How to Resolve QuickBooks Missing PDF Component?

How to Resolve QuickBooks Missing PDF Component?

QuickBooks can let you print PDF files within the software. However, it may bring conflicts on some occasions. The reason behind this can be that the components such as MS XPS Document Writer are missing on Windows computers. This may result in an error showing QuickBooks missing PDF components. Such error messages can abort your actions of printing documents. Since it can be vital to print some of them, resolving the issue becomes necessary. For QB users, the latest version upgrade can keep the missing component error away. Sometimes, finding whether or not there are any issues in the PDF and fixing them is useful.

Why is QuickBooks PDF Component Missing?

Some of you may use applications like Adobe along with accounting software. The apps may not be updated. Thus, when you use the two together, the PDF components of QB may seem missing. Not being the sole cause of the error, these may also be the reasons to know:

  • Damaged or missing Adobe Reader tools may be one of the main reasons.
  • QuickBooks may not be updated to the recent version.
  • If the Document Writer, Microsoft XPS, is not active in the settings on Windows, then you may encounter the QuickBooks missing component PDF error.

Fixing Missing PDF Component in QuickBooks

To avoid any interruptions when printing the PDF via QB, one should make sure that the Adobe Acrobat Reader is updated to the new version. Also, make sure that you repair the program when it carries damages. In addition, see to it that the Document Writer should not be disabled as this can show the QuickBooks PDF component missing error. Considering the possible cause, you may try using more such measures.

Fix 1: Update and Repair Adobe Reader

The standard program by Adobe has a significant role in printing documents via the accounting software. As the featured Reader becomes out of date or damaged, you might encounter interruptions such as a missing PDF component in QuickBooks. In such cases, one should update the program and then fix the damages. The updates can be downloaded through its Help tab. Later, when you find any damages, reinstall the program.

  • For updating Adobe Acrobat Reader, choose the “Start” menu on the Windows desktop.
  • Then search for this program using this menu.
  • Select the Reader when found.
  • Once “Adobe Reader” is opened, switch to its “Help” tab.
  • Tap on the “Check for Updates” button.
  • Pursue the instructions displayed on your screen to complete the update process.

While you use it for printing and still find the QuickBooks missing PDF Component bug, please repair the program through reinstallation.

  • Make sure that no app is running on your computer currently.
  • Open “Run” and key in “appwiz.cpl”.
  • Press the “Enter” key.
  • In the new window, tap twice on the “Adobe Reader” service.
  • Tap on “Uninstall/Change”.
  • Click the “Next” option and press “Repair”.
  • Hit the “Next” tab, followed by using “Install”.
  • By clicking on the “Finish” button, you can complete this task.

Fix 2: Activate MXDW

The “QuickBooks Component Required for PDF Print is Missing” error message may often display when the driver, MS XPS Document Writer or MXDW, is disabled. Therefore, you should activate it to troubleshoot the message. This can be done from Program and Feature on Windows. Here, you should find this driver and tap on the button that sets it on.

  • Use “Windows” and “R” keys in combination.
  • Type in “appwiz.cpl” in the box.
  • Press the “Enter” key.
  • Click on the “Program and Feature” menu.
  • Pick the “Windows Features On/Off” option.
  • Here, select the checkbox located next to the driver “Microsoft XPS Document Writer”.

As you enable the driver, attempt to print PDFs through QuickBooks. The components should no longer be missing. Hence, the printing process should not be interrupted.

Fix 3: Repair Print and PDF Issues via QB Tool Hub

When printing the documents, if you confront the QuickBooks PDF component missing issue, you can fix it by using the Tool Hub. This tool launchpad helps you to repair any print-related issues in the document that may be preventing the software from printing it. Program Issues is the tab you need to check to start the repair.

  • Let us start by downloading the launchpad. Close the “QuickBooks” program if opened.
  • Download the latest version of “QuickBooks Tool Hub”.
  • Now, save the file on your computer and open it later. Follow the instructions given on your screen.
  • Comply with the “Terms and Conditions”.
  • Once the installation is finished, click twice on the Tool Hub to launch it.

Note: When it is already downloaded on your computer, you can check its version and update it as required.

  • For repairing the QuickBooks missing PDF component issues, click on the “Program Issues” tab located on the left.
  • Now, select the “Print and PDF Repair Tool” button.

As the tool runs, it starts scanning and repairing the possible errors for PDF print. It might take a few minutes to resolve the issue.

Fix 4: Reset Permissions for Temporary Folder

A temporary folder, also known as TEMP, can bring complications to your system after a certain period of time. On finding out that the component required for PDF print from QuickBooks is missing, you should reset the folder. This will fix the problem by ending the complications. Resetting it is possible by making changes to its permissions. Please visit its properties to initiate them.

  • In Windows’ “Run”, insert “%TEMP%”.
  • Push the “Enter” button.
  • When the “Temporary Folder” opens, right-tap anywhere and choose the “Properties” tab.
  • Now, open its “Security” menu.
  • Here, you have to be sure that the groups and usernames are set to “Full Control”.
  • In case the permissions are not set to it, you can edit the permission from the current menu. Select its “Edit” button.
  • Choose the group/user name.
  • Place the checkmark for the “Allow” option located next to the “Full Control” option.
  • Hit the “Ok” option to save these changes.

Now, you may test the print Document to XPS to confirm the success of the measure.

  • Clicking on the “Start” button, type in “Notepad” and open it.
  • Mention “Test 1” in it to name your test file.
  • Now, open the “File” option.
  • Pick its “Print” button by using the given drop-down option.
  • Hit the option of “MS XPS Document Writer”.
  • Click on the option which says “Print”.
  • Here, name the user’s file and find it on the system.

Now, you can view the XPS Document on your desktop that you just printed from Notepad. After this, you can continue to print your PDF documents via QuickBooks. The accounting software should no longer show that the required component is unavailable.


Users may confront unexpected issues while printing via QB. This can occur because the QuickBooks component required for PDF print is missing. This may happen due to outdated programs and incorrect settings, as was given above. Using the suitable fixes suggested, removing the causes and restoring the normal functioning of the Intuit software can be possible.