QBO and QuickBooks 101 Error: Online Banking Problem Fixed

QBO and QuickBooks 101 Error: Online Banking Problem Fixed

Online banking is often used by QuickBooks users. While using this feature, the error 101 may come up. The banking server being unavailable, this error can start surfacing. Along with online banking, the payroll service of QB can also display this problem. Our team has found that problems with the banking server and the payroll service arise when your internet connection is not right. Therefore, the QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks 101 error should be fixed by repairing the connection. Also, the accounting software should be reconfigured for your internet. For troubleshooting this error code, you can also enable TLS 1.2, Adobe Flash Player, and the .NET Framework on Windows.

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What is the QuickBooks Online Banking 101 Error?

Sometimes the users attempt to add their bank in QuickBooks. A valid account may not exist for this. The attempt for adding the bank, when made through online banking of QB, can be problematic. This problem may start displaying an error. This can be understood as the error code online banking 101 in QuickBooks. 

When you are adding the account, you may not have made any transactions for a year. Or, you may not have accepted the terms needed for online banking. This creates a situation for seeing this error code more often. In rare instances, the error code 101 may be seen when the payroll service of QuickBooks is being used. 

Causes of the QuickBooks Error 101

The QuickBooks 101 error can be sourced due to these causes:

  • The banking server may not be available.
  • Windows configuration may not be correct.
  • Software related to internet security may have been installed on your computer. The software may be blocking access to QB.
  • You may be using Internet Explorer for running the QuickBooks program. The settings of this browser may not be correct.
  • Windows may be unable to start Java, ActiveX, Flash, or the .NET framework.
  • Certain components of Windows may be inactive.
  • In QuickBooks, script debugging may have been turned off.

Troubleshooting the QuickBooks 101 Error

Since your network can be the prime cause of the QuickBooks error 101, you should check its speed. Also, you should confirm that your internet is working. Attempts should be made to reconfigure the accounting software. After this, when the existence of the 101 error can still be found, TLS 1.2 should be activated. When you find this error while running the payroll service of QuickBooks, Flash, Java, and other such options should be activated as well as updated.

Fix 1: Check the Speed and Function of the Internet Connection

For online banking in QuickBooks, you need an internet connection that works. Also, a requirement is that the connection should have a good speed. Since the error 101 can denote an online banking problem, the internet you are using may either be not working or its speed may not be satisfactory. 

Regarding the connection as the cause of the problem, we have suggested a few tips. Following them, you should be able to fix this QuickBooks Online banking 101 error.

  • Check that your computer is connected to the internet.
  • Through your browser, find whether the internet connection is working.
  • Visit any website. Notice whether the website is quickly opening to check the connection’s speed.
  • Update the browser you use.
  • See to it that your default browser is set to “Internet Explorer”.

Implementing these tips will assist you in improving the internet connection. With improvement in it, the online banking 101 QuickBooks error should get fixed.

Fix 2: Reconfigure QuickBooks for Your Internet and Update it

Reconfiguring QuickBooks can make changes to its settings. Taking such a measure is recommended when the settings of the accounting software may not be correct. These settings may be interfering with your internet connection. When such interference is caused, you may see the QuickBooks 101 error, especially when you are using the online banking feature. The accounting software can be reconfigured for your internet connection. Then you may update QuickBooks if needed.

  • Run “Internet Explorer” when your system is on.
  • Click on “Help”.
  • From this menu, choose “Internet Connection Setup”.
  • Use “Next” to go ahead.
  • Tap on “Done”.
  • Now, you may update the “QuickBooks” program.
  • Let the updates for the software get installed with no interruptions in the process.
  • Now, open the accounting software.
  • Use online banking or do the activity that was prompting the 101 error. This error may not occur again.

