QuickBooks Error 1321: Insufficient Privileges for Modifying File

QuickBooks Error 1321: Insufficient Privileges for Modifying File

Have you been seeing the error 1321 in QB for much time now? Let’s attempt to resolve it right now by reading this blog! The main goal of this blog is to educate you about the causes contributing to the presence of this error code in Intuit QB.

Our tech experts have researched relevant fixes for taming and clearing this particular issue. So, we will also be supporting you with ideal fixes for removing the QuickBooks error 1321. For the users of Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Home, and other versions, these fixes will do their job. Also, for QB versions like QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, etc., these fixes will be worth trying.

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What is the QuickBooks Error Code 1321?

At the time of the installation of your company file, you may witness the error code 1321. It may also yield an error message on your screen. The error can hint towards the problem of fewer privileges in the installer for attempting the modification of your file. 

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Causes Leading to the QuickBooks Error 1321

In this part, you can go through the 6 possible reasons that may be leading to the error 1321 in QuickBooks. 

1. If any security system has been installed on your computer, it may be blocking access to QuickBooks.

2. The files in your folders may not be accessible due to Windows permissions.

3. Your files may be damaged and thus, leading to this error while using QuickBooks.

4. Your computer may not have been turned off in the correct way. The condition of your computer as a result of the same may be causing this error code.

5. Sometimes when the procedure to update files is quicker than that of copying files, errors like 1321 can emerge.

6. Problems may be arising due to the antivirus program or firewall. These problems may be responsible for triggering the QuickBooks error 1321.

How to Fix and Remove QuickBooks Error Code 1321

We have 5 fixes that you can trust for escaping the error 1321 insufficient privileges in QuickBooks. For different versions of Windows, as well as QuickBooks, these fixes can do wonders. Try them to see the surprising results for yourself.

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Fix 1: Ensure that the Insufficient Privileges to Your File are Updated

When the QB error code 1321 takes place, you will see an error message. This message will state that there are insufficient privileges in the installer for modifying the file with the name “C:\Windows\system32\Macromed\Flash\FlashPlayerTrust\AcrobatConnect.cfg”. For this file, the privileges have to be placed. 

The method to do so on Windows XP Professional as well as Windows XP Home follows a particular set of directions. These have been separately mentioned here for both versions. 

Option 1: Placing Privileges for Your File on Windows XP Professional

On Windows XP Professional, you can visit Windows Explorer. After finding the parent folder, right-clicking on it will be required for choosing the Properties. From there, you can select Security. Then pick the Administrators option from Group/User Names. After doing so, you will receive further directions on the display. 

These directions will assist you in placing the privileges for the file. Hence, the cause of the error code 1321 will get removed. The error will also stop emerging.

  • Head to the tab of “Windows Explorer“.
  • The parent folder which has been mentioned in the message generated by the QuickBooks error 1321 has to be opened.
  • Right-tap on the parent folder.
  • Click on the tab of “Properties”.
  • Then press the icon of “Security”.
  • In the tab of “User Names” or “Group”, select “Administrators”.

Follow the further on-screen directions and attempt updating the user privileges. Then for reinstalling QB, you will have to first restart your Windows XP Professional computer.

Option 2: Placing Privileges for Your File on Windows XP Home

If you are a user of Windows XP Home, then this method is for you. Here, you will learn to restart your system and then enter the Safe Mode with Networking by pressing F8. Via User Names/Group, choose System, and enter Permissions for Systems. Soon, you will be able to place the privileges for the required file. Then, the error 1321 insufficient privileges in QuickBooks will stop occurring.

  • Begin with turning off your system with Windows XP Home.
  • After five seconds, start your Windows system again.
  • As the logo of “Windows” shows up, press “F8”.
  • On the black screen, the option of “Safe Mode with Networking” will be visible. Select it.
  • Then press “Enter”.
  • Then click on “User Names” or “Group”.
  • Choose the icon of “System”.
  • Head to the tab of “Permissions for System”.
  • Switch the icon of “Full Control” with the icon of “Allow”.
  • Enter the tab of “Security”.
  • Then click on “Advanced”.
  • In the “Advanced Security Settings”, click on “Permissions”.
  • Now, select “Replace Permission Entries on All Child Objects with Entries Shown Here that Apply to Child Objects”.
  • Press the “Ok” button.
  • 15. Again press “Ok” for exiting the “Properties”.
  • 16. Enable file sharing. Then install the “Adobe” product once again.

Fix 2: Try to Edit the Windows Folder’s Permissions

For editing the Windows folder’s permissions for eliminating the QB error code 1321, you can use one of the two methods given in these sections. The first method will be apt for QB versions like QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier. The second method will be recommended for QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions.

