QuickBooks Error H505: Meaning, Main Causes, and Simple Fixes

QuickBooks Error H505: Meaning, Main Causes, and Simple Fixes

The error H505 in QuickBooks Desktop can be seen while a user is opening the company file. The causes of this problem in QuickBooks can range from the failure in getting the host PC’s IP address to the faulty DNS settings. To learn in detail about this Intuit QuickBooks error, the complete reading of this blog will be recommended.

Here, we will help you in developing a complete understanding of the QuickBooks error H505 as well as its causes. Then we will move to the section where the fixes of this error code have been elaborated.

As you keep reading this blog, you will come across 3 sections associated with the QuickBooks 2016 error H505. Everything that has been talked about in these sections has been summarized here.

What is QuickBooks Error H505?

QuickBooks error code H505 can emerge while a user attempts to open a certain company file that is not located on the system. In certain instances wherein the company file of QuickBooks requires additional configuration, then also this error code can emerge. Readers will find it useful to know that the error code H505 is among a series of errors such as H303, H101, H202, 6000, etc. All these series errors are associated with the settings of the hosting.

What are the Causes of the QuickBooks 2016 Error H505?

The error code H505 on QuickBooks can be repaired in an easy manner once you know the causes of it. So, here, we will be discussing the 3 main causes of this QuickBooks error.

  1. In case there is a failure in accessing the host computer’s IP address, this error may be seen.
  2. Incorrect or damaged “.ND” file can prevent QuickBooks Desktop to access your files over your network.
  3. The next cause of this problem includes incorrect settings of the Firewall.
  4. By activating the services of QuickBooks, you may stop seeing the H505 error code. However, when these services have not been activated on your computer, this error can occur.
  5. The third cause of this Quickbooks error is the faulty hosting configuration settings. Such faulty settings can prevent communication between the corporate file and QuickBooks.
  6. In addition, when the DNS settings are not right, this QuickBooks error code H505 will affect your system.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error H505?

In the sections which you are now about to read, we will be providing you with 6 QuickBooks error H505 fixes. These fixes come with detailed sets of steps. All the steps of these fixes are important. We will advise you to correctly administer all of them. Gradually, the QB error code H505 will get repaired on your computer.

Fix 1: Access the Network Ports Used by QuickBooks

QuickBooks uses network ports for sharing knowledge. By accessing these ports, you can troubleshoot the H505 error in QuickBooks. This fix includes the configuration of the Firewall Settings, turning on the Network Discovery, and checking the server name. The detailed steps for this fix have been provided below.

  1. Let us begin with configuring the “Firewall Settings”. For this, open the “Settings” of the Windows Firewall.
  2. Right-tap on “Windows” for accessing the instrument panel.
  3. Using the search bar, write “Firewall”.
  4. Then hit the “Enter” key.
  5. Tap on the “Windows Firewall”.
  6. Select the option of the “Advanced Settings”.
  7. On the left, you can find “Outbound Rules”. Right-click on it and choose “New Rule”.
  8. Then click on “Ports”.
  9. Now, tap on “Next”.
  10. Tap on “TCP”.
  11. Then in the local ports, fill in the following information:

QuickBooks Desktop 2015: 8019, 56725, 55363-55367
QuickBooks Desktop 2016: 8019, 56726, 55368-55372
QuickBooks Desktop 2017: 8019, 56727, 55373-55377
QuickBooks Desktop 2018: 8019, 56728, 55378-55382