Fix 3: Make Changes to Encrypted Pages Settings and Activate TLS 1.2

Transport Layer Security can be looked at as a protocol. Commonly known as TLS, it enables computers and such digital devices to establish secure communication with the internet. TLS 1.2 is one such secure protocol. It can be activated prior to using QuickBooks on your browser. The protocol being inactive, the QuickBooks error 101 can be an unlikely outcome. After you have activated the TLS 1.2 protocol, you can make certain changes to the settings of the encrypted pages. You can save the changes and soon, the error 101 should not take place.

  • Run “Google Chrome”.
  • Push the keys shown in this step:

“Alt” key + “F” key

These keys must be pushed at the same time.

  • Use the arrow keys to choose “Settings”.
  • From the “Settings”, click on “Show Advanced Settings”.
  • Locate the section of “Network”.
  • Opt for “Change Proxy Settings”.
  • Go to the tab labeled “Advanced”.
  • Via the category of “Security”, tick “Use TLS 1.2” to select it.
  • Also, look for “Do Not Save Encrypted Pages to Disk”. Deselect it.
  • Press “Apply”.
  • In the end, click on “Ok”.

Remember: After activating the TLS 1.2 protocol and saving the changes to the settings of the encrypted pages, you must open the QuickBooks software. To test that this fix has worked, you need to confirm that the error 101 in the software is no longer occurring.

Fix 4: Reset the Settings of Your Internet

By now, many of you would have understood that your internet needs to be error-free for properly running QuickBooks. Otherwise, problems such as the online banking 101 QuickBooks error may keep coming up. While your internet connection may be appropriate, its settings may not be correct. You can reset the settings of the internet right from the QuickBooks program. 

In the program, you can find a tab that says Help. Using this, the option of Use My Computer’s Internet Connection Settings needs to be clicked on. Then you can follow the remaining prompts of this fix to reset the settings. The error 101 in QuickBooks should, hopefully, stop showing up.

  • Launch the “QB” program.
  • Locate the tab for “Help”.
  • Visit the tab and click on “Use My Computer’s Internet Connection Settings”.
  • Select “Next”.
  • Choose the “Finish” button.
  • Now, run the accounting software.
  • Start updating the bank feeds.

While you are updating the bank feeds, we believe that the error 101 should not emerge. Just in case the error is seen again in the software, you may want to ensure whether the internet connection’s settings have been correctly reset. 

Fix 5: Enable and Update Flash, .NET Framework, and Java

When QuickBooks is used on Windows, you may find that Java, Adobe Flash Player, and the .NET Framework have not been turned on. Or, these options may have been enabled but may not be properly functioning. We believe that these options should be enabled. Now, notice whether they work. Also, check that the payroll 101 QuickBooks error has been fixed. On finding it, you can install the updates for these options.

From the Java Download Center, the recent version of Java can be obtained. Now, look for the Adobe Flash Player updates. Completely install them. The next move is to find the updated version of Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5. Following this, the error can be fixed and payroll can be used in QB.

Fixing the QuickBooks Online Error Code 101

In QBO, online banking can be done without the error 101 by manually updating this service. When software for internet security has been installed on your computer/laptop, check that it does not restrict your access to either Intuit or QuickBooks. For this, the websites of Intuit and QuickBooks need to be listed in the software. Along with this, the QuickBooks Online 101 error can be fixed by ensuring that your bank account is active. At the same time, your QBO account has to be refreshed.

Fix 1: Manually Update Banking in QBO

The online banking feature of QBO has led to the 101 error in some cases. We recommend that the users update this feature before they use online banking. From the accounting software’s dashboard, the section of Banking has to be opened. This section will also contain the option of Banking. After selecting this option, the Update button has to be pressed. 

Banking will begin to be updated in QBO. Now when you use this service, the QuickBooks Online error code 101 should not be found.

  • Click twice on the “QBO” program’s icon to open it.
  • Head to its “Dashboard”.
  • You have to search for the section of “Banking”.
  • From the section, click on the “Banking” option.
  • Press “Update”.

