How to Print Previous or Old Reconciliation Reports in QuickBooks Pro, Online, and Desktop?

How to Print Previous or Old Reconciliation Reports in QuickBooks Pro, Online, and Desktop?

The QuickBooks reconciliation report lists a summary of your deposits, checks, etc. Users may want to print it to check their existing or old transactions. By setting the dates, it is possible to print the previous as well as the present bank reconciliation detail report. The Reports menu is essential when such a report has to be printed. Using this menu, you can view your report and introduce changes as per your preference. There are many versions of the accounting software on which this action can be executed. To know how to print old reconciliation reports in QuickBooks Pro, Online, Desktop, etc., you can read here. In the case of QuickBooks Pro, the year versions 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 are supported by our methods using which these reports can be printed. Here, we have also included the reasons for printing these reports.

We can assist you in printing the existing bank reconciliation reports as well as the old or previous ones. To know more about the same, you can go through the outline given as follows:

Reasons to Print Bank Reconciliation Reports in QuickBooks

You may already know your reason for printing a bank reconciliation report in QuickBooks. To find out the reasons other than the one you know, please read further.

  • You may want to see the deposits included in an old bank reconciliation report.
  • The report of the reconciliation may need to be submitted somewhere.
  • Some users of QuickBooks print reconciliation reports for future requirements. 
  • At times, your accountant may need this report for tallying the checks or deposits.

How to Print a Reconciliation Report in QuickBooks?

The users of QuickBooks can print reconciliation reports by opening the menu of Reports. After this, the report will have to be searched for. You will find the Account option. Using this, you need to specify the account for which the reconciliation has to be accessed. Once this has been specified, you can mention the present date. Considering that the report is needed for the existing time period, you will have to enter the present date. After this, you only have to tap on Print to complete this method.

  • When “QB” is in use, “Reports” will be seen. Select it.
  • Go to “Find Report by Name”.

Note: “Find Report by Name” is a feature in QuickBooks that helps you search reports. For finding your bank reconciliation reports, using this option is suggested.

  • Input the following in the search option:
    • “Reconciliation Report”
  • Tap on “Account”.

Note: The account has to be selected for that bank report which you need to print.

  • In this step, you need to press the dropdown for “Report Period”.
  • Determine the reconciliation period.
  • Now, “View Report” has to be chosen.
  • By viewing the report, see to it that everything is correct in it.
  • Eventually, check the right corner of the report. You will find “Print”. Press it.

Tip: While this is a convenient method to print the bank reconciliation reports in the software, you can also prefer another one. You can view your reports in QuickBooks. After this, you can convert the report into an Excel file. You can choose to export the report for this purpose. Once the Excel file has been obtained, you can print it.

How to Print Reconciliation Detail Report in QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks Online allows you to print the existing date’s reconciliation detail report. This can be done via the Reports menu. Through the search bar of this menu, you can input Reconciliation Report and find it. You will have to determine the account and date for which the detailed report of reconciliation is required. After these details have been submitted, the Print button can be pressed.

You can learn more on how to print a reconciliation report in QuickBooks Online through these directions:

  • In “QBO”, opt for “Reports”.
  • Tap on the field of “Find Report by Name”.
  • In this field, you need to mention “Reconciliation Report”.
  • Based on the results, “Reconciliation Report” needs to be tapped on.
  • Decide which “Account” will be used for the report.
  • Now, push the dropdown button.
  • Go to “Report Period”.
  • Provide the dates for the period of reconciliation.
  • Head to the column that says “Action”.
  • In this column, “View Report” needs to be chosen.
  • Selecting “Statement Ending Date” is the next step.

Note: In this step, you need to enter the present date. As this date is entered, the reconciliation report for the same will get printed.

  • Ensure that the ending date is right.
  • View your reconciliation report in QuickBooks Online.
  • Look at the report’s top-right area.
  • You will find “Print”. Press it to continue.

A process will begin and your reconciliation report for the existing time period will be printed in QBO. After you have received the printout, check that the information listed in it is correct.

How Do I Print a Previous Reconciliation in QuickBooks?

It will interest you to know that there is an option of printing previous reconciliation reports in QuickBooks. Thus, when you have to print reconciliations for a time period that has passed, this option can be considered. To access this option, you can go to Reports and choose Banking. In it, Previous Reconciliation should be written. You can select it and make the changes to the report if required. After saving these changes, you can print the previous reconciliation report in QuickBooks.

  • Access the dashboard of the accounting software.
  • Find “Reports” on the dashboard.
  • Tap on the option that says “Banking”.

Note: The option mentioned in step 3 can be located in the list following the dropdown icon.

  • After this, choose “Previous Reconciliation”.
  • A dialog box will be shown on the screen. You can wait for a few seconds.
  • In the box, make changes as per your choice.
  • Then press “Display”.
  • Then go through the reconciliation report.
  • Ensure that the displayed report for the reconciliation is correct.
  • In the end, tap on “Print”.