  1. Tap on “Next”.
  2. Then choose the option of “Allow the Connection”.
  3. Hit “Next” and enter the name in the required field.
  4. Click on “Finish”.
  5. Steps 1 to 13 have to be repeated in case of the inbound rules.
  6. Open the multi-user mode.
  7. Then launch “QuickBooks”.
  8. After the “Firewall Settings” have been configured, enable the “Network Discovery”. To do so, go to the “Control Panel”.
  9. Select “System and Security”.
  10. Click on the “Windows Firewall”.
  11. Tap on the “Permit Associate” app or feature. You will find it on the left in the “Windows Firewall” (for Windows server 2012).
  12. Click on “Modification”.
  13. Then choose “Network Discovery” and hit “Ok”.
  14. Now, let’s know the server name. Begin with opening “Run”.
  15. Write “CMD” in “Run” and press “Enter”.
  16. Write “config/all” and hit the “Enter” key.
  17. In the section of “IP Configuration”, find the “Host Name”.
  18. On the right, the server name will be found.
  19. Then save everything.

Fix 2: Check the Proper Functioning of the Services

The error H505 QuickBooks 2015 can emerge when the services are not working in the proper way. The method to check the same has been shown here. To start this method, you can enter a command in Run. From the services list, you can select QuickbooksDBXX and ensure that the Startup Type is Automatic. For knowing the steps to complete this fix, you should consider reading below.

  1. Go to “Start”.
  2. Then open “Run”.
  3. Write “services.msc” in “Run”. The services list will take some time to appear on your computer.

Note: In case your system has Windows 10, you can press the “Ctrl”, “Shift”, and “Esc” keys at the same time. This will start the “Task Manager”. Then you can directly go through the services.

  1. In the list of services, tap on the column of “Name”. Then arrange it in alphabetical order.
  2. Once the list has been alphabetically arranged, you need to look for “QuickbooksDBXX”. Right-tap on it and access the “Properties”.
  3. Set the “Startup Type” to “Automatic”.
  4. Check that the status of the services says “Started”/”Running”.
  5. In case the status of the service says “Stopped”, press “Start” given in the window.
  6. Open the tab of “Recovery”. Look for the option of the “First Failure”.
  7. Then click on “Restart the Service”. Now, the error H505 QuickBooks 2015 should stop emerging.

Now, the service will automatically get restarted. In the case of other failures too, you can do these steps.

Note: While executing this fix, if the error message “Windows could Not Start the QuickbooksDBXX Service on Local Computer. Error 1079: The Account Specified for this Service Differs from the Account Specified for Other Services Running in the Same Process” comes up, then click on the tab of “Log on”. Tap on “Browser”. Write the computer’s name in the field of “Enter the object name to select”. Select “Check Names”. Then press “Ok”. Now, write the “Administrator Password” and press “Ok”. Return to the properties of “QuickbooksDBXX” and press “Start”. Exit every window. Lastly, check that every service is properly running.

Fix 3: Check for the Presence of Just One Server Using Multi-user Access

In this fix, you will go through the steps for checking that just one server is using the multi-user access. By doing so, you will be able to prevent the QuickBooks 2018 error H505. This fix has been elaborated in 4 steps. These have been provided as follows.

  1. The first step is to check for all the computers over the networks which are showing the error code H505 on QuickBooks.
  2. Then see to it that the “Host Multi-user Access” option has been provided on every computer.
  3. In case you find the “Stop Hosting Multi-user Access” option on a computer, disable the option.
  4. Go to the server on which the company file of QuickBooks is being hosted. Then check that the option of “Host Multi-user Access” has been turned on.

Fix 4: Create a New Folder for Company File

Here is an H505 QuickBooks error fix in which you will learn to create a new folder for the company file. For creating it, you can first access your hosting computer. then you can create a Replacement Folder. You can then proceed with sharing the original folder along with the access permissions of the Windows. After this, you can copy the QuickBooks file in the folder you have generated.

To learn all the steps of this fix, you can keep reading.

  1. On your hosting computer, a “Replacement Folder” needs to be generated.
  2. The original folder has to be shared. Additionally, also share the access permissions of the Windows for sharing the company files.

Note: In case the access to your digital computer is not available, we will suggest that you get in touch with an IT professional.