Option 1: Edit the Windows Folder’s Permissions for QuickBooks

The permissions of the folders can be edited to stop seeing the QuickBooks error 1321 while using the accounting software. To edit them, you can open the folder of QuickBooks via Run. Then in the field of Open, you can add the folder’s path. As soon as you press Enter, this fix will get over.

  • First, we will request you to launch “Run”. You can open it directly from the “Start Menu” or use the following shortcut keys.

“Windows” key + “R” key

  • Click on “Open” and input the path of the folder which has the files of QuickBooks. 
  • Finally, press “Enter” on your keyboard.

After performing the above-mentioned 3 steps, the Windows folder’s permissions will get edited. You can expect the error code 1321 to settle now.

Important: The information given below will be helpful for you.

You can use the path given as follows for QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier with Windows 7/Vista having the 32-bit version:

“C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks 2010”

“C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks 2012”

“C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks 2013”

In case you are a user of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, the following path can be used:

“C:\Program Files\Intuit\Enterprise Solutions 12.0”

“C:\Program Files\Intuit\Enterprise Solutions 13.0”

For the users of QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier with Windows 7 or Windows Vista having 64-bit version, the following path will be useful:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks 2010”

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks 2012”

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks 2013”

Option 2: Edit the Windows Folder’s Permissions for QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

In the case of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, you can select View by launching a new window. Using the Customize this Folder option, you can access the Properties in the Security tab. After clicking Administrators, you can choose Allow. To know the next step, you can go through the information shown here.

  • Open a new window and press the “View” option.
  • Then click on “Customize this Folder”.
  • In the window of “Properties”, click on the tab of “Security”.
  • Click on “Administrators”.
  • Select the checkbox of “Allow”. You can locate this option next to “Full Control”.
  • In the tab titled “Security”, select “System”.
  • Then press “Ok” for closing “Properties”.
  • In this step, the “QuickBooks” software has to be installed.

Important: You can use the path mentioned as follows for QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions:

“C:\Program Files 9×86)\Intuit\Enterprise Solutions 14.0”

Hopefully, the QuickBooks 1321 error should stop emerging while you work on this software.

Fix 3: Disable Antivirus and Reinstall/Update QB

Observing interference, in some situations, on the part of your system’s antivirus/security software isn’t unusual. This interference can also affect the functioning of the accounting software. So, you can disable the antivirus till the time you are updating or reinstalling QuickBooks. The QuickBooks error code 1321 shouldn’t occur when you follow this fix.

  • In the initial step, your system’s “Antivirus”/”Security Software” has to be disabled for some time.
  • Install QB. In case it is already installed, check whether it is updated. If not, then please update it.
  • Now, activate the “Antivirus”/”Security Software”.

Fix 4: Scan Your System via QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

The Install Diagnostic Tool of QB comprises useful features. Using it, the scanning of your computer can be done to remove the error 1321. You can implement this QuickBooks tool from the tool hub. By opening the option of Installation Issues, you can find this tool and start scanning your computer. 

You can also check out the 8 steps outlined here for downloading the QuickBooks Tool Hub and running the Install Diagnostic Tool.

  • Exit “QuickBooks”.
  • Turn off every app open in the background.
  • Download the “QB Tool Hub”. Its file has to be saved on the “Desktop”.
  • Install the tool. Also, make certain its “Terms and Conditions” are accepted.
  • Go to the “Desktop” and open the tool. You can also search for the tool in the “Start Menu”.
  • After accessing the “QB Tool Hub”, pick “Installation Issues”.
  • Tap on “QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool”.
  • After your system has been scanned, reboot the computer.

The error 1321 insufficient privileges in QuickBooks won’t be seen now.

Fix 5: Start Over the Process to Update QuickBooks

The error code 1321 is usually seen when you install the updates for the accounting software. The updating process may get interrupted as a consequence of this code. Therefore, we will suggest that you start over the process and get the updates once again. You can tap on Retry to update QB one more time. In addition to that, you can also stop your antivirus from functioning for a temporary duration. 

  • While attempting to download the updates for “QuickBooks”, if the process fails, then you will see a “Retry” button. Press this button to start the process once again.
  • If the error message gets generated, press the symbol representing “Cancel”. 
  • Click on the tab named “Option”.
  • Then turn off the “Antivirus” or the software of system security for some time.
  • Now, carry out the procedure for the clean installation of QB. 

In case the process for updating your files is quicker than copying them, that problem will get solved. When you open QuickBooks this time for doing your work, the error code 1321 or its error message shouldn’t emerge.

Concluding Thoughts

After reading this blog, we believe that you found your time worth investing. The QB error 1321 won’t be persisting any longer. Happily, you can use the amazing features of this accounting software without the fear of this error. We hope you stay connected with us for resolving every Intuit QuickBooks error

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