How to Print General/Adjusting Journal Entries in QuickBooks?

How to Print General/Adjusting Journal Entries in QuickBooks?

To make a copy of a company’s transactions, single or multiple general entries can be printed in QuickBooks. This accounting software enables you to filter the search results to view an entry or entries. When the filtration has been done, printing any general journal entry/entries can be possible. In the entire process, the menu for Reports is of significance. 

The users of QuickBooks can print journal entries with ease with the methods shown here. These methods elaborate on printing a single journal entry, multiple journal entries, and adjusting journal entries. The methods will be supported by simple steps for every user to follow.

2 informative sections have been included here. The contents of these sections are hinted at by the following summary: 

How to Print Journal Entries in QuickBooks?

You can print a specific general journal entry in the QuickBooks software via Search. This is an option in the software that activates Advanced Search. Then a particular entry can be found and printed. For printing more than one journal entry, you will have to run the Journal Report. It can be customized based on the company’s requirements to select multiple entries for printing.

Displayed below are options that elaborate more on how to print a journal entry report in QuickBooks or print multiple reports in the software..

Option 1: Print a QuickBooks Journal Entry

A journal entry or its report can be printed for keeping a copy of your company’s financial transactions. To print the same, you can take advantage of the Search feature. Via this, head to Advanced Search. Move to the filters and click on Journal Entries. Now, this filter will get applied. You can tap on the Search button. The journal entries will get loaded. Since you wish to print only one entry, you can choose it from the results. Now, you can start printing the report for this entry.

  • Locate the icon of “Search” in “QB”.
  • Press the icon found in step 1.
  • Select “Advanced Search”.
  • Add the filter for “Journal Entries”.
  • You may see the option to put additional filters. Apply them if required.
  • Click on “Search”.
  • Now, pick any one “Journal Entry”.
  • Press the “More” tab.
  • Go to “Transactional Journal”.
  • Tap on the “Print” symbol.

Note: The symbol/icon of Print will be present in the report. To be more specific, at the top and towards the right, you can find it.

This method helped you learn how to print a journal entry report in QuickBooks. Using the same, any specific entry can be printed in the software.

Tip: It is possible that you may have been unable to find the journal entry that you were looking for. Thus, it could not be printed. You may have entered a journal entry in QuickBooks but may not have saved it. Make sure that when a journal entry is made, it is saved in the accounting software.

Option 2: Printing Multiple Journal Entries in QuickBooks

Interestingly, QuickBooks enables you to print multiple journal entries in one go. For this, you can make use of the software’s Search Bar for finding Journal Report. After it has been found, opt for Customise. Then you will have to make some customizations. The journal entries will get displayed on the basis of these customizations. 

These are the other directions that you will need to print journal entries in QuickBooks:

  • Enter “Reports” in “QuickBooks”.
  • Locate “Search Bar”.
  • Find “Journal Report” via this search bar. 
  • Choose the “Customise” option.
  • In “General”, add the date of the journal entry report.
  • Locate “Row”/“Columns”.
  • Click on “Change Columns”. The columns can be dragged and dropped for setting an order.
  • Deselect “Name”.
  • Click on “Customer, Employee or Supplier”.
  • Opt for “Transaction Type”.
  • Press the dropdown. 
  • Then pick “Journal Entry”.
  • Tap on the “Run Report” option.
  • Press the icon of “Print”.

Tip: You may choose the “Export” option for exporting the journal entries. They can be exported in the form of a “PDF” or “Excel” file format. To know more about exporting journal entries in QuickBooks, see here.

How to Print Adjusting Journal Entries in QuickBooks?

Adjusting general entries are the ones to which changes have been made. After making the changes, certain professionals may want to print the entries. In QuickBooks, to print journal entries that have been adjusted, you can utilize the Accountant and Taxes option. This option is included in the menu named Reports. You can set up the dates and then press the Print tab.

  • Run the menu for “Reports” in the software.
  • “Accountant and Taxes” has to be selected.
  • Prefer clicking on “Adjusting Journal Entries”.
  • Mention the last year for the range of dates.
  • Now, the “Print” symbol will be viewed. Press it.

Summarizing the Above,

In this blog, we resolved your concerns relating to how to print general journal entries in QuickBooks. We helped you understand that any general or adjusting journal entry can be printed in the software, provided that you are able to locate it. The methods shown above unfolded the steps to locate a journal entry in the accounting software and then print it. Not only were you taught to print a single journal entry but multiple ones as well.

In the next blog, we have focused on how to change a default email address in QuickBooks. In addition, you can find out the ways to edit a budget in QuickBooks by clicking here.

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