  1. In the fourth step, the “.qbw” file has to be copied in the newly made folder using the multi-user mode.
  2. Open your company file now.
  3. Ensure that the H505 error in QuickBooks has been resolved.

Fix 5: Verify Hosting as well as Services

This fix will show you to verify the hosting as well as the services for troubleshooting the QuickBooks H505 error message. To begin with, you can launch QuickBooks on each workstation and then tap on “File”. Click on Utilities and go through the list. Look for the Host Multi-user Access. To know what you have to do next, we will suggest that you read the 16 steps shown as follows.

  1. On each workstation, launch “QuickBooks”.

Note: The workstation should not be confused with the hosting PC or the server.

  1. Click on “File”.
  2. Now, choose “Utilities”.
  3. On the visible list, check if you can find the “Host Multi-user Access”, the company is not being hosted by this computer.
  4. In case, on the workstation, you find the “Host Multi-user Access”, using another computer will be suggested. However, make sure that nothing is changed here.
  5. If you happen to find the option of “Stop Hosting the Multi-user Access”, select it.
  6. Perform the steps 1 to 3 on every computer.
  7. Once the hosting has been verified, the verification of QuickBooks services needs to be done. To do so, open “Run” by tapping the “Windows” and “R” keys together.
  8. In “Run”, write “MSC” and then press “Enter”.
  9. Look for “Services.msc” using the search bar of the Windows.
  10. Find the service named “QuickBooksDBXX” in the window of “Services”. Once found, click twice on this service. Then check whether the startup type is ready for being “Automatic”. Also, check that “Repair Standing” has been started or is running.
  11. Go to the tab named “Recovery”.
  12. In case of a failure, the “QuickBooksDBXX” service can be mechanically restarted. If you see any failure again, then you can repeat this step.
  13. Click on “Ok” for saving the changes.
  14. In the case of the “QBCFMonitorService”, steps 8 to 13 have to be repeated.
  15. Using the “Multi-user Mode”, start “QuickBooks” on all the digital computers which are affected.

Note: The error code H505 should stop bothering you now. In case you see it again, the “QuickBooksDBXX” service can be formed. Ensure that the service is the administrator cluster’s member and has been provided with the required permissions.

Fix 6: Try Editing the Host File

Editing the host file will be useful for fixing the causes of the error H505 QuickBooks 2018. To edit it, you can open the Command Prompt using the Run dialog box. In the Command Prompt, you can input the command that will provide you with the IP Address as well as the Host Name. After noting the two, you can move on to editing the Host File.

  1. Launch “Run”. The shortcut for this requires you to press together the “Windows” and “R” keys.
  2. Write “CMD” in “Run”.
  3. When the “Command Prompt” opens, write “ipconfig/all” in it.
  4. Make a note of the “IP Address” as well as the “Host Name”

Note: For every computer which has the multi-user setup, this procedure will have to be repeated.

  1. For editing the host file, exit “QuickBooks”.
  2. Click on “Start” and select “This PC”.
  3. Navigate to the address “C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc” or “C:\Windows\Syswow64\Drivers\Etc”.
  4. In “This PC”, if the “Windows” folder is not found, then head to the “View” tab.
  5. Tap on the “Hidden” items for viewing the files which are hidden.
  6. Right-tap on the “Hosts” file.
  7. Click on “Open with” and select “Notepad”.
  8. Enter your “IP Address”. Then write the “Computer Name”.

Note: For including the spaces between the “Computer Name” and “IP Address”, press “Tab”.

  1. Now, the changes have to be saved.
  2. Open “QuickBooks” again using the “Multi-user Mode” and check for the error H505 QuickBooks 2018.


We hope that after reading all the information mentioned above, you do not find the QuickBooks 2016 error H505 complex any longer. Some of you may find the fixes lengthy. However, as you start performing them, you will realize that these are really easy to administer. If you liked this blog, do remember to share it with every user of QuickBooks who is experiencing this error code.

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