Now, banking will begin to get manually updated in the accounting software.

Fix 2: Include Intuit & QB as Trusted Sites in Internet Security Software

Several users prefer installing software for internet security purposes on their computers. Such software programs may be necessary for computers. However, in some instances, the systems may begin to display the error 101 when QuickBooks Online is being used. This error can have higher chances of taking place when online banking is being accessed through this accounting software.

Intuit, as well as QBO, may be restricted by the software. You can ensure that in the security software, intuit.com has been added as a trusted site. In addition, quickbooks.com also needs to be included in the list of the trusted sites. Once they have been added, the internet security software program will stop regarding them as threats and no restrictions shall be observed. Following this, QuickBooks Online can be used. Its online banking feature will stop displaying the 101 error as well.

  • Launch “Internet Explorer”.
  • Press the “Gear” button.
  • Click on “Internet Options”.
  • Find the “Security” tab.
  • You should find an option named “Trusted Sites”. Select it.
  • Tap on “Sites”.
  • Click on the field of “Add Website”. Input the following in this field:
    • “https://*.intuit.com”
  • Press “Add”. 
  • Now add the following in “Add Website”:
    • “https://*.QuickBooks.com”
  • Choose the “Close” option.
  • Go to the section of “Custom Level”.
  • Look for the option of “Miscellaneous”.
  • Ensure that the following option has been turned on:
    • “Allow Cross-Domain Requests”
  • Tap on “Ok”.
  • Push the button for “Apply”.
  • In closing, press “Ok”.
  • You need to open “Internet Explorer” one more time.
  • Begin updating the transaction in “QBO”.

Fix 3: Check Your Bank Account and Refresh QBO Account

Your bank account can be inactive when there is no existing balance found in it. Also, not making any transactions through it for the last 12 months can mean that it is no longer active. You need to check that your account is inactive. If it isn’t, then the QBO error 101 may be an outcome when this account has been linked to the software. You can make your account active and then connect it. After this, you can refresh your QuickBooks Online account.

  • Sign in to the website of your bank. This has to be done from a separate tab.
  • Ensure that there is some balance in your account otherwise it may not be active.

Remember: If there is no existing balance, then some transactions may have been made within a period of 12 months. This can also indicate whether your bank account is active.

  • On the website of this bank, determine whether there are any missed messages.
  • After checking the messages, acknowledge them. 
  • Access “QuickBooks Online”.
  • Your QBO account has to be refreshed.
  • Finally, be certain that the QuickBooks Online banking 101 error has been repaired.

Fix 4: Turn on the Controls for ActiveX

ActiveX controls are some programs on Windows. They may have been disabled. By enabling them, the problem of the 101 error can be prevented. The ActiveX Controls can be activated through the Custom Level option in Internet Explorer. Choose to activate ActiveX Controls and Plugins in Internet Zone. After activating it, certain options will have to be turned on. 

These options can be known by reading the following steps:

  • In “Internet Explorer”, open “Tools”.
  • Choose “Internet Options”.
  • Click on “Security”.
  • Go to “Custom Level”.
  • Below “Internet Zone”, pick “ActiveX Controls and Plugins”.
  • The following options have to be enabled:
    • “Script ActiveX Controls Marked Safe for Scripting”
    • “Download Signed ActiveX Controls”
    • “Run ActiveX Controls and Plugins”
    • “Binary and Script Behaviors”
  • When you see “Ok”, press it.
  • The user’s bank account has to be connected with QB.

Concluding Remarks

It can be concluded that error 101 can appear when online banking is used through QuickBooks but with an invalid account. There can be several causes of it other than online banking. Not only did we discuss these causes but also explained how they can be cleared. The fixes shared here are reliable. Considering their reliability, you can use them to see guaranteed effectiveness. Now that the QB error 101 has been finally fixed, you can use the payroll and online banking service to resume your tasks.

To gain more clarity about the fixes covered here, please drop us your comment.

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