How to Open QuickBooks File in Excel and Convert it?

Open QuickBooks File in Excel

“How to open a QuickBooks file in Excel” is one of the most commonly asked questions by the QuickBooks users. Are you also attempting to open a .qbw file? In addition to opening the QBW file, if you are also trying to convert it into an Excel file, then we will be pleased to provide and guide you through all the methods. 

Here, we will learn about the .qbw file extension and how you can read this file without QuickBooks. We will also look at the method via which QuickBooks Desktop users can open the company file in Excel. To know what more we will be learning, you will have to go through the complete blog.

From knowing the meaning of the QBW file extension to opening the file in Excel, these are the 5 topics we will be going through.

What is the QBW File Extension?

QuickBooks for Windows or QBW can be defined as a format via which the data file of QuickBooks can be saved as well as attached. For saving and attaching it, the “.qbw” extension is used. The QBW files are used for the purpose of storing financial data, images, templates, logos, letters, etc. These files can also carry Loan Manager, Cash Flow Projector, QuickBooks Financial Statement Designer, and Business Planner.

How to Read QuickBooks File without QuickBooks?

If you would like to open and read the QuickBooks file without QuickBooks, then you can carefully go through this section. For opening it using this approach, you can first open All Programs from the Start Menu. Then from the list, you can pick Intuit and open it. Here, you will find QuickBooks. Then you can check the company file and open it, to manage file you can use QuickBooks File Doctor. To know the steps which are remaining, please read further.

1. Turn on your computer and access the “Start Menu” by pressing the “Windows” key.

2. In the second step, select “All Programs” from the menu.

open quickbooks file in excel

3. A list can be viewed now. Go through the list and choose “Intuit”.

4. Open the selected folder. Then you have to pick “QuickBooks”.

5. Make a selection of the company file that has to be exported from QB.

6. Now, press “Open”.

7. You may be required to write your password in this step.

8. Certain options can be seen on the top of the screen now. Select “Customer”, “Vendors” or the option of “Employees”. 

9. Next, you have to select “Customer Centre”.

10. An Excel document has to be used for importing the QBW file. For this purpose, you can tap on “Excel” shown at the top. Then you can select “Export Excel”. Now, select the “Export” option after the file has been saved by you.

11. The imported file has to be opened now.

Please Note: For opening the file that has been imported, Excel Version 2010 or a later version will be required. You may try using the existing Excel version for opening the QBW file without the use of QuickBooks.

12. After the file has been imported, you can access the “Data” tab. 

13. Next, go to the tab labelled as “Other Resources”.

14. In this window, you can find the “QBW File”.

Please Note: On the off chance that you are not able to find the “QBW File” in the window that opens, you can separately search for it.

15. When the “QBW File” has been found, a new file will automatically open. Click on it.

16. Now, the file can be opened. You can read it.

Now, the procedure for learning to open a QuickBooks file in Excel without QuickBooks will now be complete.

How to Open a QuickBooks File in Excel for QB Desktop Users?

Many of you may be thinking whether you can view the QuickBooks file without QuickBooks Desktop and if you can, then how is it possible to do so. The below-mentioned method has made it possible for the QB Desktop users to do so. You can first start QuickBooks Desktop and open the company file from the File tab. By using the Switch to Single-User Mode, you can export the file. Then you will be able to open the file in a new Excel Spreadsheet.

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1. Open QuickBooks Desktop as the first step of this method.

2. The company file you want to see has to be opened now. For opening it, you can go to the “File” tab. Then you can press “Open”.

3. The company file with its extension “.qbw” can be browsed. Afterwards, you can tap on “Open”.

4. Go to the “File” tab now.

5. Tap on the option of “Switch to Single-User Mode”.

6. Visit the “File” tab one more time.

7. Click on “Export”.

8. Next, you have to click on “Send the Report to a New Excel Spreadsheet”.

9. Then press “Ok”.

10. Your company file will be opened in the “Excel Spreadsheet”. Select the “Save as” option.

11. Access the “File” tab.

12. Input the name of the file.

13. Choose a location for saving the file. Then hit the “Save” option. 

After you have successfully saved the file in the desired location, you can open it in Excel. 

What is the Method to Convert QBW File to Excel File?

To convert QBW to an Excel file, a very easy process has to be followed. This process involves opening All Programs and heading to the Intuit folder. Then you can opt for the QB program and pick the company file. After clicking on Open, you can fill in the password and open the “Customers”, “Vendors” or “Employees” link, you can also change the vendors to an employees in QuickBooks. Now, you are very close to converting the QBW file to an Excel file. 

Let us see below what has to be done next.

1. When your system is on, hit the “Windows” key on your keyboard.

2. Look for “All Programs” and click on it.

3. Find and click on the “Intuit” folder. 

4. In the fourth step, you have to pick the program named as “QuickBooks”.

5. Choose the company file of QuickBooks which is carrying your data. Make sure that this is the company file you want to export. 

6. Press “Open”.

7. Enter the password for the company file, in case you are prompted to do so.

8. The link for “Customers”, “Vendors” or “Employees” needs to be opened now.

9. Now, you have to click on “Customer Center”.

10. Choose the option of “Excel” shown on the top.

11. “Export to Excel” has to be selected.

12. Choose a suitable location for the file you have exported. 

13. In “File Name”, write the name of the file.

14. Then hit the “Export” button.

Congratulations readers! Your QBW file has now been converted into an Excel file.

How to Find the QBW File of QuickBooks?

Prior to opening the QBW file, if you are unable to find it, then you will require help for the same. To find this file, you can first of all access the Control Panel. From Appearance and Personalization, you can go to the Folder Options. In the View tab, tap on Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives and press Ok. After performing a few more steps, you will find the QBW file. Then you can open the QuickBooks file in Excel.

1. Press “Start”.

2. Go to the “Control Panel”.

3. Click on the “Appearance and Personalization” option.

4. Select the “Folder Options”.

5. Head on to visit the “View” tab.

6. Select the option of “Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives”.

7. Then press “Ok”.

8. Then press “Start”.

9. Click on “Computer”.

10. Click twice on the icon of “C:\”.

11. Click twice on the “Users” folder.

12. Click two times on “Public” as well as “Documents”.

13. Tap twice on the folder named “Intuit”.

14. The “QuickBooks” folder needs to be clicked twice.

15. Tap two times on the “Company Files” folder.

16. Search for the “.qbw” extension file.

Please Note: When you look for the file with “.qbw” extension, remember that only one such file can exist.

17. Right-tap on the “.qbw” file. From the sub-menu, select the option depending upon what you would like to do with the file. 

Please Note: In case you require the directory path of the “.qbw” file in future, you can note it down while performing the seventeenth step. 

18. Repeat the steps from 1 to 5. However, this time, you have to choose “Don’t Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives”. You will find this option below the “Advanced Settings”.

19. Now, press “Ok” for saving the changes you have made. 

Drawing to an End

This blog guided you in learning what the QBW extension means. Readers who were looking for how to open a QBW file without QuickBooks also found the best method to do so. In case you are a user of QuickBooks Desktop, then you found how to open QBW file in QuickBooks using an easy set of steps. Lastly, we read the method for converting the file with QBW extension into an Excel file. 

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