QuickBooks 108 Error: How to Fix It Immediately?

QuickBooks 108 Error: How to Fix It Immediately?

QuickBooks 108 error is one of the most common technical errors that users face while using the accounting software application. It is mainly caused by filling in the wrong banking details and the poor internet connection.

If you have stumbled on this error 108 in QuickBooks too, then it is important to find its cause and fix the error at the earliest. In case you have no clue how to fix QuickBooks error 108, we are here to show you a step by step guide. Let’s start off!

Here, you will read about QuickBooks Online error 108 in brief and the factors that cause this error in your QuickBooks program. To troubleshoot the error, you will also discover numerous methods which are listed below:

Error 108 in QuickBooks Explained

QuickBooks Online error 108 is triggered by faults at your banking end, especially when your banking website does not acknowledge the credentials you enter. Although it is common to face technical glitches on the bank server, you can also encounter other problems such as missing cookies, bugs in .msi files, and so on.

You can also face such errors when you are not connected to the strong internet connection. As a result, you fail to access your bank account transactions or reach the server in a timely manner. 

If you encounter QuickBooks online error 108 on your screen, you should take immediate actions before it gets worse. But before you move forward, one should also know what exactly caused your QuickBooks to show such an error. Let’s find out in further detail.

What are the Causes of QuickBooks Error 108?

There are many reasons behind error code 108 in QuickBooks. A few of them have been listed below:

  • If you are adding the wrong login credentials to your bank account then you might see a pop-up with QuickBooks 108 error.
  • Due to the poor or slow internet connection, there can be problems connecting with the bank server. As a result, you receive error 108 in QuickBooks.
  • When you remove the downloaded transactions of QuickBooks, you may also receive unwanted errors.
  • Using an incompatible version of your QuickBooks program can create conflicts.

The above-mentioned causes could be the reason you are not able to log in to your bank account. But Irrespective of QuickBooks 108 error, you always have the right solution to keep going. Continue reading to explore troubleshooting methods.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 108?

If you are constantly facing error 108 in QuickBooks, you should take immediate actions as you won’t be able to connect to the bank website. As a result, you would be unable to check the transaction and other queries related to the bank account.

Therefore, we are bringing you an effective solution using which you can easily kick out the error. Here, you can try to turn off the pop-up blocker, log in to the bank account, check the firewall settings, run the system file checker, and install new updates for your system if available.

First, we will start with the basics. Then, we will switch to the other methods if you think that the methods you are using are not helping. Below we will understand all these specified methods with a step by step guide.

Method 1: Turn Off the Pop-up Blocker

The first and foremost method is to disable the pop-up blocker on your Windows computer. Besides that, you will have to take care of antivirus applications, internet browser cookies and cache, and more. To do so, you can go through the steps stated below:

  • From the “Internet Options” window, make sure that the “Turn on Pop-up Blocker” option is unchecked.
Internet Option  - quickbooks error 108
  • Check your antivirus program that comes pre-installed with pop-up blockers.
  • Thereafter, clean all the cookies and caches from the internet browser.
  • Then, close the browsers that are currently open on your computer.
  • Press the “Ctrl” key in order to sign in to your bank website.

When you are done addressing and clearing all the alerts and messages, you can sign into your bank account using the correct username and password. In case you are facing issues while logging in then you move to the next method to fix QuickBooks 108 error.

Method 2: Enable the Pop-up Blocker in Your Bank Account

In this method, you are required to visit the banking website and log in to your account using the correct username and password. After that, you can enable the pop-up blocker. To understand better, go through the following instructions:

  • Open your bank website to get logged in.
  • Search for the “KB details” that must be located in the downloaded transactions.
  • Then, hold down the “Ctrl” key in order to enable and run the pop-up blocker.

After following these steps, you can check for the QuickBooks Online error 108. This should be resolved now. In case it does not then you should check the firewall settings on your system.

Method 3: Check Windows Firewall Settings

Sometimes, the inbuilt firewall of your system can block the access of your QuickBooks company files. In this case, one should ensure that the firewall does not create any conflict for QuickBooks function. This is why it is important to check its settings.

  • Make sure that you log in to your computer with administrative privileges.
  • In case your QuickBooks version is not up to date then you should update it. Also, make sure the version is compatible with your software.
  • Then, verify that your system firewall settings do not block the access of QB company files.
  • You should also check the internet security settings and configure them properly.

These are a few ways to check the settings and then adjust them accordingly. Thereafter, you can check if you find the QuickBooks 108 error.

Method 4: Use System File Checker

In case the above methods do not work effectively then there must be some issues with your Windows operating system. Thus, in this method, you are required to run the system file checker.

This can be done via the Command Prompt window. The process will scan your system and fix the issues that bother the functionality of your PC. To understand better, look through the following steps stated below:

  • Click on the “Start” menu.
  • Type “Command Prompt” in the search bar and open it when it appears in the result.
  • Use the “Ctrl + Shift” key and hit the “Enter” key.
  • When you see a dialog box with permission, click the “Yes” option.
  • In the “Command Prompt” window, type “SFC/ scannow”.
  • Press the “Enter” key.

When you are done following these steps, you can follow the instructions on your screen to finish the process. It will start scanning your PC and fix the error 108 in QuickBooks.

Method 5: Install New Updates

Due to the outdated version of Windows, you might not be able to fix the error. If you think that your Windows is not updated to the latest version then you should check for it. Here is how to check for the Windows update.

  • Launch the “Settings” app by pressing the “Windows” + “S” key on your keyboard.
  • Type “Windows Update” in the text field.
  • Hit the “Check for Updates” button in the “Windows Update” window.

This will look for new updates for your operating system. If you find any update ready, you can download it immediately. With the latest build, error 108 in QuickBooks and other bugs

can be resolved. Thereafter, you can log in to your bank account without any interruptions.

To Sum Up

It is common to encounter errors while logging into your bank website. It may happen due to the lost server (poor internet connection) or wrong bank account credentials. There can be other conflicts such as firewall settings, and outdated Windows or QuickBooks versions due to which you are facing problems with your bank website.

In this scenario, you can perform different kinds of actions. For instance, you can turn off the pop-up blocker, log in to the bank account, check the firewall settings, run the system file checker, and install new updates for your system if available. This will resolve the  QuickBooks Online error 108 smoothly.

Apart from this, we have more guides related to QuickBooks accounting software. Check the following links to know more.

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