for adding the information. In this window, provide the details of your Gmail account.

6. From the dropdown option of the “Email Provider”, you need to opt for “Gmail”.

7. Press “Ok”.

8. In the field of the “Email ID”, you will see the “Gmail” account provided by you. Ensure that your account has been selected as the default one.

9. Now, hit “Ok”.

10. Mail a report or transaction for testing whether the setup has been successful. 

Important: At times, while performing this method to setup email in QuickBooks 2015, the users may face certain difficulties. They may not be successful in setting up their account correctly. The reason for this could be the incorrect login credentials of your Gmail account. If you too are facing any difficulties, then make sure that the login credentials of your account have been properly filled in by you.

Method 7: How can I Administer Yahoo Email Setup in QuickBooks?

In this part of the blog, we will be providing you with the assistance needed to set up your Yahoo email ID in QB. In this method, you will be required to start QuickBooks. A message for selecting the email method will be visible. You can hit the button for Setup My Email Now. Then from the window of Preference, you can start setting up your Yahoo account.

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The detailed steps have been given here. Let us quickly go through them.

1. Start “QuickBooks” and ensure whether you can see the message “Choose Your Email Method”.

Important: In case you cannot see the message “Choose Your Email Method”, you can visit the “Preferences”. You will find this option in the “Edit” menu,

2. Then press the button for “Setup My Email Now”.

3. In the window of “Preferences”, on the left, tap on the option of “Send Forms”.

4. Now, visit the tab titled “My Preferences”.

5. Next, tap on “Add”.

6. In the window of “Add Email Info”, provide your “Yahoo” email ID in the field of “Email ID”.

7. In the dropdown list of the “Email Provider”, you need to click on “Yahoo”.

Important: As soon as you choose “Yahoo” from the dropdown list of the “Email Provider”, the details of the “SMTP Server” will automatically get filled in. Then these fields will be grayed out. 

8. Tap on “Ok”.

9. Ensure that in the field of “Email ID”, your Yahoo email ID is visible. Also, check that the Yahoo email ID has been chosen as the default ID.

10. Again, press “Ok”.

11. The final step of this method is to check that the setup has been correctly established. We will advise you to send an email to check it. 

Important: In case you are prompted to fill in your password once or multiple times, do so. Also, see to it that the password of your email account has been correctly entered by you. 

Summing up the Above

This blog carried numerous methods that helped you learn how to set up email in QuickBooks 2013, 2012, and 2015. For the different versions of QuickBooks, we studied different methods. We hope that while performing these methods to set up the QuickBooks email service, you check that the method is appropriate for the version of the software your system has. If you own a Gmail or Yahoo account, then you can use our methods for setting them up in the QuickBooks software. 

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