QuickBooks Error Code 9999: Meaning, Causes, and Reliable Fixes

QuickBooks Error Code 9999: Meaning, Causes, and Reliable Fixes

The QuickBooks software has been made for easier accounting operations. The operations may get obstructed when the QuickBooks error code 9999 emerges. As this error surfaces, the software may hang or crash. Additionally, its speed may reduce. You may be attempting to refresh the software but it may not yield any positive results in removing the error.

We know what you can do to get your system out of this problem. Go through the superb fixes for the QB error code 9999 with us. Also, learn the causes of this error code to prevent it in future.

From the meaning and causes to the fixes for the QuickBooks error code 9999, the following topics will be elaborated:

What is the QuickBooks Online Error 9999?

While using the web version of QuickBooks, you may be performing the procedure to update the banking information. At this time, the error 9999 may turn up on QuickBooks. As this error is observed, you will not be able to update your information. As a consequence of this Intuit QuickBooks error, your system can start running at a sluggish speed. Along with affecting the speed of your system, this error code may also affect your efficiency.

What Causes the QuickBooks Error Code 9999 on Your System?

The QuickBooks Online error 9999 can persist on your system due to the following reasons:

1. The software may not have been completely installed.

2. Corrupted download of the software is the next cause of the problem.

3. Any programming changes relating to the QuickBooks software can cause the registry to become corrupt at times. 

4. The framework records of Windows can get debased due to a virus in your system. This can further affect the QB software and contribute to the error code 9999.

5. The program records in your computer may have been infected.

6. The removal of any QuickBooks records may have been done in a manner that causes harm. 

How can I Troubleshoot the Error 9999 in QuickBooks?

For eliminating the error 9999 in QB, you can implement several fixes. Among all the fixes, we have provided here the 4 most reliable ones. We will suggest that you execute these fixes in the correct manner. Gradually, the error code will vanish and you will be able to resume the banking operations.

First, we will be telling you how to remove your QBO account from your bank account. As you would know, the error code 9999 prevents you from updating the information. So, by removing this account and linking it again, you will be able to successfully add the updates for the banking information.

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To remove this account, you can read the 11 steps given as follows.

1. On the account which is highlighted and is encountering failures while updating, you will find a “Pencil” icon. Tap this icon.

2. Select the option of “Edit Account Info”.

3. Tap on “Disconnect this Account on Save”.

4. Now, press “Save”. 

6. Then click on “Close”.

7. Open the “Dashboard” in this step.

8. Select “Add Account” in your bank account. 

9. Link the “QBO Account” once again.

10. For using your bank account, enter your “Username” as well as your “Password”.

11. When the account has been linked, the transactions in your account will be successfully updated in your “QBO Account”.

Now, you can check for the error 9999 in QuickBooks Online. Hopefully, it should not turn up any longer.

Fix 2: Clean the Cache Files of Your Internet Browser

The next fix for the removal of the QuickBooks error 9999 requires you to remove your browser’s cache files. The method for removing these files can vary as per the Internet browser you are using. In case you are using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you can find the methods to remove the cache files by scrolling below.

Method 1: Clean the Cache Files of Google Chrome

For eliminating the QB 9999 error code, we will study the steps for clearing the cache files on Chrome. You can approach the Address Bar of the browser and access the Cache Files in just 4 steps. 

1. In Google Chrome’s “Address Bar”, write the following:


2. On the keyboard, hit “Enter”.

3. Tick the box for the “Cached Images and Files”.

4. Then tap on “Clear Data”.

Clear Data - error 9999 quickbooks online
Method 2: Clean the Cache Files of Mozilla Firefox

The users of Firefox can delete the cache files as well as the recent history by following the 6 steps given here. Let us quickly go through them.

1. Open “Firefox”.

2. In the browser’s “Address Bar”, input the following:

” about:preferences#privacy”

3. Now, tap “Enter”.

4. Press the button for “Clear Your Recent History”.

5. Go through the visible list and select “Cache”.

6. Then click on “Clear Now”.

Fix 3: Report the Issue and Connect with Tech Support

The error 9999 in QuickBooks can be fixed by reporting the issue. As you report it, the team of tech support will connect with you. To report the problem, you can visit the screen of the banking transaction of the software. Wait for the error message to turn up. Then select Report Issue for reporting the problem. After entering the required details, you can tap Submit. 

1. Open “QuickBooks” and wait for the error code message to appear on the screen of the banking transaction. 

2. In the message, tap on “Report Issue”.

3. Enter your “Name”.

4. Then enter the “Email Address”.

5. Now, press “Submit”.

Please Note: After you report the issue and press “Submit”, you will have to wait for 10 days. Within this duration, the team of tech support of QuickBooks will get in touch with you. Soon, the problem will get fixed.

Fix 4: Mend the Registry on Your System

Fixing the error code 9999 in QuickBooks Online can be made possible by mending the registry on your system. For repairing it, you can open Command from the Start Menu. Then you can press Yes when the dialog box for permission turns up on your screen. Then in the next box that emerges, you can write Regedit to access the Registry Editor. This is followed by making a backup of the keys related to the 9999 error code.

To get the information about the remaining method, these 15 steps should be considered.

1. Tap on “Start” to enter the menu.

2. Type in “Command” in “Search”.

3. Thirdly, tap the combination of keys given as follows at the same time.

“Ctrl” key + “Shift” key

4. This is followed by hitting the “Enter” key.

5. Press “Yes” when a dialog box seeking permission is visible on your screen.

6. In the black-coloured box that appears, write “Regedit”.

7. Now, hit the “Enter” key on your system’s keyboard.

8. Wait for the “Registry Editor” to open. Then choose all the keys which are associated with the error 9999 code in QuickBooks. Ensure that you create a backup of these keys.

9. Click on “File”.

10. Then click on “Export”.

11. Pick the folder in which you can save the backup of the keys. For doing the same, you can access the list named “Saved in”.

12. Saving your file is the next step.

13. Access the box for “Export Range”.

14. Then tap on “Selected Branch”.

15. Add the “.regedit” extension for saving the file.

Taking Everything into Account

The error code 9999 can interfere with your banking or accounting operations. To keep your work free from any kind of interference, you can execute the above-mentioned fixes. Along with these fixes, we will advise you that you make a note of these causes of this QB error code. Doing so will help you in preventing this error from occurring again on your system.

The error of QuickBooks multi-user mode not working often bothers the users. This error may not be occurring on your system at present. However, reading beforehand about the causes and fixes for this error will keep you prepared for facing it in future. Click now to read!

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