Fixing QuickBooks Error 1904 and Understanding its Multiple Causes

Fixing QuickBooks Error 1904 and Understanding its Multiple Causes

While using the accounting features of QuickBooks, did you chance upon the message “Error 1904 Icwrapper Dll Failed to Register”? If so, then your work may have been disrupted. We understand that some of your most crucial business operations depend on QuickBooks. Therefore, we assure you that after reading this blog, you will know the perfect fix to troubleshoot the QuickBooks Error 1904. The readers can also refer to this blog to understand the causes of this error on QB.

What Does the QuickBooks Error 1904 Mean?

The error 1904 is quite common while using the QuickBooks software. It is often found while you install the QuickBooks files. Additionally, if your system and files have not been properly maintained, then the path of the file may not get correctly registered. This can give rise to the QuickBooks Desktop error 1904.

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Main Causes of the Error 1904 in QuickBooks

Prior to troubleshooting the problematic message “QuickBooks Error 1904 Icwrapper Dll Failed to Register”, it is essential to learn why it is arising on your computer. Below, we have outlined the most common causes of this error code. Let’s read them one by one.

Main Causes of the Error 1904 in QuickBooks
  1. The number one cause of this error on Intuit QB is a corrupt or damaged company file. This can cause the settings of the file to be incorrect and make way for this error code.
  2. Damaged folders is the next cause of this error as well as the error code message generated by it.
  3. In case you have upgraded your computer’s operating system, you may not have rebooted it. Thus, this error could arise.

Troubleshooting Error 1904 Module Failed to Register QuickBooks

We have prepared 6 fixes to help you get rid of the error 1904 in QuickBooks. These fixes will show you to add QuickBooks to Bitdefender, implement the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool, repair the components of Windows, activate and hide the in-built administrator, etc. For every troubleshooting measure, the steps have been laid out. Correctly follow them to repair the 1904 error.

Fix 1: Include QB in Bitdefender

This fix will be suitable for those QuickBooks users who are also using Bitdefender. In Bitdefender’s exclusion list, you are required to include QuickBooks.

  • In the case of a Windows operating system with 32-bit, you can write the following in Bitdefender’s exclusion list. C:\Program files\ Common files
  • For Windows operating systems with 64-bit, you can include the following in Bitdefender’s exclusion list. C:\Program Files\Intuit(C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit)

That is all you are required to do for fixing the error 1904 failed to register QuickBooks.

Fix 2: Utilize QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool on Your Computer

“I am seeing the error 1904 failed to register QuickBooks message on my system. Using what tool can I fix this error?” The QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool has been made for serving purposes like this one.

From the Ignore tab, you can completely install the QB software. If the installation doesn’t successfully happen, then you can download and implement the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool. As you run the tool, the error will get repaired within some time.

  1. The initial step is to switch to the tab titled “Ignore”.
  2. Finish installing the “QuickBooks” software.
  3. Make sure that after the “QuickBooks” software gets installed, you do not open it.
  4. Start your system again.
  5. In case the installation of “QuickBooks” is not complete, download the “QuickBooks Desktop Install Diagnostic Tool”.
  6. Run the “QuickBooks Desktop Install Diagnostic Tool” to fix the error 1904 on QB.
  7. Rebooting your computer is the seventh step.
  8. Check whether the error has been settled. In case it has not been settled, the in-built “Administrator & Install QuickBooks Software” needs to be activated. To do so, you can access the in-built administrator account.

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Fix 3: Use the Manual Approach to Fix Components of Windows

In case the fix mentioned above in this blog did not work for you, you can manually troubleshoot the Windows components. Ensure that it is carefully done to repair the QuickBooks error 1904.

Fix 4: Run the In-built Administrator

Running and hiding the in-built administrator has been discussed in great length in this section. For running it to fix the message “Error 1904 Module Failed to Register QuickBooks”, you can launch the Command Prompt as the administrator. Run the command for activating the in-built administrator. This is followed by hiding the administrator. To do so, you will be required to enter another command. The next step is to enter the folder of Common Files and enable the permissions for the users.

The commands and complete steps have been mentioned here.

  1. On your keyboard, press the “Windows” key.
  2. In the “Search Box” of the “Start Menu”, write “CMD”
  3. Look for “CMD/ Command Prompt/ cmd.exe” and right-click on it.
  4. Select the option of “Run as Administrator”.
  5. When you see the window of “Command Prompt”, write the following in it.
    “net user administrator /active:yes”
  6. Hit the “Enter” key.

Note for You: In case any problem or error is found while you perform the steps stated above, write “net user administrator/active”. Your Problem should get resolved.