Tip: Before you print your reconciliation report in QuickBooks that has been previously dated, it will be helpful to thoroughly check it. Any values mentioned in it should be confirmed. You may prefer to take the advice or help of your accountant for the same.

How to Print Previous Reconciliation Reports in QuickBooks Online?

When you have to print old or previous reconciliations in QBO, you should make use of its Reports option. On finding this option, you have to use a search bar. It will be named Find Report by Name. In this bar, you can write Reconciliation Report to get access to all of them. Then you can set the dates on the basis of which the previous or old reports’ dates can be added. On viewing the desired reconciliations report, you can use the Print symbol for printing purposes.

To get a better knowledge of this method, check here how to print a bank reconciliation in QuickBooks Online that belongs to an older time period:

  • Start running “QuickBooks Online”.
  • View the panel given on the left.
  • “Reports” has to be clicked on. 
  • Look for the option of “Find Report by Name”.
  • In “Find Report by Name”, you need to write “Reconciliation Report”. 
  • When you see “Reconciliation Reports”, click on this option.
  • Select “Account”.
  • Now, click on “Report Period”.
  • Enter the dates for the old or previous reconciliation report.
  • Now, visit “Action”.
  • Use the link for “View Report”.
  • Find “Statement Ending Date” and pick it.
  • Wait for the old reconciliation report to get displayed. 
  • Now, press “Print”.

Note: The “Print” symbol is usually located towards the right corner, at the top, in the reconciliation report.

How Do I Print Previous Reconciliation Reports in QuickBooks Desktop?

In QB Desktop, you can print the previous/old reconciliation report by first accessing it. You can use the Banking option in Reports to get access to this report. After this, you can convert it into an Excel file. This Excel file can be printed for getting the required period. In this process, you can decide which previous transactions will be a part of the reconciliation report.

For gaining more clarity, see here how to print previous reconciliation reports in QuickBooks Desktop:

  • Open “QuickBooks Desktop’.
  • Select “Reports”.
  • Go to “Banking”.
  • Opt for “Previous Reconciliation”.
  • Tap on the dropdown given for “Account”.
  • Find out the account that has been reconciled.
  • Now, navigate to the section of “Statement Ending Date”.
  • Enter the details of the period relating to reconciliation.

Note: This method can help you print the previous QuickBooks Desktop reconciliation report. Therefore, the details you will be entering should include the dates of the previous period.

  • When asked for “Report Type”, choose one of these:
    • “Detailed”
    • “Both”
  • Choose the transactions that should be a part of the reconciliation report.
  • Pressing “Display” is the next step.
  • After this, you can view the report and check it if required.
  • Now, export this report and convert it into an “Excel” file.
  • Print this “Excel” file to get the reconciliation report belonging to a previous period.

How to Print an Old Reconciliation Report in QuickBooks Pro 2015/2016/2017/2018?

Users may need to print old reconciliation reports in QuickBooks Pro’s year versions like 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. In these versions, the reconciliation report of a previous date needs to be found. It can be found by utilizing the Find Report by Name option. Next to entering the date of the reconciliation, you can view the previous date’s report via View Report. The final step is to press Print and the report will get printed. 

On scrolling further, you can find additional steps explaining how to print an old reconciliation report in QuickBooks Pro 2018, 2017, 2016, and 2015.

  • On your PC, find the icon of “QuickBooks Pro 2015” or any other year version.
  • Click twice on this icon to run the software.
  • Choose “Reports”.
  • Click on the “Search” option titled “Find Report by Name”.
  • Enter “Reconciliation Report” in it.
  • Now, tap on “Reconciliation Reports”.
  • In this step, an account needs to be opted for.
  • Click on “Report Period”.
  • Enter the date of the reconciliation.

Note: Since you wish to print the report for reconciliation for a previous period, you will have to enter the date associated with the same.

  • Next, head to the column of “Action”.
  • Press the link for “View Report”.
  • Following this, choose the “Print” option.

In a few seconds, the reconciliation report will get printed in QuickBooks Pro 2018, 2015, 2016, or 2017. You can check that this report belongs to the older period. Using this method, you can also print more such reports that belong to an older date.

In Summation

QuickBooks is available in various versions. On most of them, reconciliation reports can be printed. In this reading, we included the methods to do so. We provided you with version-specific methods. Thus, depending on the QuickBooks version you use, the most suitable method can be employed. For your feedback on these methods, you can make use of our comment section.

Some of you may require help to undo your transactions in this software. Go through our methods to find out how to undo transactions in QuickBooks. Along with this, we will suggest you to read about recurring journal entries in QuickBooks.


Why is QuickBooks previous reconciliation report not working?

The previous reconciliation report may not be working in the software due to its PDF converter. It may have become corrupted or its components may have been damaged. Other than this, QuickBooks may not have been updated. Hence, such an issue may be arising.

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