  1. On your keyboard, press the following keys concurrently.
    “Ctrl” key + “Alt” key + “Delete” key
  2. Select the option of “Switch User Windows 8 Users”.
  3. Press the “Windows” button.
  4. Select the icon of the user available on the top-right.
  5. Now, tap the keys given below at the same time.
    “Ctrl” key + “Alt” key + “Delete” key
  6. The “Default Administrator Account” has to be selected now.
  7. Press the “Windows” key.
  8. Write “CMD” in search.
  9. Right-tap on “CMD/Command Prompt/cmd.exe'”. Click on “Run as Administrator”.
  10. Write the following in the “Command Prompt” window.
    “net user administrator/active:no”
  11. Press the “Enter” key.
  12. Go to the following location.
    “C:\Program Files\Common Files”.
  13. Right-click on the folder named “Common Files”.
  14. Click on the “Properties” tab.
  15. Choose the icon of “Edit”.
  16. In the “Security” tab, click on “Users”. You can find this option below the icon of “Group or User Names”.
  17. Go to the “Permissions for Users” tab and enable permissions for the following:
    (i) Modify
    (ii) Read and Execute
    (iii) List Folder Contents
    (iv) Read
    (v) Write
  18. Click on “Apply”.
  19. In the end, click on “Ok”.

Fix 5: Try Reinstalling QuickBooks and then Log out

The users of QuickBooks Desktop should try this fix to get rid of the 1904 error. This fix involves the reinstallation of QuickBooks Desktop. Initially, you will have to uninstall the software. For reinstalling, you can download and save the file. After doing as per the directions, you can accept the agreement of license. Then fill in both the License and Product Numbers. Select the installation type to complete this fix.

  1. Uninstall “QuickBooks Desktop” from your system.
  2. After it gets uninstalled, ensure that your system fulfils all the requirements for installing the “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  3. Download “QuickBooks Desktop” and save its file.
  4. See to it that you have the license number and product number with you.
  5. Run the downloaded file “QuickBooks.exe”.
  6. Perform the on-screen prompts to go ahead with the installation.
  7. The “License Agreement” of the software needs to be accepted.
  8. Click on “Next”.
  9. Write the “Product Number”.
  10. Enter the “License Number”.
  11. Click on “Next”.
  12. Choose the kind of installation you require. You can choose among “Express”, “Network”, and “Custom”.

Pro Tip: In the case of reinstallation of QuickBooks, we’ll recommend using “Express”.

  1. Click on “Express” or the type you prefer.
  2. Press “Next”.
  3. Then tap on “Install”.
  4. When the installation is complete, click on “Open QuickBooks”. The QuickBooks Desktop error 1904 will not appear while using the software.

Fix 6: Install Adobe Flash Player Again on Your System

To stop seeing the message “QuickBooks Error 1904 Icwrapper Dll Failed to Register” on your system, you will have to reinstall the Adobe Flash Player. It is quite possible that problems with it may be responsible for this error message.

In the Control Panel, you can enter Uninstall a Program. From the programs list, you can find the Adobe Flash Player and uninstall it. Thereafter, you can install the Adobe Flash Player once again by visiting the website of Adobe.

  1. Open the “Run” dialog box by concurrently tapping the “Windows” and “R” keys.
  2. Write “Control Panel” in “Run”.
  3. Hit the “Enter” key.
  4. Tap on “Uninstall a Program”.
  5. Click twice on “Adobe Flash Player”. You will find it in the programs list.
  6. Press “Uninstall” to go ahead with the on-screen instructions.
  7. Visit the official website of Adobe.
  8. The “Adobe Flash Player” will have to be installed again.
  9. Now, start over your computer.
  10. Install “QuickBooks” once again.
Things to Remember

Certain readers may be concerned about the prevention of the QuickBooks error 1904 on their computers. The 3 key things shown here will guide you with this purpose.

  1. Always see to it that your system is not carrying a damaged company file or even a corrupted one. When such files do not exist on your system, less number of errors are likely to erupt.
  2. Damaged folders on your PC can make way for multiple errors. Ensure that you repair or remove such folders to keep your PC error-free.
  3. After you upgrade the operating system of your PC, check that you reboot it too. Doing so will not cause any errors when the OS has been upgraded to any other version. That means your computer will stay bug-free.
Closing Remarks

The users of QuickBooks can experience the 1904 error as they are using it. Damaged files and folders can result in this error. When you take care to keep such files exists error and folders away from your system, such an error should not exist. In case this error starts bothering you, you can do various fixes to remove it. Reinstalling the QuickBooks software will be a helpful measure. You can also install again the Adobe Flash Player, try running the in-built administrator, utilize the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool, etc.

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